Monday, June 30, 2008

::Everyone Loves Em::

Strawberries that is.
I don't think I have ever met anyone who doesn't like them.
So sweet and juicy, MMM.

I wish I could grow them, actually some wild ones grow in our yard, yet those little creatures get to them before we do.

Thanks to that beautiful state of California we have yummy strawberries to eat all over the world.
(They grow over 88% of the worlds strawberries).

Strawberry recipes are great for summertime entertaining, a summery snack or to dress up almost ANY dessert.


Did you know there are over 200 seed on the outside of a strawberry??
I always wondered=)
Check out for some more fun strawberry facts and game for your kids.

That reminds me I left some cut strawberries with a bit of sugar in the fridge, sounds pretty good right about now!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Great Books

I like to read, but don't do so very often.
I don't like romance novels, I am actually not sure what I like.
I usually look at the new release shelves at the library and if one catches my attention I grab it. I start reading and if I don't get into it I take it back.

I have just read my 4th book by Sheryl Anderson and I can't wait for another.
So far there are 4 int he series: Killer Heels, Killer Cocktail, Killer Deal, and Killer Riff.

These books are mystery, but modern, fast paced, fun, and CLEAN (I like this part), there is a tiny bit of romance, but like I said clean and not overpowering.

I really have fallen in love with Molly Forrester (the main character, a journalist).

So if you like to read check out her books. Killer Heels is the first.

Party tomorrow ::excited:: 60 % chance of rain=(
Here is hoping!

The Last Day

The last day of 3 hours of no kids. VBS ends today and I am sad. I have enjoyed my mornings doing uninterrupted stuff! Even if most of it was cleaning. I love my kids but us moms need a few hours to ourselves. I have been so much less antsy with them and a bit more tolerant when 6 rolls around. I still have my moments though.

Short post, gotta not waste my time.

Merci's Luau party is tomorrow, I am excited and prepared...yep prepared!!!
I would have been ready today=)

Next week, pack for a cabin so we have to bring so much stuff...ugg.

Maybe I will find another VBS...LOL.

Summer, Summer, Summertime....

Do you remember that song???
HAHA the good old days.

Anyway, Summer is in full swing and I cannot believe the 4th of July is in one week.
I love the 4th, it is my favorite, and the day my husband proposed 9 years ago.

With all the kids home and many outings planned to help us mommy's out
safety tips are a must.

Here are a few from Chlorox and:

Five Simple Summer Safety Tips from the MommyDocs

Have a Sun Protection Strategy: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends sunscreen with a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15. Look for products that provide "broad spectrum" coverage to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Use this sunscreen routine with your child--daily application 30 minutes before going outside and reapplication every 2 hours (or sooner if swimming, toweling off, or sweating). Creating a routine will establish good habits for the future. In addition, don't forget a wide brim hat, sunglasses with 99-100% UVA/UVB protection, and sun protective clothing.

Keep Pests off Your Little One: In the summer, many insects can bite or sting your child. For pesky mosquitoes and ticks, consider a DEET containing insect repellant. Apply sparingly to exposed skin (avoid backs of hands and around the eyes and mouth) and/or to clothing once a day. As the percentage of DEET goes up, the duration of action increases. To prevent unnecessary exposure, always use the lowest percentage that will last for the planned length of time spent outdoors. Never go above 30% or use on children under 2 months old.

Keep the Pool Cool and Clean: Small yard pools provide a great way for kids to have fun and cool down when the temperature rises, but they can also harbor germs, such as bacteria. To keep the pool free from unwanted "swimmers," after each use disinfect it with bleach by cleaning with a solution of ¾ cup regular bleach to one gallon of water, then rinse well and dry thoroughly. Safety must: Always supervise children regardless of age when they are around any water; whether it's a bucket, a small backyard plastic pool, or the local community pool.

High Heat Means Hydrate: Excessive heat exposure may cause your child to experience a heat-related illness such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke. How to prevent this: take breaks in the shade, avoid playing outside during peak sun exposure hours, and drink, drink, drink! Make sure your child is taking in plenty of fluids before he become thirsty.

Rid Rashes and Relieve Itchies: Running through the yard in bare feet, taking a nature walk on a trail, and picnicing in the park are some of the joys of warmer weather. But all of this outdoor activity can expose your child to a host of plants including those which cause poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac. If an allergic reaction occurs, ask the pediatrician about an oral antihistamine and/or a topical skin care product such as a steroid cream or calamine. If the rash is extensive, looks infected, or is not getting better, call your doctor right away

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


If you are a mom you will understand my refreshment. I am home ALONE.
No kids, no husband, no noise=pure delight.

