Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!

Hope your year was a wonderful as mine. We had our downs but much to be thankful for. Our business did so much better than we could ever have imagined. We are all together healthy and happy!

Josh got me a Thomas Kinkade print for Christmas and it was a gate opening into a garden. This a year of God opening his gates into many different blessings. (Funny because we heard that the prophecy about open gates is a big prophecy for churches in 2008...see Elijah's list for more about that).


Friday, December 28, 2007

Back to it!

I have been sick since Christmas Eve, and with getting the gifts uncluttered and finding homes for them, and playing with the the kids and showing them how to use all their new stuff, I haven't had much time to blog.

But what a better way to come back that with a Year in review Flaunt it Friday!

The year started off in JANUARY with Josh traveling a lot back and forth to Indiana to work on a huge job. We tagged along once for the weekend, and it was no fun being cooped up inside a small hotel room with 2 kids. Josh turned 29. While he was gone we had many play dates to keep us busy. At Ethan's eye Dr appt we were told his eye is doing better and he will no longer have to patch daily.

FEBRUARY brought us a new Nintendo Wii for a family Valentines Day gift. One Sunday, unknowingly our blog friend Drea dropped into visit our church, she was recognized as the famous blogging Drea and we introduced ourselves. She came back to visit us and we went to
JoAnn to get sling making material and have a nice lunch at Panera and afterwards a time to play at a friends house. Josh was still traveling back and forth to Indian a lot.

My birthday is MARCH 4th and I turned 26. We also went rollerskating with Merci's school. This is the first time any of us roller skated (or roller bladed) since Josh's horrible accident a few years ago.

APRIL brought Spring break for Merci and we decided to go back to Indiana with Josh. We brought my car this time so we could do some sightseeing. We ventured to the Indiana zoo and met the sweetest walrus ever. We also went to the 4 floor Childrens Museum, which was lots of fun! I guess this was a traveling month for us, because we also went to Pennsylvania to watch my cousins while my Aunt and Uncle went to Puerto Rico...3 boys under 7 means they deserved an nice vacation. It was fun to get to take my kids on their first airplane ride!!!

Finally after almost 7 years my daughter learns to ride a 2 wheeler in MAY. Merci also has her first small solo in the Spring concert. We also took the kids to see Shrek 3 in the theater, Ethan's 1st time to see a movie at the theater and he did great!

JUNE brought the end of 1st grade for Merci and Summer break!!!! My youngest brother also graduates from high school. We go camping for the 1st time without anyone else for Father's Day, it was fun. We also take the ferry to a day trip to Put in Bay. Merci attends her first Vacation Bible School. We are told Ethan needs to wear a patch on his eye daily or use dilating drops.

We got engaged 8 years ago on JULY 4th. Merci Rae turned 7 on July 9th. We go on our family vacation to Michigan and borrow a jet ski to take with us....SO MUCH FUN! We go to Geauga Lake and Merci rides the Double Loop, her first roller coaster. WE let Merci have her friend sleepover...the first sleepover for her. (It was horrible, they were up forever)

Ethan Chase turned 3 on AUGUST 10. Merci started 2nd grade. We find out Merci will need another hernia surgery on her belly button (her first was at 9 months old).

We took the kids to Cedar Point for the first time in SEPTEMBER. They were so well behaved, that we stayed later than anyone else we went with (no one else had kids). Merci rode the Magnum and Millennium Force. (2 of the biggest, fastest roller coaters there). We did lots of fun Summer activities as well.

Merci had her hernia surgery in OCTOBER. October 5 we go to the beach, because we had a record breaking 87 degree day in October (VERY unusual for here), Josh starts the biggest job of his career at a well known church in our area, we also went to the circus.

I give in and tell my husband to go buy the XBOX 360 that he really wants...he deserves it. Ethan's eye isn't getting better, so we need to be aggressive in treatment, dilating drops to his good eye, so his bad eye will work harder, DAILY. NOVEMBER also brings our 7th anniversary, and a weekend trip to Hocking Hills.

The last month of the year, DECEMBER, brings lots of shopping=) We need to fix our tub surround and end up ripping out the walls and tiling the tub surround (you haven;t heard much about this because it has been stressful, the tiling is done and we can finally shower in our bathroom and NOT the icky shower stall in the basement. I also get my iphone=)!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We all got spoiled

My kids got so much stuff, I don't even think I could list it all. They were very Thankful for all of it, and had good attitudes all day. I was very proud of them.

