Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheap Disney on Ice tickets...Disney on Ice coupon codes

I love sharing great deals with you all.
Unfortunately I cannot use this great deals because the city I live is not on the list=(

Hopefully there is a venue near you so you can take advantage of these codes.

Disney on Ice
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Disney On Ice presents Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey
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Disney On Ice presents Mickey & Minnie's Magical Journey
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Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy
March 26-April 5

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy
March 18-March 22

Kansas City
Disney On Ice presents Mickey & Minnie's Magical Journey
April 1-April 5

Disney On Ice presents a Disneyland® Adventure
March 12-March 15

Disney On Ice presents a Disneyland® Adventure
April 9-April 12

Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic
Sept 8-Sept 13

To learn more about Disney On Ice shows touring the country this year, visit and visit to use the 4 tickets for $44 code, MOM.

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You can get 4 tickets for just $44 by entering the code "MOM" at select ticketing channels*. Offer good on all performances, minimum purchase of 4 tickets required; additional tickets above 4 can be purchased at $11 each. Offer not valid on Gold Circle Seating, Front Row and VIP seating or combinable with other offers. Other restrictions may apply.


A select amount of Front Row and VIP seats have been reserved for you to buy before they go on sale to the public - just enter the code "MOM" when purchasing those seats.

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Free Quiznos!!!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too much pain

Over the years of blogging, I have realized something.
There is SO much pain out there.
I have read through so many people's experiences, challenges and heartbreaks, it tears me apart.
In my own little world, difficulties arise, deaths happen and heartaches happen too, but not so much and not too often, you know?
I have lost family members (my uncle recently), my friends experience miscarriages, and infertility, people around me loose loved ones in tragic and unexpected ways, I have issues to deal with in my own family, drugs, alcohol, suicide attempts.
I deal with it and get over it.

But since I have been blogging, I have had to hear about people loosing babies much more frequently than Id like to, people loosing babies full term, people loosing loved ones to cancer, children suffering from sickness....the list goes on.
I even know of a person who stopped blogging because of this issue.
The heartache is too much.

And to clarify, yes we hear of good things too.
Miracles, people helping others, praise reports, the list goes on here too.

I just wish I was as effected by the good and I was the bad.

I just read about a little 7 year old that died this year due to cancer, and I just cannot fathom my little girl, or boy going through that, it just isn't fair.
I cry a plead with God to never take my children away.
But the truth is NO ONE is exempt from these things happening. It could happen to us, to my best friends kids, to me.

It is scary. But my HOPE is in Him.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

After the show...

For years my aunt has been talking about going to the Home and Flower show the night it ends, to buy flowers.
She need me for my SUV to take all the goods home.

We went this year. WOW.

Seriously, it was well worth it.

Free parking, they let you in an hour after the show ends and you buy CHEAP plants.

We brought a wagon and loaded it twice+.

We spent less than $40 combined and she got a $70 plant (forget what it is called) well ad a TON of other plants.

The prices are lowered as the closing time gets near...Tulips started out 2/$1
(two pots with 4-8 bulbs in it)...before we left I got 6 pots for $1, I got 12 pots

and 6 pots of daffodils too...for $1

and these great tropical plants were $8 apiece

This guy is 6 feet tall...I cannot even find a corner big enough for it!

This air purifying plant is 3 1/2 ft tall...

I'd say we got some GREAT deals.

Id say, if you have a Home and Garden show in your city ask about plant sales after the show is won't be sorry.

You'll just have lots of plants to plant in your yard come Springtime=)

Wordless Wednesday ::Potatoe Peeler::

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Johnson's No More Tears

The smell of fresh clean babies is intoxicating. It makes me weepy to think I will have no more babies to cuddle and sniff after a bath. My 4 year old is really sick of me doing so to him!

I was asked to review some new Johnson's No More Tears products recently.

I received the

Body Bubble Bath and Wash
(I am very excited to have a bubble bath that is super sensitive for my sons fragile skin...and how many times does you child splash when you put bubble bath is, they love it and go crazy...this formula is great, NO MORE TEARS!!)

and the

Head to Toe Foaming Wash
(Excited that someone is taking advantage of the wonderful foaming soap idea...less wasted product and more to use!)

I immediately opened them up and took a whiff...MMM.

Take a look!

You will be able to find these in your stores NOW!

Happy 50th anniversary Johnson's!

Monday, February 16, 2009

RedBox FREE Rental Monday!

A bit late in the day but here is the Red Box FREE rental code for today!


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Saturday, February 14, 2009

And we woke up to....


This wouldn't be such a big deal, but last week we had nice 50 degree and 60 degree days and the 2 feet of snow we had ALL melted and we saw grass for the first time in months and it was so wonderful...and now the white stuff again...SPRING I need you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Since I have been slacking on posting Rebbox codes on Monday's, I thought I'd share these codes that I got from
Deal Seeking Mom
they are ongoing, so you can use them once per card (be savvy here and use the code for each credit or debit card you have!! I have like 5, so that is 10 free rentals!!)

and they are good any day, not just Mondays like the other codes I post.

Want to know how to use REDBOX ?
Check it out, We LOVE it!!

