Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some FUN

Thursday me and the kids will be heading to have some fun at an indoor waterpark with our friends!! WE NEED A BREAK! I am so excited=) Maybe even more than the kids...hahaa...that is until I realized I needed to wear a bathing suit...ugg. I picked up some swim shorts to wear with one of my tops...and the fricking medium didn't even fit...I may have to get an XL...I know I am a bit out of shape, but I am most definitely NOT an XL...I hate clothes manufacturers. They make their clothes all tiny and then you want to go find some diet supplements to get on and make yourself stick thin....don't get me started...I won't complain about my weight, I will do something about it...in April, when my gym opens, until then, I will do what I can here and enjoy my time at the waterpark...See ya soon!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Weekend

It is 10:25 am as I sit here and type this. Kids are off school today, and luckily are old enough to know how to turn on the TV because I needed my beauty rest today (I wouldn't wan any dark under eye circles would I ??)
Anyone know any remedies for this...in the last few years I have developed this and never before had I dealt with those nasty circles.
We had a busy weekend of late nights and lots of running around. Even the kids slept till about 8:30.

Friday night
-we had our family birthday celebration dinner, 2 birthdays in February, my lovely grandma on the 14th and my baby brother TODAY...HE will be 21!! Also Merci slept over a friends house.

lazy day, but in the evening we dropped the kids of to my MIL (2 sleepovers in one weekend for Merci) and then went to a dinner at a friends house and then left to go to a lovely friends birthday party at a super cute Martini Bar, a LATE night but so much fun.

Josh and I were lazy and stayed in bed way too long, him asleep, me awoken by 2 texts at 8 AM (thanks mom), but it was nice to be leisurely about getting up and ready. I played me some City Life and painted my nails, showered without having to hurry and then we went and had a yummy breakfast at The Original Pancake House...MMMM. Then I went to pick kids up while Josh helped my lil brother move some stuff to his new apartment. Then we came home I made dinner and then headed out to get some great deals on plants at the plant sale after the Home and Flower show was over. (Picture to come!!)

And now it is Monday and I'm a going to relax and be lazy...or take the kids to the Rainforrest ...haven't decided yet.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I am an old lady

If you know me or have followed my blog, you know that I have many joint pains. I have them in my knees the worst, but also have it is my elbows, and shoulders too. I have no idea what it is. A while back I went to the doctors and he said it seemed like the cartilage in my knees was worn out. He told me to do some exercises...if you have bad knees, you know, it is very difficult to do so and DOES NOT make your knees feel better.

Right now we have low 20 degrees outside minus the wind chill, so it is pretty darn cold, and that my friends makes for an achey ME. I feel like and old lady and if things get worse as I get old, I'm not sure how I will even walk. Not having health insurance sucks. God takes care of us, but times like this when I need to get some therapy for my joint and find out if there is a diagnosis, it sucks.

Spring, where are you????

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Day Gift ideas....

I LOVE Valentines Day. I LOVE to let people know I LOVE them and appreciate them, so an extra day to do this makes me happy. Me and hubby don't go all out, but I'm a gift giver all the way, so whenever I come across fun gift ideas, I get all excited and want to buy them to give to someone!

In case you were stumped...you can get a bit of help by visiting:
Mom Central's Valentines Day Gift Guide and Giveaways

You can win chocolates, cologne, or a gift certificate to spice things up a bit!

P.S. Valentines Day is THIS SUNDAY...you better hurry up and find the perfect idea!!

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Ethan Eye update

My son has had to wear glasses since he was 1. We go back to the doctor every 3-4 months.

On our last visit a few weeks ago, they decided to see if he could read letters instead of pictures.
He is a big boy now and knows all his letters...and has, but they have always had him look at pictures. I was so happy that he'd be able to make this step up in the world, and new he would feel proud too.

The tech turned on the screen got him at the right height in his chair and asked him to "read" the letters...I immediately saw the wheels turning in my little Kindergartners head...the poor kids was trying to sound out the series of letters instead of say one at a time...SO CUTE. After I realized he was trying to sound them out I explained to him that we only read one letter at a time. After that mix up he did very well.

