Thursday, January 28, 2010

Giant Eagle coupon match up **updated x1**

Giant Eagle Coupon Match up

This week is a bit tricky...I hear there are ALOT of coupons that come out Sunday in the paper and Tuesday in Red Plum mailer that can be used for theses sales...I will try my best to update at those times, you may want to hold off shopping until next Wednesday so you don't have to make more than 1 trip....or you can be like me and go 2-3 times in a week anyway=)

Here is what Ive got so far!

Progresso Classic Soups 10/$10 or $1
you may have .50/2=2/$1 OR
you may have $1/4= 4/$3

Kraft Cheese(chunks, shreds or singles) 5/$10 or $2
you can print $1/2 =2/$3

Valentines candy (M&M's,Crunch or Butterfinger hearts) $1.99
you can print $1/2 =$2.98/2

Coke or Sprite 12 packs or 24oz. 6 packs 4/$12
If you buy 4 packs you get $1 off instantly= 4/$11

Nabisco Triscuits, Wheat Thins or Snack Saks or Saltines 4/$8
If you buy 4 packs you get $1 off instantly=4/$7
AND you may also have $1/1 from recent paper=4/$6=$1.50ea (cheaper than Marcs!)

Solo squared plastic cups 18oz 2/$4
you may have .75/1 from recent paper=.50ea

Franks Red Hot 2/$4
(not sure if other flavors besides original are on sale or not...worth checking because there is a .75 coupon from a recent insert)
you may have (for orig) .50/1=$1

Breakstones sour cream 4/$5 or $1.25
you may have 1.00/2=2/$1.50 or .75ea

Super Pretzel 4/$7 or $1.75
you may have .50/1=.75

Pepsi or Mountain Dew 2 Liter or Sobe Life water 5/$5 or $1

French's Mustard 3/$4
(again check to see if flavors are on sale there was a .50/1 in the Sunday paper making them .33)
you may have .30/1 (for orig) = .73

***If you spend $20 on the products below, you get a $5 catalina to use on your next trip!!
(Usually the $20 goes by shelf (or original price) not on the sale price, so with coupons and sales this usually works out really well!! Especially if you use these brands anyway! Which I do! These are the coupons you will want to look out for next Sunday(maybe buy an extra)!)***

Knorr Side dishes 10/$10 or $1
you may have 1.00/3= 3/$2

Breyers Ice Cream 3/$10 or $3.33

Ragu 4/$5 0r $1.25
you may have $1.25/3=$2.50/3 or .83ea!!!

I can't believe its not Butter 2/$4
you may have .60/2=$2.80/2 or $1.40ea

Wish-Bone Salad Dressing 2/$3
you may have 1.25/2= $1.75/2 or .88ea

Skippy PB 4/$10 or $2.50
you may have .40/1= $1.70

Hellmann's Mayo 2/$5
you may have .50/1=$1.50

Mrs T Pierogis 5/$10 or $2
you may have $1/2= 2/$3 or $1.50ea

Knorr recipe Mix (like the vegetable soup mix for spinach dip) 2/$3 or $1.50
you may have .50/1= .50
L'Oreal Kids 2/$5
you may have .75=$1

Philadelphia Cream Cheese 4/$5 or $1.25
you may have 1.25/3 (from tear pad around Christmas time or recipe book recently)
=3/$2.50 or .83 ea (even cheaper thant he cheap stuff at Marcs!!)

Helluva Good Dip 2/$3 or $1.50
you may have 1.00/2= 2/$2 or $1ea (Super Bowl is soon!!)

There are many more decent priced deals...but as always I post the best I see and the best of the products I buy!!

Ill be back at the beginning of the week to update as I KNOW there are coupons coming we can use on this!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


If you live is a state that isn't so lucky to have nice weather right
You probably are dealing with chapped lips right about now, but I guess if you live in a warm area you may be experiencing the same, from the sun.

Well...what about a night/day lip therapy to help with that??
Neosporin has one!! Check out the products HERE

I took the 3 day challenge and here is what I think:
*Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy is LOVELY. I love how nice my lips feel when I put this on, and in the morning it feels just as great!!
Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy was not so lovely for my lips. You may have a different opinion. But I found it made my lips feel chapped all day . It may also be because I do not drink nearly enough water or didn't put it on enough, I'm not quite sure.