Mon & Tues while the kids were at VBS I shopped the whole time.
Today I decided to come home do a bit of cleaning, do a bit of computer time, and a bit of relaxing, so with a large Lite White Berry from Caribou (YUM) in hand off I go!

Dear Mom

Dear, Mom

I know how it might be hard to have a craby kide in your life. I nwo how it feels. I try my hardest but when it coms to soap or hotsas it maks me stop trying my hardest.

Sinserly, Merci
(spelling errors, hers)

Dear Merci,

I hope one day you get a taste of your own medicine. I hope your daughter displays some of (not all) of your bad behaviors, because lets face it, I want you to know WHY I made you eat hot sauce and why I just couldn't handle you anymore so I sent you to your room for hours ( I did let you down for dinner). You just don't listen and you NEVER shut your mouth.
It is so annoying, dad and I like quiet, we like peacefulness and you do NOT understand this. Now don't get me wrong, we do accommodate you. I love you and I am sure you will live, since one drop of hot sauce won't kill you, really you would have thought it was by the way you acted, but I promise I will greet you with a hug and smile when you wake up in the morning. And we start this all over again.

Love, Mommy

PS The hot sauce wasn't because she wouldn't shut up, it was because she threatened her brother.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clean, Clean, Clean

M's party is Saturday and I feel like I have been cleaning FOREVER. The house was a mess and so out of order as well as the yard so I had to catch up and now I am just doing regular maintenance to keep things in order for guest on Saturday.

The one thing I was dreading cleaning was the bathroom.
Our tub is an old porcelain tub that has lost it's top coat of clear protectant.
It is so hard to get clean.

I received my trial Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber in the mail just in time!!
I am a huge fan of scrubbing bubble to clean my tub, but even more excited that it would be even easier.

Statistics say that 19% of women have confessed to peaking behind others shower curtains while visiting.
And that my friends is EXACTLY why I clean my shower/tub thoroughly before we have company.

It is an excuse really, because otherwise I put off cleaning the shower/tub as long as I can!
The surround is brand new tile we just put in before Christmas, so it looks nice, but the soap scum builds up quick and the shiny new tiles look so dingy.

So anyway, on to the Action Scrubber.
It was so easy to take with me into the shower
(yep, I just get in clean the shower and then clean myself up!)
I didn't have to worry about getting the spray in my eyes or anything, just picked up the scrubber attached a cleaning cloth and went to work.
And it worked great!

I did have to use like 3 cloths, maybe because I have put it off so long, and probably because of the tub situation, dirt soaks in so much more.
Other than that, it was perfect!

I would recommend trying it out.

I love when companies make life, and cleaning so much easier on us!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

This week

I am so excited, and probably have mentioned to most of you already, but the kids are in VBS.
Even Ethan. That means about 3 hours to myself!! During the day...what am I going to do??
I am sure to find something to occupy myself!

Today I didn't do anything too fun, I actually stayed with E for 45 minutes, went to Panera for some breakfast and computer time. (I felt so worldly, at Panera, cafe Mocha in had, sitting there at the table all by my lonesome with my laptop!)
And then I went grocery shopping, to the bank and a quick return at Target.
It was an enjoyable time, alone.

Tomorrow I think I will go to breakfast alone again and to the mall as soon as it opens!

Off to tend to REALLY whiny son, he cried for a hour and a half before nap, finally fell asleep, and is now up 30 minutes later crying his head off again.
Too bad those 3 hours weren't enough today.

I am refreshed and have barely yelled, it is all HIM.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A week in pictures!



I asked the kids to turn off the TV and find something else to do. They listened and found out that the magnets stick to the rim around my counter tops (yes, I know they are ugly, as the rest of the kitchen, we rent, what am I supposed to do!)
They had much fun, so who am I to complain.


Later that day they were playing with Moon Sand (they love it, I hate it, HUGE mess, Oh well).
I was cleaning the basement and they were being good, when I came up they both had pants on their heads for chef hats, LOL.
I had to laugh. Such a creative idea.


I desperately needed a night out so I asked my mom if she would watch my kiddos.
It is easier to get her to sit on a whim than with plans.
She is getting old and loosing her memory ( HAHA, knew you would read this).

I was thinking of going to Quaker Steak and Lube, but after seeing we both picked dressier outfits we decided to go somewhere not so casual.
We decided to try a place we never have before.
Wild Mango
Boy was it nice.
Check out our food!


