Friday, December 30, 2005

13 Things Donna did this year!

1.) I turned 24
2.) I celebrated my daughters 5th birthday and my son's 1st birthday all in one summer!
3.) I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary.
4.) I went on my first vacation with my husband (alone) in 5 years!!!!!!!
5.) I achieved my heaviest weight, besides being pregnant.
6.) I started my own business as a Tastefully Simple consultant.
7.) I have eaten more Mac n Cheese than ever in my life!
8.) I sent my daughter off to Kindergarten.
9.) I started blogging.
10.) I didn't go see 4th of July fireworks...or even go to a picnic=( We spent the day in the ER!
11.) I love God more than I ever have.
12.) I finally drive a SUV..which I swore I would never do..I'm too small (4'11'').
13.) I accomplished this list!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A new member of our family

Meet Preston (Owen Preston). He is my aunt's new little Pomeranian pup. He is about 1 1/2. He was breed from 2 show dogs. One a champion. Some how he ended up being a giant. Show Pomeranians have to be between 4 1/2 and 5 pound. My aunt said the breeder was feeding the moms high protein food and all the pups came out large and in bigger liters than usual. So Preston is the 5th dog at Marsha's house and the 3rd Pomeranian. (One blonde, one red and one black)
Hey Jamie too bad you live too far away Manny would have lots of friends!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas is over!

I really do love the holidays, but am also grateful IT IS OVER!
We always have so many places to go and with 2 kids it is very hard.
Christmas Eve morning we went to the Schusters for a big family breakfast. This year I had two 1 year olds to take with me(to a huge house that is not childproof in any way). We were babysitting for our friends who were in the hospital adding a 3rd little girl to their family. Christmas Eve night we went my Aunt Dona and Uncle Mario's house for dinner, making gingerbread houses and exchanging gifts. So much fun and so past bedtime!

My little penguin

My little princess

Christmas morning we did our gifts as a family

He absolutely loves the vacuum

She loves everything!

These are only the gifts from should see all the stuff they got!

and them my parents came over to do our exchange with them and my brothers, and off to Grandma's house for dinner and our exchange over there!
That was not all, Oh no!
We were at my Grandma's by 12:30, we ate at 2, did presents at 3 and had some dessert as we ran out of the house to make it to Josh's family's house by 5 (did I mention the 45 minute drive)
We got to the Schusters by 5 and ate another dinner and did presents and rushed home to put our overstimulated, over tired, screaming son to bed!...yeah the one who was done opening gifts after the second one!

We still had a great time and are thankful for all of our gifts from everyone!
No need for any new toys until next year!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My girl

Can you believe my Merci is almost halfway through her year in Kindergarten?
I can't. Let me tell you how much I like her school. I like Merci's school very much=)
They told us that this would be a very accelerated program and that our children were going to come home very tired. They weren't lying. Merci is a handful when she come home from school. And she has homework EVERYDAY! And not just little stuff either.
Let me tell you a little secret. Sometimes she has to find her words in the newspaper or magazine. I personally feel this is way to hard for her, and me. trying to find we was really hard even for me! So sometimes I just do it for her!!! Just so I don't have to listen to her wine!

So anyway, Merci is READING. Can you believe it?
She can even spell pretty well also. Here is a list of only about 1/3 of the words she can read already:
an, am, tan, ham, lag, in, tin, pin,it,pit,hit, him,mom,lamp,limp,the,to,as,has,is, his,its,sit,sat,pig,gas,last,stop,to,if,fit,fin,off,fog,hog,fill,hill,past,fast,of,to

She gets a word list every Monday. When she can read all of the words we send it back. Usually when the list comes home all the words, except one sometimes two are already checked off. I am so proud of her!!
She is also learning to tell time by the hour, add a little, and so many more things. I kind of feel inadequate as a come she wouldn't learn when I tried to teach her these things? Oh well.

So this post is dedicated to my wonderful little MERCI RAE! I love you baby girl. xoxo

We made a chain to count down the days until Christmas.
On each link we wrote a fun thing to do for that day.
It has been fun to spend some extra time with her!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Tower City

Just got back from taking the kids to Tower City to see the Toy Soldier and all the other excitement down there. This will be a quick post because it is freezing down here in our basement!

Merci learned how to curtsey a few years ago
with the soldier and she was very excited to show off her
practiced curtsey.

My brother Josh handing Ethan over to the soldier.
Ethan is NOT too excited about it.
But his face is so cute=)

Mommy help me!

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The more important things in life

Today I taught my son how to dunk his Oreo cookies in milk!

Oops! Forgot the cookie, dunked his hand instead=)

Had to take the cookie to make sure it tasted good.

MMMMM..sure did like that cookie!

And I forgot to show you the yummy cake I made last week. This is the reason I bought the oreo's in the first place. See I have this rule..NO OREO'S IN THE HOUSE! I cannot control myself when it come to Oreo's and milk!

