Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Falling by the wayside

Dear Blog,

You keep falling by the wayside, forgotten, not remembered. How does it feel??

It feels very sad to me, because I am going to come back looking for memories and I will find none. Another school year is almost over, did I even update about any of it, besides the first day?? Gosh, I am a slacker. I feel like this whole year has been a waste ::SMH:: So many things I wanted to do, and none got done. I had many more rooms to paint and all I painted was the front door. I didn't even paint the back to match or install any door plates. I feel like I have wasted my days beyond belief. I hope I did some meaningful stuff, but at the moment I cannot even remember. I'll be back soon with an update of Ethan's new bed, maybe Nate and Mary's wedding and the end of school year pics compared to the 1st day (I have to at least do that).

It is past my bedtime so off I go! I plan on being back sooner rather than later. Goodnight dear blog, goodnight.