Thursday, December 01, 2005

She thought she was cool

My daughter is hilarious. She loves to dress up, do her hair and makeup but yet doesn't know what looks good and what doesn't, and I pray that someday she will learn!

Merci likes to do some pretty weird things. Like the other day we were at Walmart. Merci found an eye liner pencil on the floor and put it all over her lips. Oh I forgot to say it was a black eyeliner pencil. I just couldn't yell at her I was way too busy laughing my butt off. When escorted to the mirror by my wonderful husband and asked if she looked pretty she replied "YES". I replied with
"Merci, do you see anyone else walking around with black stuff all over their lips?" she realized she hadn't. Oh my! What a long road ahead of us.

Here is a funny picture of my pimped out, hoe, ballerina following the yellow brick road with her ruby slippers! This is after she was asked to go get her pajama's on the other night!


Kimber said...

Donna - she is tooooooo cute - to be sure - this picture will be one you can show at her rehearsal dinner - or use as blackmail during those teen years :) Hee hee...

She is great Donna :)

Donna said...

Her arms remind me of one of those monkeys from Barrel of Monkeys! LOL.

Bek said...

andy and i got a good laugh out of this one - hilarious!! she has got spunk that girl and flair!

Jaime said...

Oh boy - What I have to look forward to! ;)
(And not to discourage you, but I'm 28 and still don't know what looks good... he he). :)