I got so much stuff, I kinda felt bad.

My husband spoiled me rotten and surprised me big time...are you ready...I got a Carrie Underwood CD, Rush Hour 3 dvd (I love Jackie Chan), I got a beautifully framed Thomas Kinkade painting, slippers, digital photo frame...and drum roll iphone!!!!!!!!!!
My aunt had on when she was in for Thanksgiving and I had so much fun playing around with it, I whined that I wanted one, but not seriously. He said I could return it for a laptop, but I wanted the iphone, it is so fun, and I can e-mail and blog anywhere I want! How much more could I ask for??

So what did you get?

PS...we never spend this much money on one another, but with Josh starting his own business, we have kinda spoiled each other the past month.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It;s here!

Merry Christmas!!!!

My hubby did a great job, will tell ya the details later!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Fun

Today we went downtown to see

The Toy Soldier, Bruce the talking Spruce Christmas tree and the Fairy Godmother.

It was a fun time with the kids and my cousins.

It was so fun to see the kids getting along and having fun, it made me realize how much they are missing out by not having any cousins.

Gavin (5) and Merci (7)

The Toy Soldier is a family tradition, since Merci was a baby.
We do it for the kids, but mostly my Grandma who loves to go see him.

Merci, Ethan, Nanny, Gavin, My Uncle Marty, Spencer

He dances and takes pictures with the kids and it is just such a fun thing to experience.

I know I posted pics and the whole story last year, but I know I have new readers, and besides It is good to document our memories.

Here is the sideways video:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

4 Real

I am truly finished shopping now=)
Got that darn webkinz, and kinda funny, 10 minutes after we got home the neighbors called to see if they could come over, needless to say the gift got thrown into a gift bag! Can't wrap every gift pretty!

We celebrated Christmas with y husbands family this morning.
It was so nice not to have to rush around to other places etc.
We took our time and enjoyed our time there.

It was so much fun watching the kids open their gifts.
Ethan is very expressive, so it makes things so much fun.

Ethan got lots of Spiderman toys and a transformer, and Merci got Polly's, High School Musical cd, makeup stuff and a new purse.

They loved every gift=)

It made me really excited for Christmas to get here.
Tomorrow we go downtown to enjoy some winter festivities with cousins from out of town.
Picture to come sometime next week.

Oh, one more thing. Let me vent.
I ordered a Fm transmitter (for Josh's ipod) off Ebay....the auction ended the 15th.
They said Priority mail (which is 2-3 days)...yep, NOT here.
I hope the post office is open on Christmas Eve, and that shipment BETTER get here, or I will be really PISSED.
I already realized a gift I got my brother won't be here until after Christmas, but I didn't realize it was shipping from another country, so that was my fault.

Oh yeah...we were driving on the east side a few weeks ago and saw a church that was named
4 Real Church. How ghetto is that???
But it made for a fun title to my post, anyway!

Friday, December 21, 2007


I guess I can say that I am officially done Christmas shopping. I was hoping to be able to say that weeks ago, just didn't happen. I am going to try my hardest not to step foot in another store until after Christmas (unless it is necessary for groceries etc)! I will try my hardest NOT to buy anything for anyone else. Crap, I take that back, I still have to get Merci's friend a Webkinz, the little girl down the street always gets Merci something (usually really nice, so I get her a little something), just forgot, that I haven't done that.

So I guess the reason for this post was to say I was done, and I have now realized I am NOT=(


If you are planning on moving call mover NYC.
Don't stress, just give them a call and they can come and help you out!
We are lucky that we have som any friends and never had any problem moving.
Just buy the guys some pizza and they are here, it is that easy.
We are actually going to Dayton in January to help our friends move into their beautiful new home!!!
It is nice to have friends, and it been nicer that we have trucks to move with.
And I am not sure how I feel about strangers coming into my house and packing all my stuff, that makes me a little nervous. I think I will stick to packing and moving all by myself, if we ever move, that is.


So when I checked my assignments I saw
Audemars Piguet and had no idea what it was, so when I looked it up I found that it is a brand of watches. Really, really expensive watches. More than a car watches. But I guess they are pretty nice looking.
If you are in the market to buy a 30K watch than check out this site, other wise march your butt to your local Walmart. That is what I would do!
Someday I hope to be able to have that kind of money, not sure I would spend it on a watch, but hey, whatever floats your boat!


