Thursday, June 30, 2005

Does anybody want a kitten??

Does anyone want a kitten?? Somebody please take him, PLEASE!!! He is fixed and really cute...that is why I haven't killed him yet. Hey Jason, you can try out you microwave experiment!!! I love my kitten he is so cute and cudly but he hates me. He attacks me all of the time. You should see my legs, it looks like I like to play in rose bushes. WHY?? WHY?? Didn't I listen to my husband. Stupid adorable little thing! But really if you want him you can have him. His name is Pokey and he is almost 4 months old. Fixed with his firt round of shots...gee I will even pay for the rest of his shots. He is really cute, come on you know you want him!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A NEW Walk

I have been on a new walk with Jesus lately. I have always had a really hard time reading and then comprehending what I had just read. It was really hard to read the Bible, so I figured I could just pray and that would suffice. It wasn't working.LatelyI have just been picking up the Bible and reading little bits and just really praying God would let the word penetrate me. It has kind of been working.
God spoke to me yesturday. You know how people say "I am a practicing catholic" or whatever the religion. Well God told me I have to practice reading His word. At first I will do it because I am supposed to and what I am reading might make a little sense to me, but the more I do it the more it is going to become REAl to me. Just like Merci has to practice writing her letters and number before they will become common knowledge to her. So I just thought I would share this with you all.
Rebekah has been a real inspiration to me. She always has sooooo much FAITH. Her blog stories are so awesome she finds God in everything, I have been wishing to be like her for so long. God has plans for me to and I am sure Bek "practiced" a lot for her relationship with God. I am sure Bek won't mind me sharing this story...A few months back when Andy and Bek had to visit all of those doctor's for Israel she was having a hard time taking him to all these specialists but she just sought God through all of it. Well I guess one day when she had got home and listened to her messages there was a message on her machine saying "your glasses are in". (I think this is what it said..but you will get th e jist of my story either way). She told me she just felt like God was telling her that everything was fine and affirming Israels healing. Well I thought it was kind of sill that she would find God in that, but actually it wasn't sill at all. Well I think most of you know I would love to have a small farm someday. Josh and I dream of a huge yard in the country. Well one day I got home and there was a message on my machine. "Hi I was just looking for Schuster farms" I know there is a real Schuster farms, but I chose to find God in that message. Silly as it may sound Gos works in mysterious ways!
Anyway what inspired me to write this was, after I read Terry blog and heard the prayer request for his friend I began to pray I felt this burning inside of me, and I got the chills which I get when the Holy Spirit is near. I just kept praying and felt like something was going to we will see. But also to aks all of you blog friend to just continue to pray hard for request you hear God is usuing us together for something. So I ask you toa ll pray for Josh he is at such a hard spot right now. He needs a new job badly. There keeps being promises made to him and so he sticks around and the promises get blown away, it happens time and time again. We are both done. His boss takes care of us and we have nothing against him but this is a dead end. God has so much more for Josh or he wouldn't have saved his life 2 times! Just ask God for answers SOON. Thanks everyone. Gods blessing are ours to have. We ask for ours to be revealed!

Monday, June 27, 2005


Today we went nowhere. I am a goer, I love to go at least 1 place each day. I usually like to go to the grocery store A LOT. So I usually spend too much $. This paycheck needs to go VERY FAR!! My brother Jon turned 21 so Josh took him out and played pool and bought him a few drinks, my other brother Nate graduated so we had his graduation party. We bought Jon a radio for his car for his graduation, so we had to shell out some good $ to Nate since he doesn't have a car to put a radio into. We also have Merci's birthday party and vacation to pay for with this check...oh yeah and those lovely things called bills! So the morale of my story is I have to keep myself busy and not go anywhere this week! Call me, keep me company...this is very hard for me. I do have to go rent The Pacifier tommorow because see I have this thing for Vin Diesel ( not even sure if I spelled his name right!) Ok so I lied we did go to my moms and swim.

Happy 24 year anniversary mom and dad!!

