Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hiding the clutter tip-Quick Clean Up

I wanted to share a wonderful idea I came up with a while back for cleaning up before company comes. My house is very small, we have a kitchen, living room and dining room downstairs, a bedroom for each of us (poor E has a tiny room), and a itty bitty bathroom. We do have a basement but it isn't really usable for living.
We do have a L shaped desk and desk top computer in the basement as well as a printer, fax etc, workstation, but it is kinda not real nice down there, and that is our "business" area, so I am only down there to do invoicing, bills and the like, oh and laundry too.

So when we have company there is very limited space to put stuff.
I use my dining room table to put all the papers etc. I am currently working on, all my coupons, fliers.
So my table is usually very cluttered.

So here is my table:

And here is my simple solution:

Use a cute bag (pictures is a EnviroSax) and put papers ( I am sure you all have a pile of bills, fliers, etc somewhere and don't know what to do to hide it) I also put my library books in it so there aren't piles of them everywhere.

Good idea, HUH.
I know you got a cute bag somewhere and hopefully a place to hang it!

Monday, August 25, 2008

3rd day of 3rd Grade

I cannot believe that my little girl is not so little anymore, she may even be bigger than me in less than 2 years. (Being 4'11" that isn't a huge accomplishment!)

Merci has done very well, but the first few days are always easy.
She wasn't feeling good this morning, and wanted to stay home, but I made her go, so I am waiting for that phone call.

Me and E are enjoying lots of time together before he starts pre-school.
Merci slept over her aunts this weekend and Josh and I spent a lot of time with our little E.

We just don't get it

My husband and I just don't get the whole excitement factor behind golf.
I joke that guys just like to drive golf carts around, and I guess hitting things helps let frustration out, but other than that it is has no appeal to US.
It is expensive, LONG, and you see people wear goofy clothes...haha.
(if your going to Florida you can check out Orlando golf)

We will stick to mini-golf, once a year or so, and even that gets boring.

What do you think?

Ah, it has been so hard keeping up latley. Not sure why, it isn't like the hours in the day have changed or anything, and I have 1 less kid for a few days now. Josh and I have been contemplating not taking part in family Christmas celebrations this year, but to spend all that money on ourselves and take a vacation (maybe in one of these condo hotel)?

Is that greedy? Or is it smart?
Have you ever done this, just go away to get away from all the family obligations and drama?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Crayon Recycling

I saw this site awhile back on someone's blog (maybe 5 minutes for mom...not sure though)..

I just found a container I was saving crayons in and thought you might be interested also.

So easy, for a good cause and an effortless was to be a little more GREEN!

The Crayon Bin

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enough is enough

OK, when I read this I wanted to scream.

Last semester I did a paper on Food additives and you'd be horrified to know what they do to our food.

But now this on top of everything they already do....

They really don't care about people do they??

(I am not saying I don't eat the food they do the horrible stuff to, but it literally makes me sick...if junk food wasn't so good!)

Hell is freezing over

I have always been against budgets.
In a way.
We have x amount of money we transfer to the "Green" account for bills and monthly expenses.
Then the other money is another account for business etc.

I have always been scared because we have never made a lot of money and when we have tried to make a budget it didn' t work on paper, so I would stress about how we would pay for everything.

Well I have had it on my heart to really pay attention to WHERE the money is going.
Lately I have noticed more being spent on this and that than on bills or savings, SOOOO I knew I needed to do something.

Well I noticed a category thing on my online banking and it is AWESOME.
I can type in what the budget amount for x category is per month , and then it will tell me what percentage I have spent toward that category on any given day.
I do have to update the categories daily or whenever the transaction has processes, so I will have to keep up with that!

But I am going to TRY!

Any bits of advice you have learned or practice would be appreciated!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Taking me long enough

I used to post multiple times a day.
I used to post any event as soon as we got home.
I used to be blogging crazy.
Now, not so much.

I do keep in in Google reader with all of you! I rarely comment and I don't respond to commenter, BUT I want to change that, and hopefully with school starting I can make that happen.

I saw pictures from E's Jungle party and realized I hadn't posted them, so here are a few!
( It is so exciting that I can now upload pictures right to blogger!!)