Homemade Reese's cup cheesecake with oreo crust!
My idea of good food!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well sadly my family doesn't think that my grandfather will make it until Christmas. And sadly I don't even know my grandfather. Yes I have met him numerous times. The last time I saw him was on Christmas Eve 2 years ago in the hospital. He has been sick since then. He has been an alcoholic all his life. My father used to take us to see him at the bar when we were kids because that is basically where he lived. I have always felt this love towards him, though I don't know him, and haven't heard the best stories about him.

So this is where I need your help. How do I go see him and tell him about Jesus?? There may not be many more chances for me to do this. I am scared, but I know I am the only one who can deliver this message to him. Help I need scripture I need truth to tell him and I am at a loss. Call me, HELP me. I know God gives grace to those even seeking him with their last breath. Just like Kenny was teaching about awhile back. He may not have the biggest crown. But I just need to help him.

Thanks guys! Please pray for him (Jack Harper) and my family.

If this happens before Christmas my dad is going to have a really hard time ( my daddy isn't saved either). My father lost his mom to cancer at the age of like 15 or 16. That is why I have her name. He still has never visited her grave it is so hard for him to this day. He always had nightmares when my parents were first married at the age of 18. So I am very concerned for my father.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Well it's been a little while. Just hanging on day by day, doing the same old things. Josh is supposed to be reading the book Waking the Dead for his class at church...and he hasn't been. It has just been laying around, so I picked it up and started to read it. I really like it so far. The first chapter is about how we as Christians are at WAR!! Does that not explain everything?? We are at war in everything we do. God loves us and has so much for us, but unfortunately we have to fight for it. So fight is what I am going to do!

After I read the first chapter I was laying in by bed and I was just praying... I think I was praying that I would just HEAR God speak to me. Let me just confess I have a horrible problem with too much peacefulness when I pray. I tend to fall asleep a lot when I pray. And let me add one more thing yesterday I was so "busy" cleaning and getting this house under control, that I didn't spend any time with God or with my little Ethan. I just went about doing what I had to do. God spoke to me and said, "Why would you want to be so busy cleaning and taking care of stupid stuff instead of resting in my Peace." HMMMMMM! Yeah why would I?? Well anyway. I was praying to hear God and that I would spend more time with Him. I fell asleep and like 2 minutes later was abruptly awoke by...the heater going on..and a booming voice saying "You will hear my voice" and boy did I hear it! So it is good to know God is speaking. I just need to take time to hear Him.

After last week when Kenny had us write down some things to give to God this season and to just have him be our foundation. I have been striving to do so. Let me share with you one thing I wrote down.

Let me love Josh's family as I would my own.

I think ( I hope..just so I am not the only one) a lot of us have trouble loving our spouses family.
I have trouble with this a lot. I do love them and care for them...but do I show it or act like it. No I complain..especially around holidays. Oh we have to go so many places, your family does stuff so differently than mine, blah blah. Well within hours God gave me a chance to do this. We went to the Schuster's for our monthly family dinner. Well Josh's Grandma was feeling pretty sick,s o she didn't come. Later in the day she called wondering why nobody called her to let her know they missed her. I felt really bad because we all go about our lives not really caring that she is old and lives alone and needs some companionship sometimes. I immediately felt like I should go see her in the morning since she lives right by Merci's school. Now I don't usually just go visit my husbands Grandma. I don't feel like I even know her very well. I was kind of nervous. I went and bought her some Italian Wedding soup..which I know she likes from a trip to a restaurant one time. I also got her a fresh roll and some OJ. Some nice comfort foods when you are sick! Well I went over there and she wasn't very well at all, but she was still doing her laundry, pressing her clothes etc. She looked very sick and you could tell she was very weak. Did I say she is in her late 80's?? I felt so bad, but everything I offered to do she wouldn't let me. Stubborn old offense to anyone. Well I just sat and talked to her for awhile, and I hugged her and very truly felt love for her. I offered to help her with ANYTHING even when she wasn't sick and I think this made her day. Not that she will ever let me help, but it is the thought that counts. She called the next day sounding soooo much better. I would like to think that my love for her made her all better!

I love you Jesus! Keep working on me. I am not giving up this race!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I was having a down day yeturday so Josh got a babysitter and we just went to the mall to hang out. He took me to Vicoria's Secret to but me some cute, warm PJ's. And then we went to Godiva. I was at the mall awhile ago and saw Danny V. making these yummy treats, and I have been talking about them ever since. Josh bought one for me, him and Merci. Dark chocolate cup filled with juicy raspberries and white chocolate! Yum, Yum, Yum!!

She thought she was cool

My daughter is hilarious. She loves to dress up, do her hair and makeup but yet doesn't know what looks good and what doesn't, and I pray that someday she will learn!