Just recently I have started wearing jewelry again. I stopped wearing it when I had young kids, because if you are a mom, you know that it will get pulled on chewed on an d eventually broken.
I pretty much just like necklaces. Bracelets, sometimes. And I rarely change my earrings, I prefer little studs...I have tiny ears.

I am liking that costume jewelry is in now, because it is pretty cheap! I like cheap! And I like that if it gets lost or broken I don;t have to get bent out of shape over it.

Oh, and hubby...really I don't mind nice, real jewelry for Christmas...I really don't;)


Does your family have life insurance? We have a very small life insurance that we get for really cheap through our bank. But other than that we won't take out a huge insurance policy. I am sure you have heard my rants about how screwed up I think insurance companies are, so I won't go there. And since my husband has survived not 1 but 3 pretty deadly accidents, I think Gos will be keeping him around a long time.

Get your family insurance before you might regret it or if you don't think you need it that is up to you also.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here again

So here I am, finding time to blog a bit even though I said I wouldn't.

I am still in my PJ's...for some reason if I don;t get up and get going I get more done...does that make sense?? I feel like if I stop to shower, I won't want to clean, I will want to go somewhere.
I do have a few some where's to go, but that can wait until tomorrow.

Today was Merci's first day of Christmas break! It has been going well.
We watched my friend Bek's 2 boys so she could finish her shopping (she watched mine on Monday!) They kids played really well, over an hour they all played play-doh together. I got to do some laundry and make cookies all while watching 2 extra kids!

We started to rearrange Merci's room, but had to take a break since we were being too noisy for E to fall asleep. Here we are down here and E is still not sleeping....RRRRR.

He is at that age of kinda not needing a nap everyday, only some days, and it is so hard to get him to nap that it might not even be worth it, but then again I REALLY need a break from kids, ya know?? Not sure what to do there (did I mention, he will go to sleep perfectly fine for Josh).

Anyway...I guess this is a boring post. But trying to keep myself busy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Here are a few pics of the kids from a photo shoot I did of them in November.

I LOVE the faces!
Merci-a look of satisfaction
Ethan-a look of being annoyed by his big sis!

I sent this with our Christmas cards!


Just a little update: I am still here! It feels like I haven't had a chance to sit at the computer for more than 5 minutes lately. I check my bloglines to see if my favorites have posted, I check my e-mail and I check the weather, then I am running around cleaning the disaterous home mine has turned into or finishing the odds and ends of Christmas shopping, and shopping for my MIL who injured here foot....AHHH. I think I may have a quiet few days. I still have to get my dad something and a few more groceries for the holiday meals, but other than that not much.

Not sure if I will be around until after Christmas, so if not Merry Christmas=)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My tree and another visitor!

Finally here are some pics of my Snowflake tree!

Some of my favorite snowflakes up close!
(I love, love, love the fuzzy ones!)

Some more up close snowflakes
(I made the glass one with the snow in the bottom and hanging snowflake this year!)

And, not only 2 extra guys living in our home, but my niece Callie is staying with us this weekend also. Isn't she adorable??

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Christmas MEME

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper, has to be pretty!

2. Real tree or artificial? Real, you can't beat the smell, but I do think we will invest in an artificial this year(when they are on sale!) , for many reasons

3. When do you put up the tree? Mid December

4. When do you take the tree down? After new years

5. Do you like egg nog? Not sure

6. Favorite gift received as a child? A doll house

7. Do you have a nativity scene? No, but I really need to get one, we have a stocking holder nativity thing, and the hook fell off so I use it as a decoration.

8. Hardest person to buy for? My dad

9. Easiest person to buy for? The kids

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Don't think I ever had one that bad

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? Muppets Christmas Carol

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? I started in OCT this year, YEAH ME! Usually not so early

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yep

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Ham

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? White!

17. Favorite Christmas song? Little drummer boy, or I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (just because Merci loves it and knows every word, and I love to hear her sing it!)

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay home.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeers? I think so.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Star

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? both, we have a party for my dads side of the family that night, we open ours as a family on Christmas morning...EARLY!

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? The people who steal and cheat t get money, I wish everyone had money so they wouldn't have to turn to this.

23. Favorite ornament, theme or color? Snow flakes!

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? Ham and cheesy taotes=)

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? Nativity scene, bathroom towels, and something hubby thinks of and picks out all by himself.

26. Who is most likely to respond to this? Wendy

27. Who is least likely to respond to this? Angela


I am officially done with this semester (it was a hard one!)