I would like to try the 3 day challenge again to see what happens.

I HIGHLY recommend the Overnight renewal Therapy, your lips will THANK YOU!!! Mine is waiting on my bed right now, and boy they can use a fingerful of that stuff=)

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Neosporin and received a sample of the Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy and the Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy to facilitate my review and a $20 thank-you gift certificate."

Monday, January 25, 2010

April...come quickly...

I really am excited to start working out at the gym.
(Did you miss, that I signed up for a brand new gym, so new that it doesn't even open until April...haha)
So I am pumped up, but can't go yet=(
I am so sick, of reading about this diet and this best weightloss supplement, and this way of dropping 2 dress sizes in 5 weeks, and so on...I just want to work out so then I will feel good about myself and then the eating better will fall into place!
Until then, I am going to do a kickboxing class at the rec center with my soon to be SIL.
Hopefully she doesn't wuss out on me!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Little annoyances...

Isn't it so hard to not complain about the little stuff in our lives. I really try not to because I know they really don't matter AT ALL.

*Like so what if the nail in my floor board keep popping up, get the hammer out and pound it back in, even if it is every week..or just pull the dang thing out, it doesn' t really matter
*And so what if the drain you bought merely a year ago is rusting in your sink and looks ugly...does it really matter?? ( I should have bought a American Standard sinks)
Who cares if the wood on the front door is absorbing the paint and yellow is seeping out, even after you used 2 coasts of killz and 2 coats of regular paint...OH stinking well.

Should I really care? Should it stress me out? NO WAY...people in Haiti are sleeping in the middle of town with sheets as their walls, they are wondering where their next drink of water is going to come from, if they will ever have a structure to live in...I get so mad at myself for being so ridiculous sometimes...why do I have to have such a high strung personality...worrying about nothing??

"He is always working on me, to make me what I ought to be"...Keep working! Ive got a long way to go=)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh tax season, why can't we just skip you

For the past few weeks I have been busy, busy working on getting all of our taxes finalized.
Definitely NOT my favorite thing to do. I am not good at this, I just do it because I have to.
I do what I can and send the rest to an accountant.

Things are looking ok, we didn't make too much where we are going to owe a ton of money, so that is good. Although we did find out we owe a ton of $ to Workers Comp, there was a misunderstanding and I thought it was getting taken out of the checks by our payroll company, when indeed it was not...ugh. Oh well. What am I gonna do?

We also really have to start looking for some affordable health insurance for our family. But I think affordable and health insurance don;t really go together. We need to be able to have an option for our guys as well as watch out for ourselves...

Just more money being wasted on just in case...Oh the orphans we could feed or bring heart aches at the economy and all the things we HAVE to do. I wish I HAD to use my money wisely....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Helping Haiti

I am sure you have heard about the devastation in Haiti....and I bet you have wondered how you can help...well....there are a million ways to just need to look and take action.

After discussing it with my husband we have decided we will donate...
$1.00 per comment!!!

If for some reason we get hundreds of comment, well then it might take a few months to give that amount but it WILL be given.

Not sure who we will give it to, probably World Vision, Compassion International or a well known Christian organization.

Comment away!!
Until Thursday (11/21) at midnight.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see ya again too!

My plans...

So...back to that whole I want to get in shape before November, so we can go on a great vacation and look good=)

My goals are:

*work out at the gym 2-3 times a week (when it opens that is)
*work out at the other gym I can use for free until mine opens 5 times
*find a try out a reliable colon cleanser
*use my wii fit 2-3 times per week
* do kickboxing with my soon to be SIL on Wednesdays

Feel a better about how my clothes fit by Summer time! It isn't about weight, it is about being healthy.

Tomorrow is 31

Josh will turn 31 tomorrow. Such an old man, I know. You'd think he was turning 50 or something by the way he talks about it. But really 31 isn't very old. Maybe if I stopped calling him "old man' everyday, that might help I love him not matter how old he is, and he truly doesn't need to run out and buy life insurance just because he is old. I know with out a reasonable doubt God had big plans for this man! I can't wait to see what they are.

