Sunday, September 04, 2005

Corvettes and a Viper

Ethan was the luckiest 1 year old today. We went to my friend Joy's birthday party. Well I wish I would have taken pictures of the house and garage huger than any of our houses. There were 3 Corvettes, and 1 Viper to name a few of the 10 cars in the garage. Check him out! Happy 25th Birthday Joy Marie. Can I have your parents house?????? Please...Ok we will just live in the garage!!

"Let's put it in overdrive"
Ethan in a 2004 or 05 Viper
Funny story: Joy's dad owns a body shop, this Viper was the one a really lucky guy won at the auto show last year. On his way home from the auto show with his really cool new Viper he flipped it. So they inherited it after replacing almost all of the panels and repainting it!

Ethan in a 2003 Corvette
You can see the red and white ones also!


TMoss said...

This is why I want a son! Way to go Ethan - I'm jealous.

Kelly said...

Ok, can I live there too and I can drive at least one of their cars around!? I like cars a lot like Donna maybe someday Donna and I can own our own Corvettes! We would be sooooo AWESOME!

O'Seasnain said...

Terry has a good point here. With children come the privileges of children. Gender makes a difference. A girl = fighting off boys, having to deal with feminine issues...ewww, and an unusually high phone bill... although I suppose there will be the father-daughter dances and such to compensate. However, what about boys? Sports, blood, random animals showing up... although I supposed there may be down sides... but this corvette thing kind of tips the scales, yes?