I will be around a lot more, I am sure.
I have posts that I have been wanting to do, that are just swimming around in my head, waiting to be published=)

You still haven't seen my beautiful, snowflake Christmas tree!
(The tree is still kinda funky, but I made it look the best I could).

So I will be back soon for a real post.


Green is my favorite color, but when you here going "green" it doesn't mean anything about color, except that they are trying to keep our earth alive.

I love all the new environmental products there are to choose from to help us live a more efficient life in all aspects of living.

live greener products offers many environmentally friendly products, they also have a great blog ( where the public and employees can share stories and picture of their eco friendly living.

The have a toll free number to help you with product advice, they have been around for about 10 years and their motto is caring for tomorrows world.

I love it.

I do like to do a few simple things, like recycle to help our planet.
I think we all need o take part in preserving the earth we live on, or else it won't be here for our kids and grandchildren.

Do your part! It is easy, simply check out this site to learn a little more about preserving what we have now.
They also have some great ECO friendly holiday gift ideas.

They have many categories of products, take a look!

Fun Boots

I love that big fuzzy boots are in style!
I love my boots that I just got, they are so fun, comfy and warm.
I got a cheap brand but these sheepskin boots would be much better at keeping my feet warm!
If you don't have any fuzzy boots you should get some, they are so comfortable.
Once I put mine on I really don't want to take them off because then my feet would be cold!
Besides, they look so cute.
Short jean skirt, fun print knee high socks, fuzzy boots, down vest=totally cute!!


Do you find it as annoying as I do when your cell reception isn't what it should be?
Our old apartment was the worst for our cell phone, you had to like stand in the corner of the kitchen on your tiptoes or it wouldn't work. (exaggeration, but you know what I mean.)
With today's technology there are some ways to get around this, but really for all the money we pay, we shouldn't have to deal with bad reception in the first place.
Oh well, guess there isn't much that I can do about it. Good thing I rarely use my cell phone, and don't rely on it as much as some people do.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


The innocence and simplicity of the child's mind cracks me up!

Today I had a few errands to run with Merci after school (E stayed with daddy).

We had to take some gifts to the local Marine base to donate to Toys for Tots, when we walked in the office, she asked if the soldiers live there, she said there were beds and lockers. ( I was nervous because there a bunch of guys standing I didn't look up, just put the bags down and left.) And as we were walking to the car she saw all the hummers and camo vehicles and said,

"Oh, I guess this must be the place where they fight the wars."

After dropping off the toys we headed to the bank, which is in a strip of stores.
She saw the sign for Hollywood Videos and exclaimed

"Oh, Mommy, can we go to Hollywood...PLEASE"

I explained to her that it was Hollywood video, where you rent videos.

What a goof=)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Going better

Nothing bad to talk about=)

**The bathroom is being worked on (yeah for rain, so hubby can be home)

**I only have 3 more math problems to finish my final=)

**My Christmas tree is decorated and looks much better

**Might get a change to do a bit of Christmas shopping tonight (only 4 more gifts to get!!)

**satisfied my craving for pizza today!

**Entering for a $200 gift certificate to True Jeans
thanks to 5 minutes for Moms giveaway

And this little fun from Autumn

my hair is: up in a messy bun, showered last night at my parents, need to go back later for another.
my nails are: not pretty, most broken some long, need some TLC
my clothes are: black athletic pants with white tank and turquoise long sleeve hooded thermal...jeans will be put on before I leave the house.
my spirit is: hanging in there.
my big To Do is: Finish algebra final
my fitness level is: there is a new ab lounger sitting here in my dining room, waiting for some attention
my worst habit is: avoiding what I know I need to too Aut!
my house looks: a little less chaotic than yesterday
my marriage is: wonderful, no complaints!
my car is: Black 1999 Jeep Cherokee
my children are: cute!
my local weather is: rainy and overcast
my dream destination is: Too beautiful to be real beach.

What about you? (copy and paste to your own blog, then leave me a comment!)

Monday, December 10, 2007

More bad news

I was hoping to have a positive post today, but I can't.

1.) Found out our health coverage is ending Dec 31, we were still getting the kids coverage through the state.

2.) I had to take my old cat to be put to sleep=(

3.) And our bathroom is torn all apart from a supposed to be quick fix.

Pictures to come tomorrow!

I am proclaiming tomorrow to be a GREAT day!