Merci likes to do some pretty weird things. Like the other day we were at Walmart. Merci found an eye liner pencil on the floor and put it all over her lips. Oh I forgot to say it was a black eyeliner pencil. I just couldn't yell at her I was way too busy laughing my butt off. When escorted to the mirror by my wonderful husband and asked if she looked pretty she replied "YES". I replied with
"Merci, do you see anyone else walking around with black stuff all over their lips?" she realized she hadn't. Oh my! What a long road ahead of us.

Here is a funny picture of my pimped out, hoe, ballerina following the yellow brick road with her ruby slippers! This is after she was asked to go get her pajama's on the other night!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Fun holiday tradition

I wanted to share a fun holiday tradition with all of you. Every year at Tower City Center in Downtown Cleveland they have fun shows and activities for the whole family! We have gone almost every year since Merci was a baby. The main attraction, for us anyway, is the Toy Soldier. This guy is amazing. He is seriously like 7 feet tall. He has the traditional toy soldier costume on and has a wind up knob sticking out of his back. When the show starts they push him out and wind him up. Then off he goes waving and picking up little children. He walks like a real wind up toy, real stiff and robotic. It is really cool. They play Christmas music and have lots of dressed up characters from princesses to Frosty the Snowman. The fountain plays to music as the Fairy Godmother waves her wand. It is always a magical evening for us! They always play a song called Babies First Christmas and the Toy Soldier picks up the tiny babies and it is a great picture opportunity. Some people dress casual, but most dress their kids up in their holiday outfits and take pictures with the soldier.

There were many years Merci was scared to death of him and other years we got Great pictures. We missed going last year for Ethan's first Christmas, and I bummed to not have those pictures for his scrapbook.

We usually make it a whole long evening. We meet our family at the rapid station and head to Tower City for some dinner in the he food court, we watch the show, get pictures, they have twigbee shop (you know where only kids are allowed, they pick fun gifts for their parents..we have never done this but this year Merci will be old enough to enjoy it), and then we head out to Public Square to look at the tree and lights, sometime my brothers go ice skating. It is always so much fun. If you have kids maybe you would like to make it a fun tradition?? I don't have any pictures, they are all old fashioned hard copies and our scanner isn't working. (wow I can say old fashioned to something, I must be getting old) =)=)

No Show, just meet with characters:
December 4th & 11th @ 1 & 3 PM December 3rd, 10th,17th @ 2 PM December 18th @ 2 Pm
Show (about 30 min) and meet and greet:
December 3rd, 10th, 17th @ 1 & 4 PM December 18th @ 4 PM Dec 19,20,21,22,23 5:30 PM

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

binkies,a sick kid and Josh

Since my basement is freezing cold I have taken a break from my computer for awhile!

Ethan has been without a binky for 9 days now! YEAH. He really didn't need it and was becoming to dependent on it. He is doing great!!

Merci got sick Sunday at church. She had a sore throat and fever. So Monday we ventured to the doctors. It was strep=( At least she gets a whole week off school..She was out yesterday and today and there is no more school this week. It is nice having her home! She also got a flu shot so she won't have to deal with that this year. That was a real fun experience=) I was cracking up as she was screaming like we were cutting her arm off=) We enjoyed some yummy ice cream afterwards though!

Josh has finally posted so check it out.

Me. Well I am just keeping things together here.
Sunday I got prayed over in my class, by Mrs Moran (I love her, but have never experienced her is she intense). Enough is enough was prayed over my family! I really felt like this was a promise from God. I have turned my head and am heading in a new direction and will continue my journey with my newly sprouted wings!

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL! Remember to give Thanks for everything..even your socks...even toilet paper. Do we realize how blessed we are??

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hard to be home

The last few days have been so blah. I dislike this cold weather A LOT. Hearing snow in the forcast makes me sick. I only appreciate snow on Christmas. Being away with Josh for the weekend was awesome. I loved every moment of it. It has been so hard to be back to life as we know it. It was so easy to be in awe of God in such a beautiful place. Just hearing the falls was amazing to me. I am SO bored with life. I am longing for the day I can spend more time with my husband become the best of friends. I love him and am so sad we made a foolish mistake and missed the time with each other without kids. It has been a long hard road we paved for ourselves. I am tired of feeling like our children are burdens and not blessings. I would never trade either of them for anything in the world. I am tired of cleaning, cooking, driving to and from Parma 2 times a day, having to shop for food, gifts clothes, gas...wasting my money on earthly things and not having any left. It is so hard to sit in a house that I appreciate but don't love. I need a change. I need more Jesus. I wish I could be more consistent in spending time with Him, I wish I could be consistant in everything. I lack consistency!! Very hard when you are trying to raise kids. I get so wrapped up in getting things done, I have no time for anything else. Why do we sit home all day instead of getting together with friends and family. Who cares about getting STUFF done. We need community, friends to love and laugh with. We need relationships with other loveers of Jesus to lift each other up, to be there for one another. Yesturday I decided I was going to start a "moms group" you know what forget "mom's group" what about a FRIENDS GROUP, A LOVERS OF JESUS WHO NEED MORE GROUP, we always talk about it, but never do it. I am doing it. We will meet one time before Christmas to share ideas, meeting places etc. and we will go from there. More detail to come.