I love you and have a wonderful day, even thought you are working and not spending it all day with me...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Target has had some GREAT clearance deals lately....I got Ethan and Merci some shoes...3 pairs between the 2 of them for less than $10...yep, 3 pair for less than $10...nice ones too=) Also some great deals on clothing!!

So go scour the clearance racks, soon!

But one thing that bugs me is the SUMMER stuff that has been out since the day after Christmas...the last thing on my mind is buying a bathing suit right now (although we did buy hubby one today...only because he is going to swim indoors for his work out). I'm more worried about reducing belly fatfirst=)

I can't wait for the new gym I joined to open...I am ready to loose!!

Summer, I WILL be ready for you this year.

I hope!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Giant Eagle coupon match up 1/14-1/20

Some of my FAVORITE deals at Giant Eagle this week
You can visit Cherry Picker for a more in depth list

extra large 5/$5 or $1

Chicken boneless, breast (reg $3.79) $1.99/lb

Progresso (traditional, light, reduced sodium or high fiber) or Betty Crocker boxed potatoes 8/$10 or $1.25
you may have some progresso coupons .50/2 =1.50/2 or .75ea
you may have some BC potatoe coupons(this coupon can be used for boxed or pouch, pouch is also on sale this week) .35= .55

International Delight Coffee creamer 2/$3 or $1.50
.55 printable (print twice)= .40
or you may still have some .55 from paper awhile back

Thanks Cherry Picker!...for the following:

Musselmans Healthy Pick or Totally Fruit applesauce 10/$10 or $1
.40 printable (print twice) =.20ea

Quaker Quick or Old Fashioned Oats 4/$6 with $2 off instantly when you buy 4 so 4/$4
$1.00 printable
(print twice) when you use 2 cpns It will be 4/$2 or .50 ea

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I think I've mentioned it...

Actually I know I have mentioned that my little brother is going to get married...they have set a date in April 2011. And I couldn't be more excited...I love to plan and I love weddings!! So I am really looking forward to helping in whatever area they need help in. I know her family will be doing most things, since she is the bride and only little girl=) I hope I can be helpful without stepping over the the sister IN LAW...Oh my I am gonna be the sister in law, never thought about that before.

When I was planning our wedding we did it in 4 months and on a very MINIMAL budget, so we asked family to help out by gifting us stuff for the wedding, like my aunt got us our wedding invitations, and someone else chipped in for our flowers, and my aunts did our photography. It was great for us and it was great for everyone to feel part without being pushy=) You know how families can be in planning weddings.

So please, don't get sick of my talking about it....but my brother is getting married!!! And I'm excited.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Does it really matter?

Does it matter if your insurance company is independent or not? Does it really matter if your insurance company trains it's employees better than the other?? Does it matter if your insurance company is out of your state or not??

To me NO...I am lucky, I have a friend who works with insurance companies all the time, so I just call her and ask if a certain company has problems or not, but really, as long as there is no big problems it is all about the cheapest car insurance.

I recently signed up to be a mystery shopper, and had to shop a few insurance was over $100/month MORE than my current insurance.
And he was shocked when I said I was going to stay with my current carrier...I was shocked he didn't understand.

I was getting the same amount of coverage, with a good named company, but Mr. expensive insurance thought the name of his company meant more than $100 more of my money a month.

As long as you know what your paying for and that you are covered well, stick to the cheapest!
Check the BBB first though=)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Such a bad nights sleep

We are good sleepers around here, Josh and I AND the kids. I am forever thankful for this...we had a hard first year with out little guy.

So when I have a not so good nights sleep, I have a hard time with it, I NEED my sleep=)

Last night it was too hot in here, I think it was too warm in here...if that is possible. Our heat stays at like 68 or lower all the time, for affordability! But I think we need to start turning it lower for bedtime. Ive been kicking blankets off and taking layers off, even socks...this is very strange for me!

I also think with it being warm in here and not having a humidifier on our heater, that this is really the culprit. I have to run out plug in humidifier a lot and then I have to change the humidifier filters all the time, which is a pain.

I guess a night here and there of little sleep is better than every night, so I shouldn't complain.
Especially since today is a lazy day with nothing to do until 7 tonight=)

Hope you had a good nights rest and enjoy your weekend.