Sunday, December 09, 2007


My home has become complete CHAOS.
Since my BIL moved in I had to de-clutter the basement, which was nice and needed to be done, so we have been moving stuff out of the basement into the attic and from the attic to goodwill etc. Somehow there is still stuff everywhere!

Today we had to clean more out of the basement to make room for 2 twin size beds in my back room in the basement (the back room is nicer than the main room in the basement...not sure why, we only rent...don't ask me!) So now the basement is pretty organized and now my dinning/living room is NOT.

And on top of that my Christmas tree is NOT pretty.

What a weekend.
I need the chaos to go BYE BYE.

I did manage to get half of my algebra final done though.
1 good thing=)

Night Night!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

So busy

I have been so busy doing this and that.
My head is spinning and I can barely stand still to think, let alone check blogs and update mine. Just wanted to let you know I probably won't be around much for a week or so. I just need to get my home in order and finish my 2 classes, just my finals left (that means an 8 page math test...YUCK).

I told you all that my BIL moved in last week, well since we are just such nice people with a huge (yeah right...being totally sarcastic here) house we will be welcoming 1 more person into our home for awhile, starting Monday, so I basically am forced to de-clutter the basement, and rest of my home for that matter.

Not to mention get ready for Christmas.
(God knew what he was doing when he encouraged me to get my shopping done early! Still have a tiny bit more, but my wonderful friend Bek is switching babysitting days with me so we can shop without our fun!)
Anyway...hopefully we can get our tree up before Christmas=)
Ans when we do I will show you some pictures of my snowflake tree!!

Ta Ta for now=)

This is what I want!

With an achy body I love to get massages. It can be from my hubby, my kids (yep I taught then how to rub my back!!) or just a few minutes in those chairs they have for demo at stores I just love to get my back...or anything massaged! Who doesn't?

Human Touch has introduced a new model to their line of Massage Chairs.
The new model is the HT 7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair.
This chair has so many different features, it offers 4 techniques that are used by massage professionals on a regular basis such as Percussion, Rolling, Compression, and Kneading.
Another important feature is that it adjust to each individuals body, thus targeting the correct areas for each person.

Along with this top of the line massage chair human touch offers many other products for any need.
A full line of amazing Massage Chairs and products is available now at!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


by everything I NEED to do. Gotta get out of here. My son is in a horrible stage right now and I don't know how much longer I can deal with it. He goes from sweet to evil in 3 seconds flat. I was reduced to tears today. It is so hard to control my own anger in times like those. I just am at boiling point. I don't know what I can do.

Good thing my Christmas shopping is almost done or no one would be getting gifts.
I am stuck to the house because of him.

Pray for me.


Back so soon, to say I was wrong. I was caught up in stuff that doesn't matter.
Worrying and anxious that I need to do this and that and the next thing..NOW.
I made gingerbread men yesterday. I decorated this morning and place in boxes (that they didn't fit right in...rrr). I put them on the kitchen table, since the counters are stuff full of dirty dishes and stuff I need to do. Ethan was eating lunch (after a 30 minute battle), he got mad and threw the boxes on the floor breaking half the gingerbread men and smudging the not dried frosting making them look not so beautiful=(
Does it matter if I don;t give each of my friends a box of homemade goodies tomorrow night? Nope...all it matters is that I enjoy the time with them. I am stressing over making chocolate covered oreos or pretzels or just molded candies.
What the heck?? Who cares.

Who cares that my house is a mess because I brought all the Christmas decorations down from the attic and they are now all dug through and all over the place.
I have half the mind to put them away and NOT decorate (gasp) I must be turning into a grinch like my husband.

Nope...I just want PEACE.
I want to embrace the season for what is supposed to be about and the reasons it has become about.

I came across an nice daily devotional blog
The message was exactly what I need to hear after the beginning of this post.
Yeah Ethan is stressing me out, but I mostly mad that I don't have time to do all the other stuff.

Lord help me to receive the Peace you have given to me
(John 14:27)

Off to have a better afternoon!


Insurance is a touchy subject for me.

Really, I despise it.
Yes it helps us when we are in certain situations, but really it hurts us otherwise.

Josh and I were young when we got married and it was hard enough providing food and a place to live. And on top of that we had to pay car you better believe we took time to compare car insurance quotes.

Just a few months ago i had an incident where a rock was thrown and hit my car, the kid ran away, but I was left with a HUGE dent that needed to get fixed if I didn't want a huge rust hole.
Did my car insurance cover that?
Because it wasn't much more than my deductible.
But why on earth do I need a deductible when I pay outrageous amounts a month and never claim anything. (Can you tell I am getting ticked??)