I am longing for more of so many things. Hmmm... I think Angela's post made a lot of sense. It sparked a longing in me to long for more. Yeah and Bek's also. I need to be on constant (there goes that consistency thing again) in being in Faith for Josh's healing. I guess sometimes I forget because it isn't me going through it. But he still can't smell, see, taste or use his ankle 100%. he has neck and shoulder pain, memory loss, and he still smokes. He has been given the power over these illnesses. His problems have been paid for. Why do we loose hope. We cannot give up. Satan is at work in all of our lives daily and it makes me sick. We...ALL of us....need to not give up and take the promises that have been promised. We need to take a stand against the schemes of the enemy.

So I am venting..Thanks for listening!

Monday, November 14, 2005

We are home!

Home we are and ready to back. I missed my kids a lot and now I have seen them so I am ready to leave again. Especially after seeing all the laundry I have!
Actually it is noce to be home. I really missed my computer also. I have missed so much.
We had an incredible time. It was nice to actually think of my husband as a friend and spend quality time doing what WE want for a change.
I know you are all eager for some beautiful pictures.

This is the falls from a distance.
When I looked at the falls I just couldn't stop from thinking of
how Big and Amazing our God really is!

It's easy to take pictures of something so beautiful!

The American falls.
Josh took most of the pictures, I think this looks so cool
between the tree he didn't climb this one=)

We didn't get to go on the Maid of the Mist because it was shut
down for the season=( So we went on the Behind the Falls tour.
This is a picture of us on the observatory at the bottom of the falls.
But let me tell you, standing 50 feet away from falling water, was amazing!
I did a alot of thinking about heaven like Kenny's been talking about.

Night at the Falls!
I took this one=)

We had so much fun doing so many things. We went to Casino Niagara.
We cashed in $20 and were busy for about an hour and a half. Never won anything over $10, but had a lot of fun trying. I saw some guy win over $1,000 on a quarter slot machine. Saw a gambling addict continually pressing 2 differnt slot buttons at once. It was just a fun experience for me. I just wanted to try it=)

We have lot's more pictures if you want to look at them sometime!

Friday, November 11, 2005

GoodBye and Happy Anniversary

Goodbye all my blogging buds, we are leaving in few hours for a vacation...without the kids=)=( I have mixed feeling about this. We definately need time away, but I will miss my kiddos very much! I have never left Ethan for more than a few hours, so I hope my little guys does good!

Happy 5 year anniversary my love!!

Be back Sunday evening! With lots of pictures to post.
Please pray for safety of us traveling and for my kids. Thanks.

Monday, November 07, 2005

My Jeep has Heat!!

My Jeep decided to blow it's heater core a few weeks ago. It was undriveable because of the antifreeze blowing through the vents as smoke and making puddles on my floor. YUCK! We had a hard time finding the stupid part and then finding time to fix it. Josh and Lil' Josh (My brother) starting ripping the car apart on Sunday..Working on it ALL day...And unable to finish it.

When I said rip apart, I meant it.
No steering wheel, no ignition..NADA!!
And like 3 feet more leg room.

Today Josh put the finishing touches on and it is all back together!

I also wanted to take a moment and tell my wonderful handy husband how much I appreciate him. Josh I love you and appreciate all you do for us. You didn't know much about fixing cars but that never stopped you. You tried, and tried again in some cases. But you figured it out! You have saved us so much money on our vehicles. God gave me the perfect man for ME! When I am angry at you, I don't stay that way for very long. I just think of how much you do for us and how wonderful you are to me. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HARD WORK! Thanks to you who needs winter coats in the car when you have a brand new heater!! Lots of love to my personal
handyman! XOXO

Sunday, November 06, 2005

perfect weather

The weather has been OUTSTANDING! I love it. I have enjoyed being outside with Ethan and Merci. On thursday I took Ethan on a walk to the park. This was the first time I took only him! He had fun swinging, sliding and just wondering free.

Friday Merci had off school. It was parent teacher conferences, and we got her 1st report card! It was pretty good. Lots of S's and check marks. She had a lot to work not going to the nurse EVERY day. You see Merci knows how to get around the rules in ALL situations. She is a girl who knows how to get what she wants. ( I always pray that this is used for only good things later in life!) But other than that she is right on track or above! We went to the park again!