Also my little Ethan fell all the way down our steps..hey Andy B weren't we just talking about that on he hadn't fallen yet, and how these little boys like to play on the steps..ugh! It was such an awful feeling watching my little baby tumble down the steps(12) and knowing I couldn't catch him. I thought he'd have to go to the hospital by the looks of it, but he seems fine. I have to wake him up a few times tonight per the doctor to make sure he is ok. Head injuries could show up more than 2 hours later. Poor little guy probably has an awful headache=(

Welcome home Shanely Rae..I tried to make it to the airport but Ethan was a little irratable. I cannot wait to see you Friday. Friday at 7 at Amy and Mike's is her welcome home party for those who didn't know and want to come! Well I love you all, time to be couch potato!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Thursday, June 16, 2005


It has been about a week and Ethan is consistently walking 3-4 steps. He did 10 yesturday! I just can't believe 1 year ago he was still inside me. Time flies. And Ethan will be soon too!!I smell trouble.
Yesturday at Merci's Tball game I was watching these 3 little monsters (boys) run around like tornados, I was thinking to myself wow I am glad Merci wasn't like that, and then it dawned on me..those are boys...I have a little boy...oh no! Bek, Ang, Aut, we all have little boys. OUr boys will be perfect angles I bet!!Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Hello everybody. Well Ethan had his follow up eye doctor visit today. His vision IS the same as last time which means he will need glasses. His vision is +6.5 +3.5, so as you can see there is a BIG difference between eyes. Basically he has a lazy eye, one that has not learned to see correctly. If we don't correct his vision with glasses the lazy eye has a great chance of getting even lazier, since he isn't using it to focus on things. So keep him in your prayers. I think we will go get a second opinion. This eye doctor was great!! Very highly recommended, but just to be at ease I would like to see. I guess glasses aren't horrible, God is bigger than this but, he can correct them in his time and until then is it wrong to get him glasss so he can see?? HELP??

Tuesday, June 14, 2005



So today I was yelling at my wonderful daughter. I finish by yelling "and stay in your room until you can shape up!" I slam the door behind me leaving my finger in there!! OUCH!! The tip of my index finger is all bruised and swelled up, I think the nail may fall off. I want to cry. It hurts so bad. Try changing diapers, picking babies up, typing ...gee I have used it like 10 times on accident and it hurts so bad!! I guess I've learned to not flip out and slam doors anymore!! Lord, giv eme patience and grace with my daughter, just as you give to me everyday. Lord help us to become close as mother and daughter, Jesus bless my relationship with her. Help me to cherish her and who she is!! Amen!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

We got a new CAMERA!!

We decided it was time to upgrade our horrible digital camera. It was anok 3.2 MP was sooo slow to process and a pain in the booty to do anything!! We invested more money that I thought I could ever spend on a camera...I am scared to use it..what if it breaks or gets scratched..Oh no!! It is a new Sony 4.1 MP with a huge 2.5" monitor(that sold Josh), and it is incredibly quick!! A friend works at Ritz Camera..another one of those things I thought I would NEVER do I am a Walmart girl..a deal finder, Josh wanted it NOW, but he gave us his discounts (not much though 7% on the camera.) SO many options we have no clue what to do..we are learning though..Josh reead the book!! Good job babe, you did it, yu gave in to societys faux pas, that men don't read owners manual!! I admire your bravery! Anyways I can't send a picture because you can't take a picture of the thing you are supposed to be taking the picture with! Catch you all later! Look for lots of new pictures!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

So my parents are on vacation..I am watching the house, you know watering palnts, bringing mail in etc. Well someone tried to break in last night, they didn't get in(about 3-5 screens are cut open and one frame is busted). They stole the frickin(sorry if this is a bad word) huge trampoline right out of the backyard. They had to disassemble it, we found some springs in the street, I found keys in the flower beds last night when I was watering the trampled on flowers, which I though died to my lack of watering for a day..but it all fits together now!! They were casing the house!! Pray they don't come back!!

Me and my hubby!! We are so cute!! I chopped my hair off even shorter than this just a few days ago!! Posted by Hello

My Brothers Prom

Nate (1 of 3 brothers) and his prom date...I cant believe he is graduating!! Posted by Hello

My Blessings of Love!! Aren't they cute!! Posted by Hello

I got scared when I peeked in Merci's room and she wasn't in her bed, I opened up the door all the way and found this...she was in her swim suit covered in a really hot blanket on a 90 degree day! KIDS!! Please excuse the pornographic barbie! Posted by Hello