Monday, October 10, 2005

What do I want to say?

I am not sure why I am blogging. Not too much going on. No new pictures. Camping this weekend wasn't the best. Rained for over 24 hours so we left. We were party poopers! Kudos to those who endured the 3 1/2 days of rain!
So what is God trying to teach me lately?? I am not sure. I went to 48 hop and learned how to pray creatively. Somehow I have felt that playing with Ethan for hours has been my prayer the past week or so. Does this count??? Everytime I am going to sit down and read my notes from the prophetic prayer class and go deeper into the scriptures brought to us. I just get distracted by my handsome little man. Every time. I have felt like he just need his mommy time more lately.
Josh went up to get prayed over by Steve Sjorgen (sp?) on Sunday. He got an image that Josh was like one of those very fast boats that skip on top of the water. He felt like God had him on a fast track to HIM. How right on is that! So it is good to know this LONG, HARD journey is really getting us closer to HIM!
I have been burden by an unthinkable thing happening to a family who is semi close to us. It really PISSES ME OFF (yeah sorry not the best wording to use) that satan has plans to ruin families and people, and these people choose these curses to live rather than the blessing sitting right next to them. Pray for TRUTH TO BE REVEALED!!
Wednesday is my exciting day this week I get to go pick up Ethan's pictures!!! Why is he so cute?? Well that is all for now. Just needed to "journal" a few thoughts. I needed so me time on the computer away from the "upstairs"!! Bye!


Bek said...

i wouldn't say party poopers - i'd say you were the smart ones to get outta there fast!! it finally dried up saturday nite but we were almost too tired to enjoy it! (and some were already in bed!) anyway, that is cool about Steve's word over Josh......and yeah, i think play/pray time with little cute men counts....sometimes i sing my prayers while i play with iz.....he loves it and sings along.....

Kimber said...

Hey Donna,

Thanks for the comments on my blog site - they have been helpful, especially since I am so new at this.

I have enjoyed reading more about you, Josh, and your cute little ones!

As for your recent posting...Please, ENJOY this season of 'just enjoying your little ones' - it is a gift to you and for their lives and it way COUNTS!!!!! It sets on the RIGHT journey of life.

I too am way burdened by a family that is in our church - I see the hand of the enemy all over it - but I know God is able to overcome the works of the enemy and turn things around for our good even..I know sometimes it seems to imagine how, but that is His awesome power of God's REDEMPTION!


Jason said...

You guys are party poopers! I don't know who came up with that term, but it's kind of gross. Does it mean, basically, that what you have done is like taking a poop on the table in the middle of a party? Because if that happened, I can totally see how it is a party-killing action. I'm pretty sure you didn't poop on the campfire, so maybe there's a lesser term to use.