Mine=Chicken Trio
3 types of chicken, all so yummy!!

Josh's=Surf & Turf

This was my dessert, the basket is some kind of sugar and edible.
It was so pretty.

Josh's Tiramasu

All the food was wonderful, and we will definitely be adding this to our fav's even though pricey.
Forgive the poor pictures due to poor lighting (romantic though), and me trying to be discrete about taking pictures of our food...LOL


Next Saturday is Merci's b-day party (her real b-day is July 9, but we will be on vacation!!).
I found piniatas at a local discount store for $1.99, how awesome is that!!
The Barbie one they had for girls was not going to go well with our Luau theme so I redecorated.
I think it is awesome (and it was cheap!!)
What do think??




I even did the other side to match!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sharing the Love

I received this award from Melissa at Life With Two.

Thanks so much Melissa!
Melissa was my first Pay it Forward winner, go here to check out 1 of the 2 things I made for her!
Her other is on it's way.

This award was created by Memoirs Of A Mommy to honor the donor who saved her
son Noah's life with a heart transplant.
Her hopes are that in passing this award, we are creating more awareness of the importance of organ donation.
So, now it is my turn to pass on the award and Share The Love and spread the word about Organ Donation.

I will pass it on to Wendy, Lisa, Victoria, Jenna, An Iowa Mom

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slippery when pledged!

Today I was detail cleaning this bureau of drawers that I have in my dining room (old hand me down from my great grandmother).
I sprayed some pledge all over it to shine it up and it must have got on the kitchen floor so E has slipped on it twice and I have almost fell a few times myself, kinda funny!

E is sleeping quite long, I am very impressed and Merci hasn't left her room
(usually she leave to tell me stupid stuff at lest 100 times)
I think I will give them each 1 marble in the jar!

My laptop won't connect to the wireless network, I have no idea why.

My husband was reading my blog the other day, when there were a lot of paid posts in a row, he was making fun of me. He thought my posts were cheesy=(
I made $40 on those posts, so cheesy or not, Target here I come=)

Got a call from a friend/pastor we know.
We sent them an encouragement letter and a monetary gift.
God used it in a big way for them.
They will keep and cherish the letter forever.
Thanks Lord for using us in YOUR plan.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Need to hear this

I decided to change my attitude today.
I really feel like most of the issues around here are ME.
I always have a horrible attitude, I need to lighten up, I need to be a mother and a wife and do all my "jobs" as praise to Him. I serve God in all of these things.

There is a book I want to read, but I am scared.
I guess I am know I need to change, but am scared to, scared it will be hard.
But really, it will make things much better, I can feel it.
Passionate Woman Desperate for God

And then this was the devotional I got in my inbox today.


1 JOHN 5:4 NKJ
4 For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is
the victory that has overcome the world--our faith.
5 Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that
Jesus is the Son of God?

All of us have a choice: we can either make excuses, or make
progress in life.

Most people have an excuse. They are too young or old, short or
tall, educated or uneducated -- whatever. We all have some
reason to justify our failure.

But when we focus on God and His ability and willingness to
help us in every way -- all our excuses beome insignificant.

God's intention is not for His children to be defeated by the
problems of life. No! The problems of life are opportunities
for us to experience God's help and provision.

God plans for His children to overcome.


By faith!

And faith is available to anyone who will feed on the Bible.
Faith comes from God's Word like physical energy comes from
eating physical food.

So, if your faith is weak, take in more of God's Word.

Then your faith will grow strong. Then you can overcome the
problems you face. Then God will be glorified in you.

SAY THIS: With the help of God, I will overcome!


Most of us don't look forward to Monday's.
Our husbands go back to work, we have to go back to the mundane daily life we live.

Mine started off extra good (insert lots of sarcasm here).
E was up at 6:30, what the heck???
I didn't get up til 7:30ish, I made him go back to his room, which he didn't do, he proceeded to wake up his sister and the fighting began.

We go ready and left to take Merci to summer school.
My Jeep has been having some issues.
But it died at the stop sign 4 houses down for the second time in one week.
Last time it started back up after a few tries, this time no such luck.
(I am thankful it wasn't anywhere else and Josh was still home)
We tried jumping it and it won't stay running, so the guys pushed my car backwards up the driveway!

Fun, FUN.

We took my brothers ghetto car to the store and tot he library, Merci skipped school today!

I am confident the day will get better, I am going to concentrate on doing my work unto the Lord!
( I better not have a bad attitude in praising Him!!)