Saturday I took the kids out bright and early because it was supposed torain ALL day (it never did rain). We raked and jumped in the leaves. It was fun!

Still no is actually in process right now. I will update tommorw=)

Can you believe Friday will be mine and Josh's 5 year anniversary (kind of a big thought for a 24 year old). I am so excited. I think we have decided to go to Niagara Falls. Only 4 1/2 more days=) Like most of you know Josh and I have NEVER been away together. Our honeymoon was a night at the hotel where our reception was, and when chekout is 11 am and your reception goes until like wasn't much fun! So this is BIG!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pumpkins and more

I have been meaning to post a new entry about what we did on Halloween. Since we don't celebrate this holiday I wanted to have something fun for Merci to do. We made pizza, we carved pumpkins (Josh and I..Merci ended up washing the dishes for me??) and just enjoyed some family time! Check out our fun pumpkins.

And yes Josh was the creative one this time not me!!

Here is a funny picture of Ethan refusing to stick his hand in the goo! Even after putting his binky in there!

My little Ethan has been having a very hard time napping lately. He plays for like an hour and sleeps for 20 minutes. I am not sure what is going on with him. Today was no different he was fussing a little bit but not anything out of the ordinary. I finally gave up and went up to get him this is what I found!

He tore his curtain rod down and took of his pants which were hanging on the side of his crib ever so nicely!
Needless to say we moved his bedroom around today!

It was still a lovely day! This is the Fall season I love. Our Jeep is out of comission still so my friend Jen took us to take Merci to school. We then went out to breakfast at IHOP. When we got home Ethan and I walked to the bread outlet store around the corner and then went to the park to play! Jen also took me to pick Merci up and then we decided to take the kiddos to Chuck E Cheese...great time of day to go there was only like 2 other families there! So we had a adventurous day!
When we were on our walk I kept thinking of the Misty Edwards song You make all things Beautiful! Lord thank you for this beautiful season. Thank you for beauty! Lord I love you and want so much more!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ethan, Caleb, and Joey

Today was a CRAZY day. I ended up with 3 little boys. My friend Melanie called last night desperate for a sitter, so I agreed to watch cute little Caleb. Chris, who works with Josh, needed a sitter because his wife ended up in the hospital last night. It was a little hectic, especially at lunch time! Yikes! I took some pictures. I am proud to say that my little Ethan uses a fork better (still far from good though) than his older buddies of his, I was a proud mom!!

What a mess I had to clean up!!

Prayer Request: Jen, Chris's wife and Joey's mom, ended up in the hospital finding out that she had an eptopic pregnancy. This was a hard thing for them to go through since they have to abort the baby to save the mom's life. One of the falopian tubes ended up bursting and they had to remove it. And after all that, they are releasing her tonight. (They don't have ins so they think that is why they would release her so quickly.) So keep them in your prayers. Quick recovery is needed! Thanks.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Here we go Again

Lord I come to you and say, "Lord protect us from the attack of the enemy. Help us to stand firm in YOU. Lord you want to see us taken care of. You don't want to see us go through hard times. Lord we bring our prayer requests to YOU. When two or more gather in my name it will be done".

Friends agree in prayer for us. We are under attack AGAIN. Thing after, thing we are being bombarded.

*Josh's truck starts when it wants to. In the last 3 weeks he has missed numerous days of work trying to fix the darn thing and a lot of money we don't have on fixing it. Today it finally started and we HOPE this is fixed for good and not for 2-3 days like the last few times.

*The heater on the Jeep is not working, it did the other day and for a few minutes here and there. We drive Merci to school in Parma and pick her up...2 hours of driving per day for Ethan and I. And then today smoke started coming out of the vents. God can heal cars too right??

Among other little things..Please surround us in prayer!!!

Finally redecorating

The last few days have been so dreary! I love fall and this has been a yucky one! I hate rain. I don't like to be wet and when it rains that means Josh can't work, which means he makes no money, which means another week of struggling to make ends meet instead of saving! I am starting to wonder if God just wants us to live like this?? Not like in a mean way, but to just be simple and not worried about having nice stuff or our own house or having up to date stuff. Ya know??

