Thursday, December 22, 2005

My girl

Can you believe my Merci is almost halfway through her year in Kindergarten?
I can't. Let me tell you how much I like her school. I like Merci's school very much=)
They told us that this would be a very accelerated program and that our children were going to come home very tired. They weren't lying. Merci is a handful when she come home from school. And she has homework EVERYDAY! And not just little stuff either.
Let me tell you a little secret. Sometimes she has to find her words in the newspaper or magazine. I personally feel this is way to hard for her, and me. trying to find we was really hard even for me! So sometimes I just do it for her!!! Just so I don't have to listen to her wine!

So anyway, Merci is READING. Can you believe it?
She can even spell pretty well also. Here is a list of only about 1/3 of the words she can read already:
an, am, tan, ham, lag, in, tin, pin,it,pit,hit, him,mom,lamp,limp,the,to,as,has,is, his,its,sit,sat,pig,gas,last,stop,to,if,fit,fin,off,fog,hog,fill,hill,past,fast,of,to

She gets a word list every Monday. When she can read all of the words we send it back. Usually when the list comes home all the words, except one sometimes two are already checked off. I am so proud of her!!
She is also learning to tell time by the hour, add a little, and so many more things. I kind of feel inadequate as a come she wouldn't learn when I tried to teach her these things? Oh well.

So this post is dedicated to my wonderful little MERCI RAE! I love you baby girl. xoxo

We made a chain to count down the days until Christmas.
On each link we wrote a fun thing to do for that day.
It has been fun to spend some extra time with her!


Jason said...

Merci is AWESOME. Go Merci.

Ben said...

Way to go Merci! I think the "Christmas Countdown Chain" idea is great, I will definitely try to remember to use it with Aiden when he gets older.

Angela said...

Wow, Merci is learning A LOT!!! I like the chain too, cute idea=)

Autumn said...

we do paper chains a LOT throughout the year... birthdays, trips to Arkansas, etc. but I never thought to write activities on each ring... great advent idea!

nursemomof4 said...

I am so jealous of your craftiness! I used to be a mom like that! Cookies every holiday, playdough making, handprints every year, etc....just too busy with little ones now. The paper chain idea I love. Hey, I was thinking, maybe your dtr Merci, could be pen pals with my dtr Drew. She is also 5, and in Kindergarten. I bet they could have alot of fun with that. How could be exchange info privately? or would you even want to do that?

Donna said...


Yeah penpals would be fun.

Let me find out how to get a contact me link on my sidebar and then you can e-mail me!

Merry Christmas!

Crystal said...

Merci, you are so smart. You go girl!

Kimber said...

God Bless Merci - She is such a cutie and WAY smart :) You are doing a great job raising her Donna & Josh! We are very proud of you guys!

She really is a princess!!

Bek said...

murse. you are a smarty pants. and adorable.