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Recently I was looking for my usb flash drive and I just couldn't find it.
We put our pictures on it that we want to get printed out at the store.
I have realized that some kiosks don't have a usb drive to hook these up on.
I have found this highly irritating, I can never remember which stores have them and which don't.

We have found our USB flash drive highly useful for many things though and not sure we could live without one!
(perfect fathers Day gift idea!!)

No acne here

I am 27 and I still get pimples quite regularly (like this morning). I was under the assumption when I was younger that when I was older I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore.
I guess I was wrong.
I guess I should be happy I never had to deal with full blown acne or anything.
No acne solutions needed for me!
I am hoping my kids won't have to deal with it either.
Time will tell.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I almost forgot I have a father to buy a gift for.
I was so worried about getting Josh something that I kinda forgot about my dad...oops.
It seems like we all get him the same stuff all of the time.
Gift card out to eat, shirts, Indians stuff and golf stuff.
(Maybe I should check out Cobra golf, they might have some unique idea's)
I found him a cute card today, and hopefully I won;t have to put all my money into my gas tank and I can buy him a little something.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Staring into relaxation

After some days you just need to "Get Away."

My favorite line to say to Josh after a long day is "I'm Done."

Today was one of those days.

I was watching my brother and sister in law (11 &12), and granted they did keep my kids occupied it was still hard to meet everyone's needs and answer everyones question. The squabbles were much more than normal too.
Not a horrible day, just different, 2 extra people to take care of and make sure happiness abounded.

I would loved to have hopped in my hot tub with a glass of wine and stared off into relaxation.

Isn't it beautiful?
(Much better than those big bulky hot tub covers you normally have to stare at.)

I have a mural of an African savanna on my bedroom wall and I love to just stare off, and relax.

This is one of those hot tub accessories that I would HAVE to have.
Easy to install, affordable and pleasing to your eyes=)

So if you want to add some relaxation into your evening, but a hot tub and then buy a spa scene=)

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let me tell you

I want to share something I find very useful!
You gotta be a coupon clipper though.

I want to introduce you to the Grocery game.... (this is NOT a paid post, but something I use myself).

You get a trial membership for $1 for 4 weeks.
(and tell them I sent you, so I can get a free week!)

This is available for many states and they will tell you what stores they work with around you.

Here is an example of some things that were GREAT deals this week from Teri's List:

Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste (other varieties also on sale)
Orig. $2.99 Sale 2/$5 (Buy 1) Coupon $1.50 Final Price $1.00 Amount saved= 67%

All this info is given to you it even gives you the date the coupons were in the newspaper.

Tuna Helper
Orig. $1.75 Sale 10/$10 (Buy 2) Coupon .50/2 (we have double coupons at this particular store)
Final Price .50ea Amount saved=71%

I got 13 items. I saved $16.14 with coupons, double coupons and my shopping card prices.
I spent $14.19.

I got toothpaste, 2 toothbrushes, 2 pouched of cat snacks (for moms cat), strawberries, oreo cakesters (only a 3 pack), whole fruit sorbet, 2 boxes of tuna helper, box of garlic bread sticks,
6 pk Jello rice pudding, side dish of flavored rice.

I think I got a GREAT deal!!

Check it out!

After a few weeks you can cancel and pretty much do this on your own, I prefer to pay so i have to do less work and I do save a lot.
I try to spend less than $20 at this particular store a week.

You can get Free stuff most weeks!

Let me know if you try it out and how you like it!

What to buy?

Did you realize Father's Day is SUNDAY??

Yikes. I have a few ideas for Josh but not sure they are anything special.

My husband loves tools, I could go buy his some DeWalt tools, but why, when he can buy them for his business use and write them off.

He mentioned something about wanting a baseball mit, which is good because he is not a sports guy, but he needs to teach his kids how to play. So that would be a good idea, but I just feel it isn't special enough.

He also keeps bugging me to go to the Sketchers store at the mall so he can get some nice shoes, I won't let him because I would be jealous and want some too. So maybe I will get him a gift card.

He loves to go to this expensive breakfast buffet that is only on Sundays, but we have to teach children's church that morning.

Decisions, decisions.

Any ideas??

Monday, June 09, 2008

My Weekend

This weekend was a LONG weekend.


Because of the sweltering weather conditions we decided to take the Sea Doo out for a spin at a nearby beach (one that is less than 5 miles away we never went to because of the cleanliness, but I guess we will be there lots this year). We were there for so long and we all had so much fun!
It is crazy when the sun is going down and it is still HOT out.