Me and E stayed home from church the day of his party (and real birthday)
and he got his free ice cream from Coldstone (of course I got some too)

Monkey bags for the great peanut search

We got rained out so we had to decorate my dining room

The snake cake
(It was cute but I wanted it to be cuter)

Fun Jungle themed food
*Crunchy crawlers (cheesy puffs)
*Snake eggs (green grapes)
*Dried ants (raisins)
(Thanks to Family Fun)

LOOK HERE for more of our party decor.

I decorated with lots of plastic animals and bugs, it was FUN.

TWO Males

I just got home from adopting 2 male kittens.

Stay tuned....MANY pictures to come....

Saturday, August 16, 2008


My kids have been playing so nicely is kinda nice.
BUT what they have been playing with is NOT.

Dead bees....they are inspecting and dissecting and playing with it as their pet or something. Weirdos.

At least it is educational--I guess.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This has not happened before.
I have not been NOT looking forward to getting rid of my kids before.
Yeah I was sad when M started Kindergarten, but it was freedom form a crazy kid, I hadn't had a break from in 5 it was bitter sweet, but welcomed, I still had baby E to take care of (he was a very difficult baby), so it wasn't quite freedom, just a lessened load.
Even the 2 hour (30 minutes each way 2 times a day) wasn't a bad thing, E was strapped in and it was like a break.

Well after a few years, now M will be in 3rd grade and E will start pre-school.

I am actually having anxiety about WHAT I will do with the few hours a few days a week.
I have daydreamed about being bored and not having anything to do ( I know...).

2 kids in school. A break, a break 3 days a week for 9 months from the kids I love so much yet NEED a break from so often, and I am worried. I am close to an anxiety attack, like it will be good for a little bit and then I will find myself sitting in a closet twiddling my thumbs or something.

What is my problem?

Anyone want to go shopping??

Monday, August 11, 2008

How many posts today?? Menu Plan Monday

Monday- barbecue Meatballs (Taste of Home Aug/Sept) with fresh wax beans from neighbor

Tuesday- Pretzel-Crusted Chicken with Cheddar Mustard Sauce from Rachael Ray

Wednesday-Veggie mac n cheese (TOH Aug/Sept)

Thursday-Chicken Marsala w/pasta (Simple and Delicious new one)

Friday- Ham and Cheese Casserole

Weekend is unplanned, leftovers, parties, cookouts...whatever!

RedBox coupon

Hey here is a code for a FREE rental from RedBox-TONIGHT ONLY ( I know you've seen them popping up at stores all over.)

Free rental code:
H3BL13 (you can use the same code on different debit/credit cards)

On the main screen on bottom left hit the button that says rent with code (or something like that), type in your code pick out a movie....
Go to Redbox and get the free rental code every Monday sent to you.

Also in August they have a few Wednesday rental also.

You get the movie for $1 (or with code free) you get it until 9:00 PM the next day, or your like me and forget to take them back and owe 2 nights on two movies...RRRR.

Feel free to pass it on.

For me more than you!

Went to the doctors for the kids yearly check up, here are the results:


Age 6
h= 45.2 in (49%)
w= 42.8 lbs (37%)
BMI (Body Mass Index)14.7 (34%)

Age 7
h=47.5 (42%) +2.3in (from age 6)
w= 47.8 (35%) +5 lbs
BMI= (34%)

NOW...Age 8
h=49.3 in (32%) +2.2in (from age 7) ++4.5 in (in 2 years)
w=50.4 lbs (22%) +1.8 lbs ++7.6 lbs


Age 2
h=35 in (63%)
w=24.12 (13%)

Age 3
h=37.3 in (48%) +2.3 in (from age 2)
w= 27.4 lbs (9%) +3.28 lbs
BMI= 3%

NOW...Age 4
h=39 in (23%) +1.7 in ++ 4 in (in 2 years)
w=30 (6%) +2.6lbs ++5.88 lbs
BMI= 3%

A Monday morning boredom buster

Ahhhh...Monday mornings! Exhausted from all the birthday fun celebrating E's 4th birthday.
The house is pretty clean, even if it wasn't I wouldn't feel like doing anything...LOL.
So out with the new game!

Last week I got a new Noodleboro game delivered to try out with my kids.
I got the learning about Manners Picnic Basket game.

Let me tell you about it:
-It was very simple to understand and play
-It came with a book we read before playing the game
-It came with a cd we listened to during the game, and am currently still listening to!
-Comes in a sturdy box
-I thought the kids singing had really annoying voices (I'm being honest).
-Listed as age 4 and up, I think it could be 3-6, it was way too easy & non-challanging for my 8 year old.
-Perfect for my NEW 4 year old, he kept forgetting to ask nicely so it is something he can definitely learn from.

