Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Here we go Again

Lord I come to you and say, "Lord protect us from the attack of the enemy. Help us to stand firm in YOU. Lord you want to see us taken care of. You don't want to see us go through hard times. Lord we bring our prayer requests to YOU. When two or more gather in my name it will be done".

Friends agree in prayer for us. We are under attack AGAIN. Thing after, thing we are being bombarded.

*Josh's truck starts when it wants to. In the last 3 weeks he has missed numerous days of work trying to fix the darn thing and a lot of money we don't have on fixing it. Today it finally started and we HOPE this is fixed for good and not for 2-3 days like the last few times.

*The heater on the Jeep is not working, it did the other day and for a few minutes here and there. We drive Merci to school in Parma and pick her up...2 hours of driving per day for Ethan and I. And then today smoke started coming out of the vents. God can heal cars too right??

Among other little things..Please surround us in prayer!!!


Bek said...

Donna .....i thought of u when i read kat (the kat that is linked to james's blog) 's blog about this conference she went to....u should read it....about once you've heard God, not begging anymore, but just receiving it, believing, and declaring, decreeing, and accepting what He said He would do. He said no more curses/attacks. Its done over you guys. I saw your prayer at 48hop and to me it stood out as a decree over your family "we are finished" or something like that. by faith, i am saying the same thing over you guys. love ya

Bek said...

btw, i have merci's lite blue bandana from camping

Donna said...

Yeah I did read that. I liked it. I am doing good protecting myself from attacks..well good in my spirit...but then it usually comes out toward Merci=( God is good and I will work through it. Much stronger than usually lately!

The heater core is bad and we found a new one for $79, instead of over $200 as quoted by 2 other parts places. Lots of work on Josh's part to install it, but hey. HE CAN DO IT!!

A Stack said...

Donna...uggghhh!! I get so mad!! Know that you are not alone in battling for your know, I'll share with you later, but Dan and I have felt personally attacked with our health (both of us) in the last 2 has been rough...I know you choose the blessing over the curse, and I think that as you declare that, you will begin to see it play's hard because what we hope for is unseen, and yet it's all that our spirit knows.

Kimber said...

Hey Donna - the 'Kat' that
Bek mentions is my sister Kathy :)

Coming from generations of Jehovah's Witnesses, and other skeleton's in our family's past - our whole family knows the importance of breaking curses over our lives - and we believe and have seen that God has broken so many curses permanently!

God is so faithful and able!!!

As you already know, our 'part' is to keep battling against the enemy because he doesn't go away quietly...he doesn't want to see you walking in freedom or faith - and thus the battle seems to continue..and can be draining at times.

Cool thing though, is that God's children are assured of the final outcome! God WINS!

I do pray for stength and FAITH for you to continue to stand! I pray a blessing over your home, over your children, over you and Josh, over your vehicles, and your finances! I pray that God opens up the floodgates of provision - and blows you away - that you may be a testimony of the Faithful love and hand of provision from our loving Father!

Jason said...

Your poor cars! I remember when Kelly and I were betting on which of our cars would fail first. Luckily for me I had been saving up for a really long time and I was ready to get rid of those cars for some new ones. I'll keep your cars in my prayers.

Jaime said...

I hope things get better for you soon!

cheryl said...

Donna, i'll be praying! God says all things, ALL THINGS, will work for your good and HIS GLORY!!! ALL things WILL and MUST work together b/c God said it and His word it true and never fails and does not return void!!! we're like in the middle af a movie and there's all this drama and suspense and we can't yet see the ending and we're wondering what's the point? what's the purpose?....

BUT GOD says "ALL things MUST and WILL and HAVE TO work together for Donna's good and MY GLORY!!!"

it's coming...
so laugh and smile and dance and sing in the triumph of JESUS! =)