Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Finally redecorating

The last few days have been so dreary! I love fall and this has been a yucky one! I hate rain. I don't like to be wet and when it rains that means Josh can't work, which means he makes no money, which means another week of struggling to make ends meet instead of saving! I am starting to wonder if God just wants us to live like this?? Not like in a mean way, but to just be simple and not worried about having nice stuff or our own house or having up to date stuff. Ya know??

We have done some new stuff around here lately. See we have been in this his house for 3 1/2 years now. We haven't done much to the decor, since we didn't expect to be here very long. We painted our bedroom and Merci's bedroom before we moved in. We did redo the bathroom 1 1/2 years ago. Most of my friends know how ugly our house is, soooo outdated. We figured why waste our money, it is not ours and we don't plan on being here long anyway! Well...We are done. We will being doing a lot in the next few months. This past weekend we replaced the light fixture in Ethan's room. The old one was a pull string one, which hasn't been working for like a month. We could have bought a new pull string one, but my handy husband said NO. He decide to install a light switch and we bought a really cute pendant light. Josh wanted to do track lights but Ethan's room is very small. So we compromised!!
Yesterday, since it was raining AGAIN. Josh pulled all the molding off the living room windows and put in LOTS of insulation, previously there was NONE, just big gaping holes covered with a piece of wood and then the siding! No wonder it never stayed warm in there?? He sprayed lots of foam insulation and them covered that with Fiberglas insulation!! I can feel the difference! We have been in need of new mini blinds forever! They don't stay up when you put them up and one wouldn't even go up. So I decided out with the ugly pink mini blinds from the 80's and in with some new ones. We also got rid of the semi ugly curtains. They were definitely not my style but they matched the ugly FREE Lazy Boy couches and they added a little color. But BYE BYE!! I will be searching for some curtains and rod's to add some of ME to the room...Anyone have any they aren't using..That are cute?? So here are some pics.

Notice "Mauve" mini blinds!!
And gaping holes filled!
And notice UGLY pattern on walls that is
on every wall in the house!!

It looks SO much better even without curtains!


Bek said...

it does look better! good for you guys! andy and i have been talking about decorating a lot too lately - we've been in here a year! and still no curtains and lots of stuff...we're kinda slow i guess...anywayi know what u mean (does God want us to live this way?) and i think its such a fine line of taking everything before Him - do we do this? do we not do this? b/c He wants us to have utmost prosperity and yet He wants everything surrendered to Him. I think there is still a lot to learn in that whole area; i sure don't get it yet.

Donna said...

1 year! Well we beat you, almost 4 and no blinds or curtains in the kitchen=) The only reason we had them everywhere else was because they were here when we got here!

But yeah...I guess bringing it before the Lord is the best way to go.

Lord can we PLEASE paint our ugly walls?? Please provide time and $ to do so? Thanks Lord!!

amy said...

looking good! we are thinking/praying about insulation. was it hard to do? is it in the walls or just around the windows?

A Stack said...

Donna...I will look/pray for curtains for you...Dan and I have really not done much with our home either (and it'll be 3 years Monday)...there's just no time and $...but, I do ask for little things in prayer, and we get them...I think our daddy wants to be creative with how he gives us things! So...I will pray for "Donna curtains!"

Jason said...

Oh man...I already put mini-blinds in every window of THIS when we move we'll have to do that all over again!

Crystal said...

It looks great Donna! I'd love to see it. Maybe I can see it when I come to babysit??? I'm available, and this time I won't leave my phone # LOL.

Jaime said...

Wow! It looks so great... Josh did a great job! It's good that you guys haven't spent a ton to redecorate - you should save that for when it was yours. But it is always good to love your surroundings!

cheryl said...

wow! it does look better! and how wonderful to have such BIG beautiful windows! =)