Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I bought Tofu today and I am going to try it........later. I will let you know how it went down!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Today as I was coming home from Merci's school I saw about 20 police cars and a news truck at the corner of the next street. I knew I needed to catch the news to see what happened.
A 14 year old boy was shot 2 times. What did this boy do to deserve to get shot? Who told the shooter it was ok to try to take someone else's life? I hate what this world has turned into. I hate idiots who think they have the right to make these decisions. I hate that horrible people ruin harmony for the rest of us.
Will I ever want to take my kids tot he park again? It is a very nice park, it has this water fountain the kids can play in, it is clean, people are pretty friendly. I have always been intimidated by the isolated setting, now I am even more.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I cannot believe the day has come. Today is the day that I can say, " The walls are done, no more hideous walls, YEAH!" Josh and I finished the hallway to upstairs last night! Hooray! I am so excited.
You all can't come over yet though. I still have lots of decorating to do and slipcovers to buy. No one can visit until the couches are covered. And when you do come over, you will have to ignore the kitchen, it's ugly and it will stay that way!
It's done, it's done, it's done, it's done...........................................................................................

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mommies and doggy

Just wanted to say a late, Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy, and soon to be mommy and one day will be a mommy friends! Love you all, and you are all the best mommies you can be=)

After Pastor Mark's message yesterday, I was overcome with the honor, yet HUGE responsibility it is to be a mommy. I really felt called to just pray nonstop over my children. If you weren't there to hear the message, Mark honored all the mom's that are single moms, the moms who have children who have turned away from God and there mom's, the moms who struggle even harder than the regular mom. He didn't mention names, he just asked to questions to 10 specific women in our church who gave their answers and Mark shared them with us. I know for sure I know 3 of those women he was talking about. I am thankful for all I have and I will NOT the enemy take it away. I am determined to be the best example I can be for my children, and I will pray for them daily, hourly until I see them walking with their heavenly father. I want all curses against my family to be broken, in the name of Jesus. I will do my best to uphold them and stand against every dart thrown towards them from this day forward!

We had a nice Mother's Day, we went out to eat with my Grandma, Mom and Aunt. Afterwards we went to my Grandma's to have her famous Coffee Toffee Torte cake to celebrate my mom's birthday, which was Friday!

A bit of bad news welcomed us home. My mom called to tell us that Rollie, my childhood dog had died. My parents had been wondering if they should put her to sleep, since she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure awhile back. When my parents were on their way home my brother called to tell them Rollie wasn't doing good. My mom got home and called Rollie into the kitchen for her medicine, and on her way she fell over and died. I will miss that fat little fluff ball!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mini Chopper

Last night my brother came over with his Mini Chopper!
All summer long we sit on our porch and watch these people zoom up and down the street on their tiny little motorbikes (smaller that this Mini Chopper). It is a sight to see. No matter how silly the 200 lb guys on theses motorbike smaller than my sons tricycle look. We still wish we had one to play with! Last night we got to be the ones being watched zooming up and down the street! For the record I didn't ride it, I was sure I'd fall off the 2 ft tall bike=) not to mention the whole clutch, and gear thing!

Here are some fun pictures.

Friday, May 05, 2006


I have been so refreshed lately, I am loving spring. Our earth finally has substance. No more bare, trees, and dead flowers. The daffodils and crocuses have pushed thru the hard cracked soil declaring, it's time for the newness of the season. The daffodil shows so much strength to me. Even though there will still be cold and frost, they are standing firm, heads held high towards the sunshine, declaring their existence. Maybe we should be like daffodils. Even as they face the bleak, first days of spring, they are happy to be standing in the sun, giving us hope that the warmth will soon be. God tells us to do the same, to not loose heart for in due time we will reap the harvest. Those daffodils do get to welcome in the most anticipated first warm days of the season. For some reason it is hard for us to keep our heads up in the "bleak" seasons. It seems, especially in my life, it is easier to be in a rut of the hard places. It seems like the hard seasons out number the good. I am determined to overcome this cycle. I am determined to push thru the dry cracked soil with my head held high to my "Son"shine. Knowing that there are still "coldness" and "frost" still ahead, I will keep pushing! Shining the beauty God has given to me. Otherwise how will I get to the place I want to be? How else will I walk into my purpose, my calling?

Right now I am holding onto memories past and to come of summer. Personally I like to be lazy, I don't like to be too hot in the sun, or too cold in the breeze, I hate the dirty toes when the sandals are removed from my children's perfectly, cute feet, I dislike the sand that is tracked up the stairs into my kitchen...everyday...multiple times, I hate the sticky skin from the eagerness to run around for hours on end, I hate the constant nagging, "The Ice cream truck", I'd much rather be stuck inside for the majority of the day. With God's grace I will enjoy all of these this year.

For the last few months I have been praying for God to let me fully enjoy my children this summer. I need to put them and their desires before my own selfish ones. Already I have been doing good! The smiles on their tired faces in the evening makes it all worth while! And guess what? My house hasn't fallen apart!!!

If you think of me this summer say a little prayer! And give me a call and tell me you want to come play too!

We made a list of stuff to dot his summer. My favorite is the Ice Cream challenge!! We will visit 10 ice cream stores May -Sept. (2 each month) and we will decide who has the best ice cream!!

Can't wait to make many memories!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another one, Vanished

Well it has been about 2 weeks since we realized Pokey is missing. Yeah, I know, I didn't really like him when he was here, but, I really miss him. Ethan calls for him all the time, it makes me so sad. Our other cat Carmen vanished about 1 1/2 years ago. I thought Pokey just wasn't coming home because, Ray, the old guy across the street pays more attention to him and feeds him better food not to mention the weather is nice now, so who needs to come inside.
So we are without any pets right now. Oops, I almost forgot about our fish, BFG, oh wait I mean Flower, Oh wait....hmmm I wonder what his name is today! I will have to ask Merci=)
Time to go get another kitten...ha..yeah right!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Long, but Wonderful Weekend

What a weekend!

Friday night was Merci's last Rhythmic Gymnastics class. They performed a little routine for the parents! Hilarious. Granted there wasn't much time put into the routine, because it wasn't a big deal, but nobody was doing the same thing at the same time. It was so cute! I video taped it with my digital camera, but I don't know how to post videos. I will work on finding out!

Saturday we had the Hoftyzer wedding. What a beautiful wedding! Lindsay's dress was awesome! (I feel like my wedding was so blah, compared to the many I have been to since..but I was young and the first to get married out of my group of friends...but I got the man of my dreams and that is ALL that matters!!) I am so excited to see what God has for these 2. Read Rebekah's blog to hear awesome stories of people seeking God at their reception! Amazing!!

Also, my kids spent the night at Grandma's on Saturday, so we could enjoy the reception and not have to hurry home. We got to sleep in past 7 for the first time in forever!! Josh and I had a great Sunday!

Sunday Josh and I went to Circuit City to buy Josh a new toy! We then went to Perkins for breakfast and then to a Flea Market. It was fun and I enjoyed every minute with him!

Other than that there is nothing on our calendar until......June. Pathetic. I know! So if you want to hang out let's make some plans I am bored!