Good thing we don't own a home and have to worry about
home insurance...yet.

::The Winner::

Thanks to Ethan the winner is:

Flip Flop Mom

So if you can e-mail me your address I will get your gift out to you!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Little Gift for You...HURRY UP

I will be picking a winner on Thursday Morning!!!

I am a gift giver. I love buying gifts for people. I wish I could send, you, my blog friends all a little something for a Christmas gift, but since I can't I decided to prepare a little gift with some goodies and give you a chance to receive a gift from me!

So If you are a regular reader, blog friend, go on and leave a comment!

The contents are a surprise, but I think they are all good gifts, so hopefully you will too.
It is worth about $15 in all.
A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Please respond by Dec 5th.

***Also if you have kids or kids to buy for on your Christmas list go on over to 5 Minutes for Mom to win a great gift pack from
Parents® Magazine brand
It is a GREAT prize to win!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Adding 1

Unexpectedly, we have Josh's brother living with us. We were heading that direction, but he moved in last night due to some unforeseen circumstances.

He's got issues, and it will be hard long road to get him back on track.

So please keep us in your prayers and thoughts.
We will need it.

I also wanted to take minute to congratulate myself for making it through NOBLOPOMO!!
Yeah ME!
It was fun.
I will try to keep up, but there will be days I don't post!

Like it

I really like that my daughter has a school uniform at her school. I never thought I would. It is so easy in the morning, she has 5 shirts and 2 pairs of pants, 4 skirts and lots of socks. She picks what she wants and, it matches, it is appropriate and we are all happy.

I have been having a some problems now that it is winter, she only has short sleeve shirts, so I have to find stuff to go under them. I have one long sleeve white shirt and a turtle neck, but she is pretty firm in not wanting to wear the turtleneck (which I can;t really blame her, I hate them too).

So needless to say when I was asked to pick a cool free shirt and do a review on it from Clothing for All, I was so happy to find a mock turtleneck. A white one, in her size! It will keep her warm at school and won't irritate her neck=) A win, win situation.

If you are looking for a specific kind of shirt, check out Clothing for All, they carry many style in every size. Their turn around time was fantastic!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do you have any of these on your list?

Do you happen to have sunglasses, flashlights, telescopes, or binoculars on your Christmas list? Do you have to buy any of these for a friend or relative?

If you do Optics Planet is the place for you to start looking. They happen to be the leading seller of optics products on the internet. With a huge selection of the above mentioned items plus a whole lot more, and 100% satisfaction guarantee and FREE SHIPPING on order $29.95 or more, you can't go wrong!

They carry top name brands such as Ray-Ban, Nikon, Canon, Pelican, Bushnell and the list goes on.

They carry stuff for anyone who loves astronomy, birdwatching, hunters, outdoors men, or your beloved golfer.

They have a blog you can check out.

They have a Gift Guide
a list of reason why you should buy from Optics Planet.

If you have someone you have no idea what to buy for, you may want to check this place out and browse the wide range of items they have to offer.

Have a great time doing your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home!

OK, I will play

I was tagged first by Victoria and then by Melissa

Instructions: When tagged, you have to link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules just before your list, then list eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

1. My right thumb was ice skated over and I had to have the tendon stitched back together and plastic surgery...but you can still see the scar.
2. I used to love Michael Jordan, I had a life size cut out of him in my room...LOL
3. I dream of being a midwife
4. or and an adoption agent
5. I love snowflake Christmas decorations
6. I love to use coupons
7. My middle name is Rochelle
8. I remember my dad telling me he was going to put his turtle in my bed when I was young, I was scared and remember it until this day.

1.I like the Blue M&M guy
2. I love the movie Fast and the Furious, I always tell my hubby I want to goto CA and join the street racing scene..LOL I want a bright pink car that screams I am a girl and YES I have a sweet car.
3. We recently watch Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift and now I want to learn to drift, it is so sweet!
4. I like Metallica, and I like country music (total opposite I know)
5. I was the first to get married out of my close friends, I was 19
6. I don't like feet, I am very particular about whose feet I like.
7. I still wrestle with my 3 brothers, I can almost kick their butts
8. I want a kitten...SOON.

I am supposed to tag 8 people but I won't, this meme has been going around a lot, if you want to play go ahead and do so, i do like to read other peoples!