Ethan's eye are very close to being the same strength, his bad eye is only about 2 lines difference that his good eye...AND he can see 3D which is GREAT...kids with amblyopia usually cannot see 3D!! So yeah for my little guy.

Our plan is to keep patching, but BE MORE CONSISTENT...and we HAVE to do 2 hours...we usually get into a bad rut of 1 hour or forgetting all together, so we need to step up our game a bit...and if we do, he gets a Summer vacation from the patch...and maybe forever!

Since his appointment 3 weeks ago, we have only missed 2 times, so we are doing well!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Giant Eagle coupon match up

Giant Eagle 2/4-2/10

Some of the best deals I see are:

Edy's ice cream 3/$10 or 3.33ea
you may have $1/1 from Sunday=2.33ea

San Giorgio pasta $1

Hillshire Farm Polska Kielbasa or smoked sausage BOGO (about 3.99 for 2)
you may have $1/2 (shows lil smokies, but says ANY smoked sausage)

Jello (gelatin or pudding) 10/$10 or $1
you may have $1.25/3 from tearpad (around Christmas and recently)=$2.75/3 or .58 ea

Ortego (seasonings, salsa, dinner kits or shells) 5/$10 or $2
you may have .75/2 =$2.50/2 or $1.25ea

Planters peanuts or Flavor Grove nuts 2/$5
you may have $1/2=$2/4

Keebler townhouse, chips delux or Cheez-It 2/$5 if you buy 2 $1 off instantly so 2/$4
you may have $1/2=2/$3 or $1.50 ea
not sure if flip sides are on sale but there was a 1/$2 for those as well

Jello gelatin or pudding 6 packs 2/$5
you may have .35/1=$1.80
you may have .50/1=$1.50

Betty Crocker cookie or Brownie baking pouches 2/$4
when you buy 2 you will get $1 off your NEXT order
.40/1 printable for cookie pouches also here (you should be able to print 2 times per site)=$2.40/2 (if you use 2 coupons), plus the $1 off NEXT shopping trip will print so $1.40 or .70ea for 2 after that!! Do it twice!!

Tabasco sauce 10/$10 or $1
you might have .75 coupon =this may adjust to be free or you may get overage

Sweet baby Rays BBQ or Ken's Marianades
you may have $1/2 Kens= 2/$2 or $1 ea

Daisy sour cream 2/$3
you may have .50/1= .50ea

Land O Lakes margarine tubs 10/$10
there WILL BE a coupon in this weeks paper on Sunday...keep an eye out!!

Mennen Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick 2/$4
you may have $1/1=$1ea

Any questions???

For Catalina deals or a more in depth list check out Cherry Picker!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Another reason I HEART Pepsi

Not only does it taste MUCH better than Coke, but Pepsi also gives back!!

Pepsi has launched a new project called the Pepsi Refresh Program...as a way to give back.
The interesting thing about this program is that it involves YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR IDEAS. If you have ever dreamed about giving back to your community but didn't know where to start...NOW is the chance. Anyone over the age of 13 can submit their idea and get a chance to earn a grant-they are giving away over $20 MILLION dollars in grants-to launch your idea!

One thing that I think is SUPER about this, is that Pepsi opted out of advertisement at the SuperBowl, so they could use their money more wisely and support meaningful social engagement...that right there makes me want to go buy LOTS of Pepsi=) Oh wait...I did buy 6 12 packs of Pepsi products today=)


monthly, you have the opportunity to submit a project in one of six categories:


2.)Arts & culture

3.)Food & shelter

4.)The planet

5.)Neighborhood or



Then, at the end of the month, Pepsi will post the top submissions on their website and let YOU vote on who should win grants ranging from $5,000 to $250,000 (totaling up to $1.3 million dollars!)

GET involved...either submit an idea, or VOTE for someone elses!!!

This is such a great idea and I am proud to support Pepsi!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Pepsi Refresh. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.” www.momcentral.com