Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Caleb is home

Well Caleb is home. No missing the wedding for him! I am glad he will be able to help Crystal move in and get the final details in order. 10 more days until the wedding! Merci will be a flower girl. I can't wait until she gets all dressed up!
No fun pictures or new news. I worked out today only 2 more time this weeka nd I achieve my goal!


Jason said...

Wow, he got home BEFORE they said he would be? That's fantastic. Also, good job on the working out thing.

Autumn said...

Go Donna! Go Donna!

Jaime said...

My nephew's name is Caleb!
You have to post some pictures of Merci all dressed up. I love looking at pictures of flower girls and ring bearers... SOO CUTE!
Great job on achieving your goal! I would be doing well if I could get myself to work out once a month. ;)