Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Wedding

On Saturday September 24th my husbands brother Caleb got married (1 down 8 more siblings between the 2 of us to get married). Our little Princess was one of the flower girls! We had a good time and are excited for Caleb and Crystal=) Congrats. Enjoythe pictures.

Josh and I

Our little Princess Merci

Flower girl #2 and the Bride

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky!

So we have been out of $ for sometime. Getting by on not much, but it hasn't been bad because we see that light at the end of the tunnel. We know we will get paid soon. So to too darn bad if our bills are late! But......Friday I was at Target. I had to buy diapers for Ethan and tights for Merci for the wedding, Oh yeah and a candy bar for me=) I was going to put it on my Tastefully Simple only credit card (which gets paid off as checks clear my account.) Well I was at the check out and I opened up my coupon holder and was in shock. There was a wad of $50 bills. I just took it out and counted it and stared at it for awhile, the cashier probably thought I was dumb or something, because I just keep looking at it and trying to figure out where it came from. Josh and I had previously decided not to ask to borrow any money we just wanted to see how God would bless us! Well He came through AGAIN. How awesome is this????? You always here this happening to people, but it happened to ME this time!!!!!! Thank You Lord for blessing whoever blessed us! It was ultimately YOU who impressed it on them to help us out. Thanks also to that Mr. Sneaky.!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A new season

Well It has only been a few days since I posted but there is much to update you all on.

I didn't make my goal of working out 3 times a week. But I did get 2 in. Merci got sick and couldn't go to school on Friday, so I didn't drive the long drive just to work out, besides we have like $0, so I needed to save the gas!

I started my Tastefully Simple career on Saturday. My first home party went really well. Thanks Beth! A $200 party. I make 36% of that! It was fun and I felt pretty comfortable.


No I am not pregnant, nor do we plan on becoming so.

Josh also started his own "business" on Saturday. Within a week Josh found away to make money without really working too hard=) His boss had a truck he wanted to sell. It is kind of crappy, but for the price it will do until we are on our feet again. So we are buying the truck so Josh can subcontract for his company. This means more money for us!! Right now we have to pay someone to work since Josh can't. But EVERYTHING has been working out perfectly. His boss wasn't opposed to any of Josh'a ideas. He totally supported him. Gave him the truck and a blank check to buy ladders. We can pay him when we get going. How perfect. Josh has been wanting to go on his own for awhile now. So we are praying this is GOD'S plan. I mean everything happened within like 5 days. How incredible!
If this doesn't pan out, Oh well, but if it does more power to us!

I feel like we are in a new season. We both started our "business" on Saturday. We are both in a better place with God, and each other. Thanks for all of your prayers and concerns. With FAITH I can say we are good for awhile! I breathe a breath of relief as I say that. Our next bill is due on the 21st! It may be a little late, but I am confident that it as well as ALL other expenses will be paid. AND that Josh and I will get a getaway weekend for our anniversary in November.=)

Oh yeah and Josh met his biological father on Saturday also. He has never really met him before! A big day of a new season!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Caleb is home

Well Caleb is home. No missing the wedding for him! I am glad he will be able to help Crystal move in and get the final details in order. 10 more days until the wedding! Merci will be a flower girl. I can't wait until she gets all dressed up!
No fun pictures or new news. I worked out today only 2 more time this weeka nd I achieve my goal!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tweezers and a outlet don't mix!

My little Merci learned the hard way that tweezers don't belong in an electrical outlet!
I was sitting here at my computer commenting on Autumn's blog, when the computer and lights went out, and I heard horrible screams and bangs upstairs. I was really scared so I just sat here for a moment. Merci was screaming blood curdling screams. Josh was holding her at the top of the stairs. I kept asking her if she got shocked and she said no. I demanded to see her hands, remembering what happened to Josh when he got electrocuted. Nothing there. I go into the bathroom and look around. Kind of giggling I tell Josh what I see. Tweezers hanging out of the outlet!! We lecture Merci about how we ALWAYS tell her to not play around in the bathroom. We, Josh and I, start laughing. The tweezers and outlet are both a little melted. But everyone is AOK!! Thank You Jesus for keeping those angels close by my family..we need it=)

One of my favorite moms, once said "you don't really need entertainment when you have kids, do you??" No you sure don't. I only have 2 but she has 6, I can't imagine what kind of things go on in that house everyday!!

Friday, September 09, 2005


Tonight was a fun night. Kelly and I headed over to Angela and Ben's new home to help paint. All of our husbands minus Ben who was at home working really hard (wishing the guys would bring him some beer) went out to The Fox and Hound to play some pool and have a nice GUYS night out. Angela was very greatful for the help. We got a lot accomplished in 2 1/2 hours.

