Friday, March 31, 2006

Why is it?

I sit here and wonder, What is it, that is my calling?
I envy the artistic, I envy the writers, I envy the witty, I envy the ones who can speak well
But I shouldn't envy Why is it that I do?

Isn't what God gave me good enough? Why can't I use what he gave ME?
But what is it that he gave me? I am on a search
I want and need MORE, I feel empty, yet I am full

It is this constant war and I need to keep fighting
Why give up, and let the enemy prevail?
That won't help, it will only bring more emptiness

I have so many friends, yet have none
A random call or visit is nice, but I need more
I feel like there is this big secret, that I am not liked

Why is it that he needs to ruin it all
He ruins my mothering, he ruins my spousing, he ruins my friendships, he ruins all that I enjoy
Why is it? This enemy prevails

Why is it, that with HIM we have it ALL
But we make it too complicated, we can't accept it
We are promised life abundant by HIM our God

Why can't we grasp it? Why can't we accept it?
Why do we make it difficult and attach strings
When we can have it ALL

I will run to HIM, so I can find it, the thing that I was made for
I will keep trying, I will stand when I fall, I will keep on this journey
So I can have it ALL

Friday, March 10, 2006

Signs of SPRING

One lonely little crocus

I know you all felt it. Some of you weren't as blessed as me to play outside in it! It was WARM weather. How exciting. Ethan kicked and SCREAMED when it was time to go inside. What a fun day! I turned the heat off and had all the windows open, since Josh was sanding the living room. I forgot to turn the heat back on last night, but to my amazement it was 64 degrees in the house when we woke up. Funny, that is warmer than it would have been with the heat on!

and then I found more!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

i LOVE bargains!

The other day I was going through all of the kids summer clothes to see what I need and what I don't. I came across all of these BRAND NEW clothes for Ethan from the Target sales rack last summer!

So do you want to guess how much I paid for these 9 articles of clothing??

Ok I will just tell you...$12.75 including tax! That is only $1.42 per item!
If I would have purchased them at regular price it would hav ebeen over $50.00.

Am I good or what??

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My birthday present!

This is Cugly (cuddly and ugly put together), my puppy! He was my birthday present!
Cugly is a Puggle. He is a new breed, a mix between a Pug and a Beagle.
I love pugs for some reason, even though they are ugly. I think it is the wrinkly little face and all the extra skin. When I saw this breed of dog on the Tyra show, I fell in love.
I don't really care for Beagles very much (only Petey), but I do love their floppy ears. So this dog is the perfect mix for me. Yesterday was my birthday and I had told Josh that I wanted to go to the mall and get my ring cleaned and hold a puppy! Well there sitting in the window was a Puggle, just waiting to be held by moi! He was the cutest thing ever! As soon as the guy handed him to me he laid his head on my shoulder and went to sleep. AWWWW! What a sweet little pup!
BUT if you want to see him, we will be keeping him at the pet store until we are ready for a puppy!

Friday, March 03, 2006

A sneek peak!

The dining room is 80% done! Josh and I worked on it from 8:30 AM until about 4 PM! Looking good. I am so excited!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lots to say

Where do I start??

1.) Ethan will NOT have to be a pirate baby! That translates into-Ethan will NOT need a patch on his eye, at this time. He seems to be improving and his eyes are actually working together now! Thanks for all the prayers, but don't stop!

2.) Merci lost her other top tooth, which makes for the cutest little smile=)

3.) Since the last picture of the dining room, we had to patch all the cracks, holes and imperfections. There were LOTS. We have old plaster walls so there were cracks from the top of the walls to the bottom. YUCK. After 3 applications of plaster, they are looking as smooth as they can! Last night we finished the priming all the walls again, on top of the plaster.

(This is just one wall)

We plan on getting the whole dining room finished today. Josh should be off due to the rain, but we will see.

Oh yeah! Ethan started making the funniest scruchy faces lately. How CUTE!