Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Giant Eagle coupon match ups 9/1-9/7

Here are some decent deals at Giant Eagle this week. I did more than 5, just because some of these things are good to stock up on for the baking season that is upon us!! And because I am running out of stuff and need to do some shopping!!

Herbal Essence 2/$5

1.00/2 8/28 PG=2/$4

1.00/1 8/7 RP=$1.50

Swiss Tea 2/$4

1.00/2 8/28 SS=2/$3

Pringles 4/$6


1.00/2 (fat-free; if included)=2/$2

Philadelphia Cooking Cream 2/$5

.75/1 printable at

Totino’s Pizza Rolls $10/10

.40/2 download to shopping card at Shortcuts=1.20/2

Ziploc containers 2.79

1.50/2 8/7 SS

1.00/1 download to shopping card at eoffers

1.00/1 download to shopping card at shortcuts

=2.08/2 (after all 3)

*Im pretty sure all three can be used together, I will find out!

Wheat Thins or Honey Maid Grahams 2/$5

.75/2 8/7 SS=3.50/2

Carnation Evaporated Milk 2/$3

.50/2 printable at Very Best Baking=2/$2

Nestles Morsels 2/$6

.50/1 (dark only)=$2

Sunny Delight 2/$3

.25/1 8/7 SS=$1.00

HeluvaGood Dip 3/$5

.50 printable at

(weird printing specs, says I don’t have a printer hooked up…worth a try for you!)

**Donna’s Favorites

Bic multi-purpose lighter B1G1 Free

$1/1 8/28 SS

Thanks to Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring Budget for the below deals I did not see

Gogurt $2

.75/2 8/7 PG

.75/2 download to shopping card at eoffer

.75/2 download to shopping card at shortcuts

=$1/2 after all 3…if it works

Hefty plates and cups 1.50

$1/2 8/14 RP=2/$2

$1/2 7/10 RP=2/$2

.55/2 5/22 RP=2/$1.90

Oral B toothbrush $1.50

.75/2 8/28 PG=$1.50/2

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giant Eagle coupon match ups 8/25-8/31

I am not thrilled with the deals at Giant Eagle this week=(

Here are my top 53

Land O Lakes spreadable butter or Margarine sticks 2/$3
.40 8/7/SS=.70
.75/1 8/7/SS cinnamon=FREE (if included in sale)
There were printable available on earlier last week, you are in luck if you printed those at the time, they are no longer available.

KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce $1
.50/1 8/21/SS=FREE

Nestle Fun Size candy bars $2.50
.50/1 CRUNCH PRINT =$1.50 (cheaper than Marcs)

There are definitely other good deals! Check out Sisters shopping on a shoestring budget (link above) to see some more! I am just picky in my deal shopping!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Giant Eagle coupon match ups starting 8/18-8/24

A few good deals at Giant Eagle...nothing I found that was spectacular. But here are 5 good deals and a Donna's FAVORITE

FIVE Good Deals

Nabisco- Chips Ahoy, Teddy Grahams 2/$5
.75/2 8/7/SS=$1.75 each

Finish Gelcaps, Powerball Tabs $4.99
.75/1 7/31 SS= $3.49
1.00 off Quantum Powerball=$3.99

Dial hand pump soap 3/$5
.35/1 8/7 RP =.96

Smuckers Jams and Jellies 2/$5
1.00/2 8/7 RP= $2.00 ea

BC brownies and cookie pouches 2/$4
brownies .75/2= $1.25 ea
cookies .40/1= $1.20


Hefty One Zip 2/$3
$1.00/2 7/10 and 8/14 RP= $1.00 each

What did I miss??

Thanks to Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring budget you can add these to your list!

Keebler fudge granola bars $2.50
.75/1 7/10 RP=$1.00

International Delight 1.50
.55/1 printable = .40

Various yopliat coupons when you like YoPlait on Facebook make for cheap yougurt!

Also some good deals on feminine products (always and Tampax) when you combing current e offer with coupons from 7/31/PG and current CATALINA.