Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun Day

Went out to a mall so a friend could use her groupon that expires tomorrow...none of those stores around here=( Went to PF Changs for the first time, yummy! Kids were great after school, got some laundry put away, grabbed some chicken noodle soup out of the freezer thawed it, finished some stuff for the shower on Saturday. Got ready and now I am heading out to Paninis (yep the one that hasn't called me back for a for girls night with the SIL's.
All in all an easy day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

::Day after ice storm::

FINALLY...I am doing something I said I would...posting pictures of the ice storm like I promised;)
The sun shinning on the ice covered tress was gorgeous...again...just because I say it gorgeous doesn't mean I love it! The beauty just makes it more enjoyable!

The fence covered in ice...

Looking down the street...



Complaining about the weather;) Just a little bit!

If you are lucky and live in Ohio, you have experienced, a few 30-40 degree weather changes in the past week...crazy...I know. I am super thankful for the little taste of Spring, and think I can make it a few more week until SPRING is here full time...but...I may need to find some good natural skin care because this weather is really doing a number on my skin. I have a few really bad dry spots that just wont go away, and Ive never had them before=( I'm getting old I

30 in 10 days!!! I am excited about it, I really am. A new decade to make better than the last, to grow as a mom, a wife, a friend, to experience things I haven't yet, to take a lovely vacation with my husband, so much to do this decade, I really am excited.

Ill be back later with some pictures of the beautiful ice...yep, I said beautiful ice...and I mean it, but that doesn't mean I like it;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

::ALL the time::

God is good all the time!! Even when you think you have nowhere to go and no one cares, He shows up. We own a small business and we are all dried up for jobs and all dried up in don't know how we will buy food or pay bills next week (we don't use credit card, we have a few that are getting paid off and NOT being used). BUT God showed up in the nick of time. Josh happened to call a friend about a new church he was part of and ended up getting an offer to go work with his company on a big project for a week or so. WOOHOO. Oh yeah, and making more money than we would with our business. And when this jobs is done we will be closer to Spring and working weather (the last few weeks have been so cold and icy and snowy working on roofs is not an option).

So, things will be pretty tight for a month or so but after that, it should be smooth sailing. God willing! Oh and we are crossing our fingers for some kind of return from our taxes...and there is a big mistake from last year that will get amended...which could be a really nice amount of $...Here's HOPING!!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

::Been Awhile::

Here I am, really wishing I had the time to keep up on my blog...I love looking back and reading what has been going on in my life, so having big gaps in my blog is sad. But I'm here, for today anyway...been unusually busy around here, and it will continue to be for the next few months. We have a baby coming in the family, we have a wedding too, we also have my 30th, and many of my friends 30th's too! Busy...but good busy!

I got a lovely new camera for Christmas and would love to show off some cool pictures as well. I will get there, I WILL!!

Since I have no pictures to upload no, treat yourself to this eyecandy:

These are so beautiful and no one will know they are fake! I think I need to get me a pretty band to go with my ring....and maybe a necklace, and bracelet...Oh how I love jewelry! But being a mom I get very little of it, my kids come first! We all know how that is!

I hope to be back with some exciting posts with some pretty pictures...and all you photography people can give me tips and grade my pics so I can get better...How does that sound?? ;)