We have done some new stuff around here lately. See we have been in this his house for 3 1/2 years now. We haven't done much to the decor, since we didn't expect to be here very long. We painted our bedroom and Merci's bedroom before we moved in. We did redo the bathroom 1 1/2 years ago. Most of my friends know how ugly our house is, soooo outdated. We figured why waste our money, it is not ours and we don't plan on being here long anyway! Well...We are done. We will being doing a lot in the next few months. This past weekend we replaced the light fixture in Ethan's room. The old one was a pull string one, which hasn't been working for like a month. We could have bought a new pull string one, but my handy husband said NO. He decide to install a light switch and we bought a really cute pendant light. Josh wanted to do track lights but Ethan's room is very small. So we compromised!!
Yesterday, since it was raining AGAIN. Josh pulled all the molding off the living room windows and put in LOTS of insulation, previously there was NONE, just big gaping holes covered with a piece of wood and then the siding! No wonder it never stayed warm in there?? He sprayed lots of foam insulation and them covered that with Fiberglas insulation!! I can feel the difference! We have been in need of new mini blinds forever! They don't stay up when you put them up and one wouldn't even go up. So I decided out with the ugly pink mini blinds from the 80's and in with some new ones. We also got rid of the semi ugly curtains. They were definitely not my style but they matched the ugly FREE Lazy Boy couches and they added a little color. But BYE BYE!! I will be searching for some curtains and rod's to add some of ME to the room...Anyone have any they aren't using..That are cute?? So here are some pics.

Notice "Mauve" mini blinds!!
And gaping holes filled!
And notice UGLY pattern on walls that is
on every wall in the house!!

It looks SO much better even without curtains!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Grace and Good Works

Just a few verses to get you through the day!

2 Corinthians 12:9

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses so that Christ's power may rest on me.

Assignment: Blog about 1-2 weaknesses you are dealing with right now..So Christ's power may rest on you!

Philippians 1:6

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you WILL carry it on to completion until the day of Christ!!

Also someone sent me this link I thought it was neat
soda vs. Pop vs. Coke

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Strawberries and a HUGE party!

Well being that Saturday was Sweetest Day ( A Cleveland holiday!). I had told Josh last week how bad I wanted Chocolate covered strawberries! Well Sweetest Day came and almost went. I was driving around that day seeing all the flower vendors on street corners, wishing my husband would be so sweet..Forgetting all about my request for the strawberries. Later that night he had to go collect some money form customers. He took Merci along. When they got home Merci comes barging in the door..."Mommy, mommy daddy got you a surprise. He bought you chocolate strawberries." SURPRISE! Well I was surprised because I had forgot about the fact that Malley's has those wonderful things. So knowing that I had to eat them before they went bad I pigged out!! It took me less than 24 hours to eat the whole box minus 2..Which Merci ate!

Last night was my 1st of 6 Tastefully Simple parties in the next 2 weeks. It was AWESOME. There was like 13 people there and the grand total was a little over $500!!! YEAH. Thanks to Jennifer for hosting it for me! She earned $50 in free product!! This was only my 3rd party so I would say I am doing good. I am excited for the rest of my parties. Want to have one?? It is really fun!

Other than that not much going on. Reading blogs and cleaning the house all day! Loving the Lord and trying to grow in HIM daily.

Really does anybody want or know of someone who wants a cat?? Pokey is affectionate, a BIG eater, and adorable. He was born on March 18th, he is 7 months old and pretty big. We have seen him almost get hit 4 times this week. Our street is a bus route and fairly busy. He loves our neighbor across the street who feed him too. But the running back and forth is soooo dangerous. Josh said the RTA had to slam on it's brakes to miss him. I saw a car do the same 2 times the other day! I am scared to see him dead in the street. He is fixed and has had all immunizations. Ask around!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm doing it!

All summer I tried to workout. All of July and August I didn't work out at all (BIG WASTE OF $).
When Merci started school I had NO excuse, because I workout (or try to work out) at the YMCA. Which is literally in the same parking lot as her school. So I have been pretty good. I usually do 2 times a week. So during the summer I was 124. Then when Merci went back to school I was 126. 2 weeks ago I was 124 again. YEAH. And than today....Let me tell you something, I have these pair of jeans and this weekend I noticed I had to keep pulling them up, I thought maybe I hadn't washed them in awhile and they were just stretching out. And then I notices my inner thighs don't rub together as much as they used to. And then I thought I was just imagining...Wanting all of this to happen. But today when I weighed myself I was 120!! I am doing it. I am so happy.

**I don't want to be a "skinny mini" who thinks she is fat. But I do have some areas that need toned up. After I had Merci the pounds melted off ( I was only 19 and 98 lbs then) this time with Ethan.... Well let me say ouch!
**** I just looked it up I was around 125 lbs when I was 26 weeks pregnant with Merci and only 21 weeks with Ethan. WOW. That is horrible.

But I am doing it! 6 lbs lost!! Without too much effort. Yeah me!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Funny Picture

Looking through pictures today and found this. I love this picture it is so funny!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

What do I want to say?