Some More House updates

Here are a few more before/after pictures, for now anyway!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where is my brain??

Last week I may have mentioned (on facebook for those who follow me there) that I was going to use my dishwasher for the first time. (after I installed a faucet that would work with it, after waiting for hubby for a few weeks...that was a disaster too)

My family chipped in and bought us a dishwasher, since we haven't had on in 7 years! We had no room in our old kitchen for a portable and since we rented we couldn't just tear out cabinets and install one. NOW that we have our own house we definitely have room for a portable, and will eventually make it permanent.

Anyway...back to my story.

I ran my dishwasher, I was super excited, UNTIL I opened the dishwasher to unload the dishes and found dishes covered in this film, it was nasty.
For days I was trying to figure out what was going on. I narrowed it down to no water...but couldn't figure out why there was no water. I was close to tears a few times and spent like 4 hours troubleshooting the past few days, even made a call to the company who told me my water wasn't warm enough-even after I told her there was no water inside the thing.
I did test the water temp, and it was hot then what??

So imagine me opening the dishwasher ever few minutes trying to quickly open it and see if there was water or if the spout was coming up or the spinny thing spinning...::such a blonde:: I figured it out.

I feel so stupid...I didn't know you had to turn the faucet on, I thought the adapter made the water turn on some how....HAHAHA...::such a blonde::

So really this is one of the "blondest" things you have heard in awhile, isn't it???

It is running and I hear the water and I am sure the 5 dishes that have been the test dishes for days are gonna be sparkly clean=)

I am excited to dirty a bunch of dishes, so I can see them atually get clean.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


for the lots of silly posts about watches. Hey it was $10 for 5 minutes=) And maybe some of you were looking for marine watches or 10 thousand dollar watches.

Hey you never know;)

Be back with a better post soon.

Just in case...

Just in case you needed a place to find Technomarine watches.
I found it!
And these ones are much cheaper than the ones from the previous post I did!
See I am not really against the prices of these watches because at least there is a specific purpose for these watches.
Not that Id ever need this kind of watch, but there are a lot of people that find this useful tot heir situations.
Anyway, enough about watches for now.
Hope you all have a happy Monday.

WHY on earth??

Why on earth would you consider buying a Chaumet watch?

Seriously...if I had that much extra money laying around I think I could fins something a bit more useful to use it on.

Yeah Yeah, it is made so perfectly and all that hoopla, but NO WAY.

It is like a question I was recently asked to think about.
As a women would I rather have a beautiful diamond or trip?

Not hard for me...trip hands down.
Memories are so much better than a THING.

So for 60% off, you can get a wonderful watch for 9 THOUSAND bucks.
Forget it.


The last week or so I was feeling good about our unpacking and settling process.
I felt accomplished and settled.
And then I started looking around realizing all the boxes that are still unpacked, stuff lying in the hallway etc.
Still so much to do.

I am determined to get all boxes in basement that don't belong there, moved to where they need to go.
I am also determined to organize the pantry down the basement. I just threw stuff in there, unorganized, and since I am back to my coupon shopping/stockpiling mode, I have lots of stuff to add tot he pantry.

After box moving/unpacking last of boxes, I plan on doing more of the "FUN" stuff like painting more rooms, figuring out which stuff we want to replace (like sinks, maybe from Kohler sinks)

Then there is the bathroom...all of it, and then the kitchen, and the list goes on.
In time=)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kids & the internet

If you have kids, you know that even from a young age they are interested in what mommy is doing on the computer. Then they hear from all their little friends about online games etc. Of course they want to play, don't you go check out websites you hear about when you are out and about or with friends??

Good thing for us moms and dads there are so many places we can go to find out how to keep our kids safe, especially tweens and teens who are allowed to play games without us by their side every moment.
Making safer on-line choices!

I know that I need to learn what I can do to protect my daughter who is 8.
She asks to go on one site and sometimes I find her on another, and you know how easy it is to run into unwanted materials.

The purpose of NetSmartz is to increase the safety awareness of children to prevent victimization and increase self-confidence whenever they go online. NetSmartz teaches three important rules for online safety.

  1. I will tell an adult I trust if anything makes me feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.
  2. I will ask my parents or guardian before sharing my personal information.
  3. I won't meet in person with anyone I have first "met" online.
Check it out, what a great learning tool for you and your child!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Think about others

All this snow...yep we got about another 6-10 inches last night, on top of the 8-10 we already had sitting there and we are looking at 10-18 more tonight, well it has got me thinking.

What about all those single ladies, seniors, or close to seniors who are living on their own...what are they supposed to do??

I have an aunt who is in her upper 40's and I just can't imagine what it is like to have to go out and shovel your driveway when we get this much snow.
There are easy options like snow blowers, snow plow contracts etc, but who can afford those??

I just feel bad for and wanted to make sure you feel bad for, and not JUST feel bad for, but do something to help those people.
Be aware of people on your street or relatives that might need some help...if you get all this snow like we do.

I wish I could but right now with this shoulder injury, I can't even shovel for the I figured I remind us all to think of others!

Glad I have a husband right about now.

Wordless Wednesday :Kitty got caught::