Thursday, June 29, 2006

One truck, Two Truck, White Truck, Red Truck

Some of you have been wondering about our vehicle situation.

About 3 weeks ago Josh's work truck broke down. It is so old and needs so much work, we really felt like we shouldn't fix it, but to begin a search for a new one. But wait, we can't really afford a new truck....but wait, God does this mean it is time for us to jump into the business and trust fully in you??
After a 6 hour day in the car, searching every dealership from here to Massilon we found 1(the white one). We weren't really interested, it seemed to over priced and when running it was idling really funny. We passed and had no luck the rest of the day. We did find a dealership who had just sold the exact truck with all the features we wanted, the night before for under the limit we set for ourselves. UGH!
Josh wants a Ford F250 XLT v8 5.4 L crew cab, long bed and 4x4, this is a VERY hard to find truck. Since we were at a loss and couldn't find a truck like this anywhere we went back to the White one. We couldn't get financed (our credit is getting better, but not good enough). My mom decided to co sign for us (Thanks a bunch). Last Saturday my mom picked us up and we headed to sign all the papers, my mom left with the he kids, Josh and I took the truck out for a last test drive (they said they fixed the idle problem) and all the idling problems were still there. We felt a big NO, we couldn't buy a truck like this there was obviously something wrong, and with NO warranty, we weren't taking chances ( you all know what happened with the Jeep...blown engine after 3 months..we are VERY cautious now). We call my mom to come pick us back up. The salesman says he will send it to Ford to get it checked out. Just yesterday he calls to tell us it was fixed, it was a coil cover...something like that..the spark plug for one of the cylinders wasn't working...even though they just replaced it. Nice huh??
Soooo in he meantime this guy Ray calls us, Josh had test driven this truck, before his truck dies..just because he wanted to=) The truck is still available(this is the red one). Hmmmm, so we go test drive it again. It is newer, nicer and lots more options than the white one, but more miles. We really like it, we really like the sales guy, is this too good to be true?? Oh yeah and it is the same price!!
My mom's credit will be checked again through this dealership (same bank) so hopefully we will have a truck SOON.

The object of this post...
We want to stay in God's will, if He wants us to get the white truck we will, but we would rather have the red one=) But we want the best one, the one that will last. The one GOD has for us.
Please PRAY for us. Thanks.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Stress and mad at me

The last few weeks have been full and stressful. With camping, planning the parents 25th anniversary party, and a handful of family issues. I have been going crazy. All the "planning" stuff is over. We leave for vacation on July 8 and I am so ready, except for my teenage brothers who are coming..who we will be babysitting more than our kids. None the less, it will be vacation.

If you guys could all pray: Josh's brother Isaac had moved to Florida awhile back, he is only 18 and had no plans and now he is in jail in Florida...far away from home and anyone he knows. We talked to him a few weeks ago and he had nothing, his wallet got stolen, he was living on the beach, eating whatever food he could find. It was sad to hear but, he really needs to learn some lessons. He was taken to jail on possession of cocaine. We aren't sure how to help. He is someone who just takes, takes, takes and isn't thankful, and doesn't even realize you've helped. He left Ohio because of some issues here, so he may be in big trouble for running. His bond is only $100, but sad to say no one is willing to help him out. Are we all wrong?? Has anyone been in a situation like this? I want to write to him and let him know he is loved, prayed for and not forgotten.

Funny Story:

Today the kids wanted to go outside, so I went out and started pulling the crack know the weeds that grow b/w the cement slab on the driveway. (We have LOTS and they were like 6 inches high). I was pulling them all out and Merci realized there were lots of ants. She decided that the ants lived in these weeds...they really live in the dirt under the weeds and I just disturbed them. So she precedes to make a big deal out of it saying, " Mom you are taking away the ant's homes, you're killing them...Mom these ants are so mad at you." It made me giggle to think that these little, tiny, pesky creatures could be so mad at me!

Oh by the way spell check works again..for today!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Camping Fun

Camping was a lot of fun. We had wonderful weather. NO RAIN=) It was pretty hot on saturday, so we headed for the beach. What a fun time. The kids were so good and played for hours. The mommies and aunties got to relax in the water a get some sun!

Andy lead the efforts to build a huge sand castle

The sand castle is done, all the kids get inside

Daddy time!

Practicing for Baywatch...totally Joking!

Sparkelers in your under roo's is so much more fun.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Been meaning to post

This year I decided to actually do some yard work! Our yard is so overgrown and hasn't been taken care of in like 5 years. I have no excuse his summer, no tiny babies, no pregnant belly, husband is not (and will not be) in the hospital. So along with all the yucky work I decided to plant some veggies. I planted, from seed, green beans, lettuce and cucumbers...they are not growing. I had one tall green bean sprout and Ethan picked it. I have one cucumber sprout, or it might be a weed. I planted a ton of seeds, but nothing=( It might be because the seed have been in the garage for a few years?? Not sure though. I also planted 4 pepper plants and musk melon, I bought theses plants from the store.

They seem to be growing taller. The banana pepper plat is huge, I think I have spotted some peppers growing, not sure though take a look.....

Here is a picture of my feet and Merci's feet, I think she got my feet. They are identical=)

Tommorow afternoon we are off to go camping!
Have a nice weekend.

Oh crap...for a long time the spell check button would not work, and than it did for awhile and now it doesn't... now you will have to deal with my misspelled wrds. bey=)!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

She's done

As I sit here and type, Merci is experiencing her very last day in Kindergarten. I cannot believe it. My baby girl is finished with Kindergarten. I am very sad that they don't do any form of graduation for them=( Most every other school I know has Kindergarten graduation. Our friends are even throwing their Kindergartener a graduation party. We will be going to Malley's (the one with the carousel) to celebrate.
I have had some very bad days with Merci lately. 5 is not an easy age. Merci's is so persistent, very selfish (what kid isn't), and thinks she is the boss. I feel so sad when I think back on how I have reacted and what kind of example I have been. It is really hard to be a mom. There are things that you know, but sometimes they just hit you in a different way, well the other night I realized that I am her mom forever. I have to be there for her forever. There is no giving up, I have such a huge responsibility and it is time for me to step up to the plate.

Mommy is so proud of you. You got through your whole first year of school, it wasn't an easy one either. You have struggled with behavior, with learning to blend you sounds and even with dealing with the other kids. I am proud of everything you have accomplished. You have surprised me so many times. One day you were insisting that the word what was "woody" (the guy from Toy Story...for all you dirty minded people), and the next you were reading. You can write sentences and read hundreds of words, you can FINALLY tie your shoe, you've learned to swim, and have lost 5 teeth, and even grown 3 adult teeth. You are my little girl and I cannot express my love for you enough. Stick with me, I WILL learn how to be a better mommy, in every way. Always love Jesus and remember you can talk to Him anytime and any place!! I love you my Merci Rae!

Love, Mom

Thursday, June 01, 2006

So sweet

Well the tofu didn't make it into the smoothies I was going to put it in. I am too scared. Ethan didn't like the new "cheese" and Merci didn't even try it. Merci's friend loved it and took a few bites. I think it will make it to the trash can. I gag on different textured food, so I think I won't even try. Oh Well, I had good intentions=)

Yesterday as we were driving to school (only 3 days left...yay) the song I love you more than you can imagine by Chris Tomlin was on. Merci said "Mommy that reminds me I love you all the way from God's first miracle until I die." Oh my gosh. I was going to cry. How original! I love you just the same my little baby girl!!