I am not sure why I am blogging. Not too much going on. No new pictures. Camping this weekend wasn't the best. Rained for over 24 hours so we left. We were party poopers! Kudos to those who endured the 3 1/2 days of rain!
So what is God trying to teach me lately?? I am not sure. I went to 48 hop and learned how to pray creatively. Somehow I have felt that playing with Ethan for hours has been my prayer the past week or so. Does this count??? Everytime I am going to sit down and read my notes from the prophetic prayer class and go deeper into the scriptures brought to us. I just get distracted by my handsome little man. Every time. I have felt like he just need his mommy time more lately.
Josh went up to get prayed over by Steve Sjorgen (sp?) on Sunday. He got an image that Josh was like one of those very fast boats that skip on top of the water. He felt like God had him on a fast track to HIM. How right on is that! So it is good to know this LONG, HARD journey is really getting us closer to HIM!
I have been burden by an unthinkable thing happening to a family who is semi close to us. It really PISSES ME OFF (yeah sorry not the best wording to use) that satan has plans to ruin families and people, and these people choose these curses to live rather than the blessing sitting right next to them. Pray for TRUTH TO BE REVEALED!!
Wednesday is my exciting day this week I get to go pick up Ethan's pictures!!! Why is he so cute?? Well that is all for now. Just needed to "journal" a few thoughts. I needed so me time on the computer away from the "upstairs"!! Bye!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Wedding

On Saturday September 24th my husbands brother Caleb got married (1 down 8 more siblings between the 2 of us to get married). Our little Princess was one of the flower girls! We had a good time and are excited for Caleb and Crystal=) Congrats. Enjoythe pictures.

Josh and I

Our little Princess Merci

Flower girl #2 and the Bride

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky!

So we have been out of $ for sometime. Getting by on not much, but it hasn't been bad because we see that light at the end of the tunnel. We know we will get paid soon. So to too darn bad if our bills are late! But......Friday I was at Target. I had to buy diapers for Ethan and tights for Merci for the wedding, Oh yeah and a candy bar for me=) I was going to put it on my Tastefully Simple only credit card (which gets paid off as checks clear my account.) Well I was at the check out and I opened up my coupon holder and was in shock. There was a wad of $50 bills. I just took it out and counted it and stared at it for awhile, the cashier probably thought I was dumb or something, because I just keep looking at it and trying to figure out where it came from. Josh and I had previously decided not to ask to borrow any money we just wanted to see how God would bless us! Well He came through AGAIN. How awesome is this????? You always here this happening to people, but it happened to ME this time!!!!!! Thank You Lord for blessing whoever blessed us! It was ultimately YOU who impressed it on them to help us out. Thanks also to that Mr. Sneaky.!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A new season

Well It has only been a few days since I posted but there is much to update you all on.

I didn't make my goal of working out 3 times a week. But I did get 2 in. Merci got sick and couldn't go to school on Friday, so I didn't drive the long drive just to work out, besides we have like $0, so I needed to save the gas!

I started my Tastefully Simple career on Saturday. My first home party went really well. Thanks Beth! A $200 party. I make 36% of that! It was fun and I felt pretty comfortable.


No I am not pregnant, nor do we plan on becoming so.

Josh also started his own "business" on Saturday. Within a week Josh found away to make money without really working too hard=) His boss had a truck he wanted to sell. It is kind of crappy, but for the price it will do until we are on our feet again. So we are buying the truck so Josh can subcontract for his company. This means more money for us!! Right now we have to pay someone to work since Josh can't. But EVERYTHING has been working out perfectly. His boss wasn't opposed to any of Josh'a ideas. He totally supported him. Gave him the truck and a blank check to buy ladders. We can pay him when we get going. How perfect. Josh has been wanting to go on his own for awhile now. So we are praying this is GOD'S plan. I mean everything happened within like 5 days. How incredible!
If this doesn't pan out, Oh well, but if it does more power to us!

I feel like we are in a new season. We both started our "business" on Saturday. We are both in a better place with God, and each other. Thanks for all of your prayers and concerns. With FAITH I can say we are good for awhile! I breathe a breath of relief as I say that. Our next bill is due on the 21st! It may be a little late, but I am confident that it as well as ALL other expenses will be paid. AND that Josh and I will get a getaway weekend for our anniversary in November.=)

Oh yeah and Josh met his biological father on Saturday also. He has never really met him before! A big day of a new season!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Caleb is home

Well Caleb is home. No missing the wedding for him! I am glad he will be able to help Crystal move in and get the final details in order. 10 more days until the wedding! Merci will be a flower girl. I can't wait until she gets all dressed up!
No fun pictures or new news. I worked out today only 2 more time this weeka nd I achieve my goal!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tweezers and a outlet don't mix!