The Noodleboro line has a few different games to choose from:

-Learning about...Manners Picnic basket game
-Learning to....Share fun park game
-Learning to...Listen Pizza Place Game

And YOU get a chance to win one!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday my sweet Ethan.

I think I missed a few years, because I don't understand how you can be 4 already.

I love you LOTS.
You are such a joy a the completion to our family.

Lucky Her

I have a friend who will be going on her 2nd Vegas vacations in 6 months in a few weeks.
I am jealous, I have never been the the famous "Sin City".
I would like to go one day, not because I am a gambler, but just to experience the life there.
Have fun my friend!!
You deserve it.
Just bring me along next time;)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Photo I chose....

Since you all told me to enter a different picture...Josh and I decide to submit this picture to the

5 Minutes for Mom photo contest sponsored by Skinny Cow

I liked them all so it was a hard decision.

This one, "Is in your face SUMMER" as one friend said, and in your face it is!
We had a blast at the park that day...and sadly that was only the 2nd park trip this Summer, except for the 10 minute stops at the one on the corner when we go for a walk.

So if I make it to the finals, you can all vote for me=)

Have a good weekend!

Not feeling so well

Josh has had a sore throat all week, he is finally feeling better, but now I feel icky.
I think it may be allergies, not sure yet (it could have been from all that fair food I had last night, probably not since it is my hose and head).
But WHY today, E's party (and a family party here tomorrow) I have so much to do.
The yard is horrid, and I was going to work on that today, but I can't, I don't feel up to it, and the pool...oh dear. And then when your sick you feel yucky and then you feel fat (maybe I should get some diet pills and then you feel ugly and it keeps adding up, ya know.

And I still have to go get some party supplies...good thing I planned on ordering pizza tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Which one should I enter into a Summer FUN photo contest..... I can't decide!

So Glad

In March I got a laptop for my birthday. It worked fine, but since day 1 I couldn't upload pictures to my blog...I could through Ebay, Myspace, Photobucket, etc...just not through my blog. Nobody that I knew could tell me why. We tried playing with settings ( I have Vista, which is a pain in the booty), adding blogger tot he safe list and so on. It just wouldn't work.

I either had to go to the basement to post when I wanted to add pictures or I had to upload to photobucket and then paste a link (both were annoying to me), but I dealt with it because I didn't know what else to do.

About a month ago I couldn't even get connected to the internet through my laptop, the computer wasn't seeing ANY networks, my iphone was seeing 2. UH OH.

Long story short, I dealt with it for about 2 weeks and spent numerous hours on the phone with wonderful people (insert sarcasm here), thought the worst, and then we backed up everything and restarted the laptop to original settings, and IT WORKED, and NOW I can upload to blogger....YIPEE!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

A Sneak Peak....JUNGLE PARTY

If you were curious, my list (see previous post) is mostly highlighted, PLUS I did quite a bit NOT on the list, this should make up for what I didn't get done, right. baby will be 4 on Sunday. 4 is just too old for a baby, my baby...ugh.

We are having a JUNGLE party for him... (sissy had a Luau, so I was clever and decided to do a Jungle one for E so I could use some of the same decorations!!).

Here are a few things I came up with, for a little excitement:

I washed all the little plastic bugs E had in his animal basket,a nd froze them in ice cubes, I will put them int he green punch!!

And then the kids will drink their punch from coconut cups ($1/ea at Target!!).
I decided flowery cups weren't boyish enough so I hot glued some snaked to them, Walah...boyish!

Stay tuned for more fun stuff!
(P.S. You can steal my idea's go ahead!)

Oh and if you happen to be looking for or know someone who is looking for Quinceanera invitations check out the link!

So little time...

SO MUCH TO DO...................................................

Friday, August 01, 2008

Feeling bad

At the beginning of the Summer I signed my kids up at the library for the Summer reading program, and we haven't been there since. I keep renewing my

I feel like such a bad mom, but man is it hard to juggle 2 kids, their schedules (and E thrives on his), all my running around for business purposes, household purposes etc. and with no A/C in the car our time int he car daily is limited. UGH.

Maybe we will make it one more time so they can turn in all their coupons.