I had a garage sale, at out annual street sale. It sucked, it was HOT and we spent the whole $15 we made=) The lady across the street sells her yummy Puerto Rican food!!
We then headed to the in-laws to a good bye/birthday party for Josh's brother who is leaving for boot camp. The kids swam and were entertained. Since I was still weak from my sickness this past week, I rested on the couch a lot.


We headed to church, ran to pick up a gift, and headed to Pump it Up for a birthday party! Came home and decided to go back tot he beach for some more Sea Doo fun!

That is where the stress began. I wasn't really up for it, a little bit but I would have rather stayed at home and sat on the couch for some down time. Oh well.

If you read my previous post you know we witnessed a drowning, so sad, the man actually didn't make it. It makes it hard when you saw him pulled out of the water with your own eyes. I know I will be a state of panic the rest of the Summer riding the Sea Doo or even swimming.

Right after the incident the overly crowded (record crowds) all decided to clear the beach and within 10 minutes of that a huge storm rolled in so it took forever to get out of the parking
lot and back home. And as Josh was taking the Sea Doo out he gashed his foot...too much stress for one beach trip. (Oh and the Sea Doo is still not working right, to top it off).

So I was glad to have a semi chilled day (not outside). The kids are resting now and I am catching up on bills and blogs!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Rescue workers were called to BEACH Sunday evening after a 20-year-old man jumped off a rock wall and never surfaced.

Witnesses say the man was jumping off of the rocks around 6:45 p.m. and when he didn't surface, they started looking for him.

After spotting him in the water, witnesses formed a human chain from the beach and pulled him out.

Emergency crews transported the victim to a local hospital. No word on his condition at this time.


We were there, less than 500 ft away, Merci and I walked over right as they were pulling him out (wrong timing, lots to explain to Merci)...Pray for his family.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Last Day

M's last day of 2nd grade was Friday.

1st day of 2nd grade

1st day of 2nd grade

Last day of 2nd grade!


My baby, how you are growing!
I tell you to STOP but you just won't listen.
You are growing into more of a lady everyday, and I love you more with each new day.
I am so blessed you are MINE.
I am blessed God worked out all the details and I was able to keep you as mine, even though I was so young.
I pray our relationship blossoms like the most beautiful flower anyone has ever seen.
I love you Merci Rae

Love, Mommy

Friday, June 06, 2008

7 pounds GONE

I was so sick yesterday that I lost 7 or 8 pounds.
Can you believe it?
It sucked, being so sick and vomiting up everything from my entire body, but that is a lot of weight.
I am sure it will come back soon, but what a great incentive to really do better about eating?

And it isn't because I am pregnant, it was a stomach bug, or I ate something bad, not sure which.

Well, my house is a wreck, I am supposed to be having a garage sale tomorrow and I am still pretty weak, so I need to got do something more productive!

Just pick up and go...or not

Josh and I really need some time away. I have been mentioning to him for some months that we need to getaway. It has been since November that we were away from the kids, the house, the work, the bill, the mundane.
We deserve a vacation.

We should be getting that wonderful thing called an economic stimulus check and boy do i wish we could stimulate the economy and take a nice vacation.
A cruise, and all inclusive resort, ANYTHING.

I'd be tempted to say lets, go, let's go this weekend.
To bad you need a passport to go the tropics=(
We'd have to wait 6 months or so.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Our favorite daytime activity...Target and Starbucks!!!

E is holding a itty-bitty starbucks cup with Strawberry Frap in it.
Isn't it cute??

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Isn't amazing what you can get done when you
don't sit in front of the computer all day??

Monday, June 02, 2008

So much to do, so little time

As a mommy isn't that how we all feel?
(At least I hope I am not the only one)

My parents bought my kids a pool (12 ftx3ft) for their early birthday presents.
So we put it up on Saturday, and have been slowly filling it since then.
Tomorrow it should be done.

My house is a wreck. My blog is slacking.
Everything is lacking.
It is making me crazy.
Slowly but surely the things are getting checked off my list.

I am watching Juno right now and crying.

Just thought I'd say Hi!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Do you need dell memory?

Not me. I have a Compaq computer. And my husband upgraded the memory the day he bought this laptop. Men and their gadgets. Why can't good enough be left alone?
Talking about husbands...mine is a hoard of all things that go in the garage.
You name a tool I am sure he has it.
Since our neighborhood annual garage sale is this weekend I told him he need to get rid of a few things.

His reply, "I think there are some garden gloves in there I don't need (meaning mine)"


I still love him=)