My little Merci learned the hard way that tweezers don't belong in an electrical outlet!
I was sitting here at my computer commenting on Autumn's blog, when the computer and lights went out, and I heard horrible screams and bangs upstairs. I was really scared so I just sat here for a moment. Merci was screaming blood curdling screams. Josh was holding her at the top of the stairs. I kept asking her if she got shocked and she said no. I demanded to see her hands, remembering what happened to Josh when he got electrocuted. Nothing there. I go into the bathroom and look around. Kind of giggling I tell Josh what I see. Tweezers hanging out of the outlet!! We lecture Merci about how we ALWAYS tell her to not play around in the bathroom. We, Josh and I, start laughing. The tweezers and outlet are both a little melted. But everyone is AOK!! Thank You Jesus for keeping those angels close by my family..we need it=)

One of my favorite moms, once said "you don't really need entertainment when you have kids, do you??" No you sure don't. I only have 2 but she has 6, I can't imagine what kind of things go on in that house everyday!!

Friday, September 09, 2005


Tonight was a fun night. Kelly and I headed over to Angela and Ben's new home to help paint. All of our husbands minus Ben who was at home working really hard (wishing the guys would bring him some beer) went out to The Fox and Hound to play some pool and have a nice GUYS night out. Angela was very greatful for the help. We got a lot accomplished in 2 1/2 hours.

Angela and Ben need to be out of the Medina place by the end of the month. So I am, on their behalf, without them knowing, asking for some help for them. Painting mostly, but even just coming over to help watch Aiden so Angela could paint would be extremely helpful. So if you have time in the next few weeks give them a call. There isn't a whole lot, but for 2 people in a short period of is. When the townhouse is empty they need to repaint over there also. So as friends lets help them out!

Angela and Ben you have done an AWESOME job. The place looks GREAT. You guys haven't asked for help at all and I just wanted to say GOOD JOB. You deserve this blessing. God Blesses those who seek. Keep up the good work. Ben you have taken on your first big home improvement and a HUGE one at that. Kudos. It looks BEAUTIFUL. I love you guys and the cutest little Aiden too. I am happy to help out whenever I can. Ang I had fun being with you and Kelly. Our lives are so busy nowadays, I miss you guys! Ok I am like falling asleep. BBYE!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

One tooth, Two teeth, red teeth, blue teeth!

Merci doesn't have red teeth or blue teeth. But she did loose two teeth today!!! I was such a proud mama today. I spazzed a little when I saw the blood on her angle food cake but then I was ok. Merci has this thing about not liking to eat when we are at gatherings and she hates hot dogs, burgers and almost any form of meat, she loves corn though. I gave her some corn on the cob, figuring she was atleast getting her veggies. She ws refusing to eat and I was yelling at her and then I reallized she has 2 loose teeth. I felt really bad and cut the corn of the cob for her. She didn't even say anything about her teeth though. Well later she was eating this really yummy cake my grandma makes from angel food cake, and her tooth started bleeding and she pulled it out. Well the one that fell out was the least loose yesturday, so we told her if she pulled the other one we would give her a popsicle. She eventually pulled it out! It was cool that the whole family was there. I keep making her smile for me. She is so cute!! The tooth fairy will visit tonight. Anyone know the going rate?? Is $1 per tooth ok?? I am going to buy her a new toothbrush tommorow and some kids mouth wash or something fun! Oh yeah she also got stung ont he finger by a hornet today. With children who needs entertainment.

One tooth

Two teeth

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Corvettes and a Viper

Ethan was the luckiest 1 year old today. We went to my friend Joy's birthday party. Well I wish I would have taken pictures of the house and garage huger than any of our houses. There were 3 Corvettes, and 1 Viper to name a few of the 10 cars in the garage. Check him out! Happy 25th Birthday Joy Marie. Can I have your parents house?????? Please...Ok we will just live in the garage!!

"Let's put it in overdrive"
Ethan in a 2004 or 05 Viper
Funny story: Joy's dad owns a body shop, this Viper was the one a really lucky guy won at the auto show last year. On his way home from the auto show with his really cool new Viper he flipped it. So they inherited it after replacing almost all of the panels and repainting it!

Ethan in a 2003 Corvette
You can see the red and white ones also!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Today we went with my parents to East Harbor Beach. What a nice day to sit and relax, well for everyone else, while I was chasing Ethan all over the place and getting soooo sunburned. There were daddy long legs ALL OVER the place, yuck! Horse flies were biting us, and ladybugs all over. Ethan even tried to eat one! I had a great time watching the kids enjoy themselves. Ethan was so good. He had such a great time being able to wonder all over. I asked him if this was the funnest day of his life and he answered "UH" I think that means YES. He ate about a cup of sand throughout the day. I think he thought it might taste better each time he tried...he always realized he was wrong, making the weirdest faces!
Day by day I enjoy my children more and more. I love just watching them discover and learn. I need to enjoy every moment I can with my Merci, now that she is gone every day. I love you Ethan and Merci.

Sharing water with Grandma!

Playing with sissy!

Happy little boy

Friday, September 02, 2005

They are here

Ethan got his glasses yesturday. He hates them!! Pray that he would accept them, we don't want his eyes getting worse!

Isn't he handsome??

Silly little guy!