Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas is over!

I really do love the holidays, but am also grateful IT IS OVER!
We always have so many places to go and with 2 kids it is very hard.
Christmas Eve morning we went to the Schusters for a big family breakfast. This year I had two 1 year olds to take with me(to a huge house that is not childproof in any way). We were babysitting for our friends who were in the hospital adding a 3rd little girl to their family. Christmas Eve night we went my Aunt Dona and Uncle Mario's house for dinner, making gingerbread houses and exchanging gifts. So much fun and so past bedtime!

My little penguin

My little princess

Christmas morning we did our gifts as a family

He absolutely loves the vacuum

She loves everything!

These are only the gifts from should see all the stuff they got!

and them my parents came over to do our exchange with them and my brothers, and off to Grandma's house for dinner and our exchange over there!
That was not all, Oh no!
We were at my Grandma's by 12:30, we ate at 2, did presents at 3 and had some dessert as we ran out of the house to make it to Josh's family's house by 5 (did I mention the 45 minute drive)
We got to the Schusters by 5 and ate another dinner and did presents and rushed home to put our overstimulated, over tired, screaming son to bed!...yeah the one who was done opening gifts after the second one!

We still had a great time and are thankful for all of our gifts from everyone!
No need for any new toys until next year!!


Crystal said...

Hey guys! Had an absolute blast with you guys this year! Ethan loved the vaccume huh? Hilarious! Can't wait 'till next year!

nursemomof4 said...

Your children are beautiful! I just adore your dtr's dress! Where did you get it? My son too went through the vaccume phase when he was 1. My Dad thought it inappropriate so distracted his obsession by getting him a toy lawnmower for his first birthday instead of the toy vaccume I had suggested! MEN! My kids made out on the goods too. Why can't we still get loads of presents too? It's jut not fair!

Kimber said...

Donna - I can relate - we have Christmases like the one you wrote about...the running and the overstimulated children...but I promise you - it gets easier... but then, as a parent you are wondering how to keep the 'wonder' and 'awe' of Christmas alive for them as they get older. Actually, my children LOVE Christmas - not just the gifts either - really they love all that family time and even the running I think!!

Glad you had a great Christmas! Blessings to you and that cute family!

nursemomof4 said...

I was wondering, how did you add the link to the things you are selling on ebay? I am selling a few things, and want to put the link in my blog as well!

Donna said...

Oh gee! That was a long time ago, that I did that.

I think I went to my ebay username and clicked on items for sale and then copied the link on that page and than pasted it under where you can add links.

Does my lame explanation help any??

I am not too computer savvy, so the fact that I figures it out in the first place is amazing!

Gina said...

I totally understand the relief that Christmas is over. It can just be plain hard can't it! Yep, you're little guy looks a lot like mine. That's so funny. They do tend to get used to keeping them on. It is a challenge though at first.

Jada's Gigi said...

Sounds so familiar! I think I'm gald when its over too but my kids, like Kimber's, seem to enjoy the family time as much as the gifts

Jaime said...

Geesh... busy you! Glad to hear you had a great time, though. I LOVE the game sorry! :) Cute pics.

Bek said...

iz knows about gift overload, too!! :) crazy kids.