Angela and Ben need to be out of the Medina place by the end of the month. So I am, on their behalf, without them knowing, asking for some help for them. Painting mostly, but even just coming over to help watch Aiden so Angela could paint would be extremely helpful. So if you have time in the next few weeks give them a call. There isn't a whole lot, but for 2 people in a short period of is. When the townhouse is empty they need to repaint over there also. So as friends lets help them out!

Angela and Ben you have done an AWESOME job. The place looks GREAT. You guys haven't asked for help at all and I just wanted to say GOOD JOB. You deserve this blessing. God Blesses those who seek. Keep up the good work. Ben you have taken on your first big home improvement and a HUGE one at that. Kudos. It looks BEAUTIFUL. I love you guys and the cutest little Aiden too. I am happy to help out whenever I can. Ang I had fun being with you and Kelly. Our lives are so busy nowadays, I miss you guys! Ok I am like falling asleep. BBYE!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

One tooth, Two teeth, red teeth, blue teeth!

Merci doesn't have red teeth or blue teeth. But she did loose two teeth today!!! I was such a proud mama today. I spazzed a little when I saw the blood on her angle food cake but then I was ok. Merci has this thing about not liking to eat when we are at gatherings and she hates hot dogs, burgers and almost any form of meat, she loves corn though. I gave her some corn on the cob, figuring she was atleast getting her veggies. She ws refusing to eat and I was yelling at her and then I reallized she has 2 loose teeth. I felt really bad and cut the corn of the cob for her. She didn't even say anything about her teeth though. Well later she was eating this really yummy cake my grandma makes from angel food cake, and her tooth started bleeding and she pulled it out. Well the one that fell out was the least loose yesturday, so we told her if she pulled the other one we would give her a popsicle. She eventually pulled it out! It was cool that the whole family was there. I keep making her smile for me. She is so cute!! The tooth fairy will visit tonight. Anyone know the going rate?? Is $1 per tooth ok?? I am going to buy her a new toothbrush tommorow and some kids mouth wash or something fun! Oh yeah she also got stung ont he finger by a hornet today. With children who needs entertainment.

One tooth

Two teeth

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Corvettes and a Viper

Ethan was the luckiest 1 year old today. We went to my friend Joy's birthday party. Well I wish I would have taken pictures of the house and garage huger than any of our houses. There were 3 Corvettes, and 1 Viper to name a few of the 10 cars in the garage. Check him out! Happy 25th Birthday Joy Marie. Can I have your parents house?????? Please...Ok we will just live in the garage!!

"Let's put it in overdrive"
Ethan in a 2004 or 05 Viper
Funny story: Joy's dad owns a body shop, this Viper was the one a really lucky guy won at the auto show last year. On his way home from the auto show with his really cool new Viper he flipped it. So they inherited it after replacing almost all of the panels and repainting it!

Ethan in a 2003 Corvette
You can see the red and white ones also!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Today we went with my parents to East Harbor Beach. What a nice day to sit and relax, well for everyone else, while I was chasing Ethan all over the place and getting soooo sunburned. There were daddy long legs ALL OVER the place, yuck! Horse flies were biting us, and ladybugs all over. Ethan even tried to eat one! I had a great time watching the kids enjoy themselves. Ethan was so good. He had such a great time being able to wonder all over. I asked him if this was the funnest day of his life and he answered "UH" I think that means YES. He ate about a cup of sand throughout the day. I think he thought it might taste better each time he tried...he always realized he was wrong, making the weirdest faces!
Day by day I enjoy my children more and more. I love just watching them discover and learn. I need to enjoy every moment I can with my Merci, now that she is gone every day. I love you Ethan and Merci.

Sharing water with Grandma!

Playing with sissy!

Happy little boy

Friday, September 02, 2005

They are here

Ethan got his glasses yesturday. He hates them!! Pray that he would accept them, we don't want his eyes getting worse!

Isn't he handsome??

Silly little guy!

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Caleb has been deployed. They leave around 4 tonight. He is scheduled to be home 2 days before the wedding. But to quote Caleb "it's the military, no promises".

Caleb going to MISSISSIPPI 23 days before his wedding????

Well Josh's brother Caleb is in the Army National Guard. His unit is being deployed to Mississippi. Caleb and Crystal are getting married on Sept 24th. UH OH??? Right now we aren't sure weather or not he will be going, he is at his base in Brookpark. Waiting to hear. So keep them in your thoughts and prayers! Poor Crystal I can't even begin to think how she feels right now!