Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That time...

**CLOSED-Winner is Sarah**

We leave for vacation soon, so that means I am scouring the house and dollar sections for little toys and fun stuff to keep in the car to keep the kids busy on the7-8 hour drive. We don't have portable dvd players, and even though they are affordable we just don't want the kids to rely on TV in the car. I usually pack a basket that sits in between them and they keep each other entertained for the most part. We have had really great traveling in the car in the past, and I am very grateful. BUT it just means I have to work hard every year to find interesting stuff for them to do!

I was pretty excited to learn about My Living Stories App for the iphone or itouch, I knew this would be one new thing to add to the keep the kids busy in the car list! Along with all their favorite games that I already have downloaded, like water slide, hangman, kitty jump, doodle buddy, paper toss...the list goes on! As you see the iphone isn't just my toy!

My Living Stories ($1.99) provides some classic stories as well as some new stories in an animated way, so your youngster can read along with the storyteller or if you have the capabilities you can record your voice to tell the story, or you can play music only and let your kids tell the story.
Because I want this to be new to them on the drive, I haven't got the thumbs up from the kids yet, but I am definite I will! If anything it is like a mini movie, the story is animated, has music in the background and you turn the page as your ready. And let me just say, the little girl narrator has the cutest voice! I also like that you can play the music only so your child can tell the story. It can't be practicing reading if it is on the iPhone can it??? (Ethan is really sick of us pushing him to practice reading, so maybe this will trick him!) Oh, and if your iPhone or iTouch has the capabilities you can record your own voice to tell the story as well! AND I am super excited to actually have my kids hear the Princess and the Pea, because honestly I think they've never heard it yet....we refer to it, but it will be cool to hear the story!

So check out the link for My Living Stories and tell me which one you would like most in the comments, and You COULD WIN A $25 iTunes gift card!!!! Comment by this Friday July 30th 5PM

Some rules:
1.)You can enter to win on multiple blogs, but can only win one iTunes card form the My Living Stories sweepstakes
2.) Please enter only once per person on this blog

Thanks MomCentral!

Disclosure - I am participating in the My Living Stories program by Mom Central on behalf of Decode Entertainment. I received 3 free apps and a gift card as a thank you for my participation.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


If you have been around this blog for any amount of time, you know I am a frugal girl, as much as I can be. I love to shop with coupons, I love to shop most only on clearance, I just love a great deal!

My brother is getting married in April of 2011. Only 9 more months!! We found a dress, and only 3 weeks later went back to order it to find it was no longer available. Good thing it wasn't the brides favorite one, so we went back to her 1st pick and found it was over $200, and I am so glad she agrees that is ridiculous to pay for a flower girl dress...! BUT we found it on an few online auction sites, and was able to order it for $85!! I am super thankful we got such a great deal, but know we have to cross our fingers that it looks pretty close to the original, since it is a knock off coming form China....and that the color we chose for the sash that goes around it is close to the color of our dresses...or close. You can very well match colors on the computer screen. But we are excited to get it and find out, we have time to fix it if need be.

Now I have to go order my dress, and then it is the guys tuxes...all 4 of us in the wedding...yikes.

Cant wait to post a picture of her in it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A great Treat!! For me and for YOU

I was pretty excited to hear that Breyers had new tasty treats on the market.
I was even more excited to get to try some for FREE and even extend that same opportunity to YOU!!!

Breyers SMOOTH and DREAMY bars and sandwiches are INCREDIBLE...well, the Chocolate Covered Strawberry bars I chose, anyway!! There were 2 types of bars and 3 types of sandwiches to choose from, they all looked super yummy! And the great thing is that no matter what choice you make they will be under 160 calories (each, of course)! Less calories means less time I have to run on that elliptical at the gym, and that makes for a big thumbs up! They have no artificial flavors or color either. Yeah for a more naturla product! Another thumbs up.

I really enjoyed this ice cream bar, the ice cream WAS seriously Smooth and Dreamy...I won't lie, I had 2 today;) The ice cream was SUPER creamy and for once I understood the name of a product! I am never very inclined to try ice cream treats that are half the fat or supposedly "better for you" because I am an ice cream why skimp on taste? I was super to surprised to find these ice cream bars were not skimpy on the flavor at all...they were delicious and satisfied my sweet tooth. Another thing I am super picky about is, artificial sweeteners...DO NOT LIKE THEM or the taste of them, and do not believe they are good for you, and was happy to know these were all natural.

Way to go Breyers you are still my absolute favorite ice cream brand!!!

If you'd like to try these yummy treats...I have 5 FREE product coupons to mail the first 5 to comment and Ill contact you for your mailing info!!

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Breyers and received products necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I was keeping up

I was finally actually keeping up on here...and then I slacked again. As most of you I have lots of posts floating around in my head and they just never make it on here...I really hope to this next week...lots of milestones to write about.

Sadly I have been slacking at the gym, making it only 1-2 days per week. I thought it be easy in the Summer, I thought taking the kids to the child watch room would be fun for them...well, not so much. More of the problem is me, I like to start my cleaning and chores and all that right in the morning and then get myself ready for the day, but since we have all been sleeping in getting to the gym before the room closes has been tricky. Also my joints are all out of whack, they are fine some days and some days they hurt so bad that going to the gym is out of the question. You would think with all the joint pain remedies out there, I could find something, but no such luck.

For the most part the kids haven't been a problem, there are good days and bad, just like always.
We are finding lots of stuff to keep us busy. I'm a little worried about the weeks to come since Tball and softball are officially over, and so are all the library programs=( Guess I need to get more creative. But vacation is only 2 weeks away so that will be a help as well. When we come back then only a few more weeks until school!!!

Be back soon with some pictures and a giveaway!!!