Friday, January 08, 2010

It seems like forever in a blink of an eye

Josh likes to go through pictures and pick random ones to use as our screen saver on the desktop computer in the office. Today he chose this adorable one of Ethan like 3 years ago, when he was oh so little and baby looking=)
It seems like Ethan has been in our lives forever
(in both good and bad ways...haha...that 2nd kid is HARD).
When we talk to him about before he was here he has a hard time comprehending an din reality so do I.
It seems like hundreds of years ago we were sending out the baby announcements letting everyone know our little guy was here. But it was merely 5 years ago.

5 years has moved so slowly and so quickly at the same time.
I cannot believe how quickly time has gone and how those few years seem like our whole life in the same instant.

Ethan skated in his first show (this is the first production of any kind he has been part of).
He was so brave out there marching along the ice ever so carefully, with a confidence so new to me.

Looking at that picture and then looking at him perform in the same evening was emotional.

Oh my baby boy, take it slowly...PLEASE.


Are you a college student looking to go on to further your education?

Do you want to be a lawyer? Have you studied for those LSAT's??

Do you want to go on to pursue business further?? Well get your study can get prepared ahead of time, GMAT prep has become easy with online aids. Click on over there to see what I mean!

The internet makes everything so much easier!!

It would have been so much easier with a trusted place to go to prepare me for all those pre-college tests I took years ago. I never did get very far in college, so I never had to worry about big tests like the LSAT or GMAT....but if I had tools like you have now a days I am sure I would have done fine=)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

11 months to go but already planning...

Well we are not actually already planning, but already talking, already dreaming...

This year on November 11th Josh and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary. I am in awe, that 10 years had come so quickly. 2 kids growing up before our eyes and dreams coming true, and most importantly our love it still growing and learning!

Not sure what we are going to do a few thoughts we had were a cruise, maybe one of those all inclusive resorts, a long drive to somewhere not worth flying, camping/hiking trip.

I cannot wait to see what we are financially able to do...I am going to save my pennies (I might need more than that , huh??)

10 have a few months though=)

What was YOUR favorite vacation??

Missing my beauty rest...

Over Christmas break, I was pretty lazy when I could be=) No shame. The kids did good at sleeping in since we didn't have any set bedtime or anywhere to go most morning...and even on Christmas they slept till 8:30. They would wake up and I'd send them to go turn on the TV (we only have like 3 channels, one being WVIZ so I knew they wouldn't see anything bad channel surfing!) Id wake up an hour or so later and get breakfast for us all. I really enjoyed it=) I got to catch up on my beauty rest and both Merci and I worked on getting rid of ourdark circles Now, not only do they have to get up, so do I.

I've got one cranky morning person and one happy morning person! It is fun around here in the morning since I can be either of those=)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Shopped until I dropped today!!

Today the snow was falling much less aggressively! So I headed out to SHOP, like I had planned to do yesterday. I had saved all of my gift cards from Christmas until the kids were back at school (smart, huh!), so I could have a kid free shopping day. It was wonderful! I got some GREAT deals.

First stop was Old Navy- I love that store!! I happened across their famous .97 markdowns!
2 pair of workout shorts (YEAH, I know I don't workout, but maybe I want, 2 skirts. A fur lined hoodie for $12.99 ::SCORE::, a new hat and new gloves...and I got E a few shirts...all his more expensive than mine...thinking about returning them.

Then I had to stop in the TARGET next door, for cat food -What? Of course not to look at the Christmas clearnace...;) Got LOTS of Christmas stuff for 90% off...yep...I only paid 10% of the original price...great deals!!

Next stop was PANERA...what is a shopping trip without Panera lunch break??? Have you tried their new Chicken salad?? YUMMY.

Next was you really want to know??....uh, yeah...TARGET is a different city ::blush:: but only becasue the previous one did not carry the cat food I needed for my cats with very picky tummies...more Christmas stuff for SUPER cheap.

And I did get some office work done before I left and some cleaning before I went to get the kids.
I did well...and now I am all shopped out....except I do need to go to Staples to pick up some office supplies to start off the new year...specifically a planner for Josh!