Monday, November 14, 2005

We are home!

Home we are and ready to back. I missed my kids a lot and now I have seen them so I am ready to leave again. Especially after seeing all the laundry I have!
Actually it is noce to be home. I really missed my computer also. I have missed so much.
We had an incredible time. It was nice to actually think of my husband as a friend and spend quality time doing what WE want for a change.
I know you are all eager for some beautiful pictures.

This is the falls from a distance.
When I looked at the falls I just couldn't stop from thinking of
how Big and Amazing our God really is!

It's easy to take pictures of something so beautiful!

The American falls.
Josh took most of the pictures, I think this looks so cool
between the tree he didn't climb this one=)

We didn't get to go on the Maid of the Mist because it was shut
down for the season=( So we went on the Behind the Falls tour.
This is a picture of us on the observatory at the bottom of the falls.
But let me tell you, standing 50 feet away from falling water, was amazing!
I did a alot of thinking about heaven like Kenny's been talking about.

Night at the Falls!
I took this one=)

We had so much fun doing so many things. We went to Casino Niagara.
We cashed in $20 and were busy for about an hour and a half. Never won anything over $10, but had a lot of fun trying. I saw some guy win over $1,000 on a quarter slot machine. Saw a gambling addict continually pressing 2 differnt slot buttons at once. It was just a fun experience for me. I just wanted to try it=)

We have lot's more pictures if you want to look at them sometime!


Jason said...

I have been to Niagra Falls 6 times, so chances are that I've been to a number of the places that you were able to visit. Chances are, however, that you didn't accidentally walk into an "adult bookstore" like I once did. That was strange, especially the 80 year old lady that worked there.

amy said...

sounds like you had a good time! the pics are beautiful!

Autumn said...

glad you had a good time! welcome home :)

Bek said...

yeah!! glad u guys had a good getaway. i love the pictures too. happy to have you back.

Angela said...

Pictures are beautiful, the ones of you and Josh turned out great!!! Glad you had a wonderful time!

Kimber said...

Donna - you guys took some amazing pictures!

The falls are incredible - inspire awe for our great Daddy in heaven!!

The falls are also very romantic :) Glad you guys had some great ALONE time :)

Drea said...

I wanna go there! Thats so beautiful... Our youth are going on a trip w/ my Hubby Dec. 26th - 30th I believe to NY. They will go visit Niagra if I'm not mistaken. I can't go though. TO hard on a baby.

Jaime said...

Glad you had a great time!! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!