Monday, November 07, 2005

My Jeep has Heat!!

My Jeep decided to blow it's heater core a few weeks ago. It was undriveable because of the antifreeze blowing through the vents as smoke and making puddles on my floor. YUCK! We had a hard time finding the stupid part and then finding time to fix it. Josh and Lil' Josh (My brother) starting ripping the car apart on Sunday..Working on it ALL day...And unable to finish it.

When I said rip apart, I meant it.
No steering wheel, no ignition..NADA!!
And like 3 feet more leg room.

Today Josh put the finishing touches on and it is all back together!

I also wanted to take a moment and tell my wonderful handy husband how much I appreciate him. Josh I love you and appreciate all you do for us. You didn't know much about fixing cars but that never stopped you. You tried, and tried again in some cases. But you figured it out! You have saved us so much money on our vehicles. God gave me the perfect man for ME! When I am angry at you, I don't stay that way for very long. I just think of how much you do for us and how wonderful you are to me. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HARD WORK! Thanks to you who needs winter coats in the car when you have a brand new heater!! Lots of love to my personal
handyman! XOXO


Bek said...

cute note to your personal handyman, there. :) yeah!! to no winter coats in cars!! :) and good before and after pics! :)

Jason said...

Oh yeah, I broke a toilet last week when I tried to fix it (well, it stayed broken, but it's level of brokeness was much worse). I am so unhandy.

Kimber said...

Way to go Josh - having no heat in the car is the worst!! Glad it is fixed now.

BenSUPERPowers said...

YOUR THE MAN JOSH!!! The ability to fix your own car can save a person/family soooo much $$$. I can't count the number of Sunday afternoons I watch my father under the car, minivan, and truck, although back then I was mad at him for working on the cars and not playing outside with me, but now as an adult I understand that he had to fix the cars himself because it costs too much to pay someone to do it.

amy said...

that's amazing! i get under the hood stuff ok, but ripping up the inside? - i wouldn't have a clue. your husband (JOSH) did a great job!


Autumn said...

Jason, FYI, A.P. can fix toilets really well... so I hear. ;)

Crystal said...

I don't even get under hoods.
When it comes to cars, I wouldn't even know where to start. I'm very unhandy too! That's where husbands come in right ladies (unless your Jason) just kidding!

Jason said...

BTW, Donna, I know what you were going through. The heater core "went" 3 times on Kelly's old Escort. One of those times was while I was driving it. I decided to brave the cold and keep towels in the car to wipe the white crap that collects on the windows so I could see out of the car.

Yeah, that sucked...did that for almost 3 months.

Jaime said...

Glad you have some heat - heat is a good thing! :)
Also, atleast someone is having some good weather. I think it must be less than 40 degrees here in Maine. And it keeps raining... yuck!