Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pumpkins and more

I have been meaning to post a new entry about what we did on Halloween. Since we don't celebrate this holiday I wanted to have something fun for Merci to do. We made pizza, we carved pumpkins (Josh and I..Merci ended up washing the dishes for me??) and just enjoyed some family time! Check out our fun pumpkins.

And yes Josh was the creative one this time not me!!

Here is a funny picture of Ethan refusing to stick his hand in the goo! Even after putting his binky in there!

My little Ethan has been having a very hard time napping lately. He plays for like an hour and sleeps for 20 minutes. I am not sure what is going on with him. Today was no different he was fussing a little bit but not anything out of the ordinary. I finally gave up and went up to get him this is what I found!

He tore his curtain rod down and took of his pants which were hanging on the side of his crib ever so nicely!
Needless to say we moved his bedroom around today!

It was still a lovely day! This is the Fall season I love. Our Jeep is out of comission still so my friend Jen took us to take Merci to school. We then went out to breakfast at IHOP. When we got home Ethan and I walked to the bread outlet store around the corner and then went to the park to play! Jen also took me to pick Merci up and then we decided to take the kiddos to Chuck E Cheese...great time of day to go there was only like 2 other families there! So we had a adventurous day!
When we were on our walk I kept thinking of the Misty Edwards song You make all things Beautiful! Lord thank you for this beautiful season. Thank you for beauty! Lord I love you and want so much more!


Drea said...

Your son pulling the curtain down is like a red flag for me haha.
My son is 14 mo. old and has really begun to throw things and pull on things inside and out of his crib. His crib is located next to a window as well. He can reach one half of our curtains.

He know show to pull the curtains from side to side so he can peak through to see the neighbors dog... but he hasn't realize he can yank them down yet.

Wont be long though! :-)

amy said...

so cute, donna! merci washing dishes, huh? sounds great!

Autumn said...

I gotta get out of the house today.. I hear it's gorgeous!!! Glad you guys had so much fun. I love Ethan's crinkled nose looking at the goo, lol.

Jason said...

I miss carving pumpkins. I usually react to the goo like Ethan did, though.

Angela said...

That picture of Ethan is so funny=)

Bek said...

i agree with everybody - i really do love that picture of your lil pumkin looking at the pumkin!!

bmoss said...

I must agree as well.. the lil pumpkin face is so cute!

Jaime said...

I love those kind of days. I love the picture of Ethan and the pumpkin. You should cherish these days where he's not diving head first into goo. I bet before long he'll be coming inside with frogs and snakes! :)