Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Wedding

On Saturday September 24th my husbands brother Caleb got married (1 down 8 more siblings between the 2 of us to get married). Our little Princess was one of the flower girls! We had a good time and are excited for Caleb and Crystal=) Congrats. Enjoythe pictures.

Josh and I

Our little Princess Merci

Flower girl #2 and the Bride


Jaime said...

Merci might just be the cutest little flower girl I have ever seen in my life! She must've felt like a princess ... cute! Post more pics of her!! :)

Bek said...

great pictures! that is a good one of you and josh - you look so cute in blue and pink! :)

Autumn said...

You guys do look so great in the picture... Donna you look LOVELY in pink! :)

cheryl said...

Awesome pics!!! you and Josh look great! thanks for posting them!

Jason said...

You have lots of potential weddings in your families. Yikes. I mean...yay!

O'Seasnain said...

Great pics! Merci was cute; she wasted no time walking down that Jason is right - LOTS of weddings in days to come.

CalebSchuster said...

Hi, it's Crystal. I love the pictures of Merci! She is soo cute! You guys look great together. So cute. Like me and Caleb=). Thank you for your help on our wedding day. It was fun!!

chocolateysmiles said...

Hey Donna, it's Crystal. I wasn't sure if you got my first message it doesn't look like it. I have a new blog, you and Josh can check it out anytime!

Kimber said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks for leaving me a comment on my page ;)

It is great hearing from you!

I hope that I can catch on to this blogging thing, cause it is nice to hear how everyone is doing!

Maybe it will be the thing that helps me be more of a 'turtle' while I slow down and read how everyone is!