Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New, funny faces, mad scientist

Yeah! Finally something a little more affordable than V8 Fusion. I am so excited Juicy Juice has come out with a kid friendly juice with veggies in it! Ethan is a better than average veggie eater but the more veggies the better! Except they should know better than to put pictures of carrots on the container, Ethan immediately saw it and said "No carrots in my juice"!! He likes carrots but I guess the thought of them in his juice wasn't appetizing, but he does love it!

Lately Ethan has learned how to make a "silly" face. He does it all of the time and tries to do it to me. But it is pretty cute! He just came up to me one day and said "funny face" and did this!

And then when we met some friends the other day she said her son has been doing the same thing! What silly little boys!

Ethan has also bee a little mad scientist. Every time I turn around he is into something. He has emptied 1 1/2 bottles of syrup, 1 container of cream of tartar one bottle of cinnamon, 1/2 bottle of Clorox clean up and who knows what else. I am getting pretty sick of cleaning up his messes!

He knows exactly when I am in the bathroom, on the phone or just have my back turned.
Here is one of his latest experiments:

Friday, February 23, 2007


This morning I was listening to 95.5 The Fish, the local Christian radio station ( The ONLY morning show acceptable for the little ears I have in the car!) They have been talking about this family that is battling some pretty huge battles. They have a 6 year old little girl who is battling an adult form of lung cancer which has returned after a liver transplant, on top of that her father who had a great job had to quit due to having the same cancer ( he is awaiting a transplant). My heart was breaking as I was listening. They had just announced this morning that they will be auctioning off 4 Alive VIP tickets with backstage advantages with a whole lot of other perks.

They will be giving the money raised to this family. Boy do they need it. The medication this little girl is on is NOT covered by insurance and cost $3,200 a month. Not to mention all the other cost they are incurring.
The reason I am writing about this is because as I was listening my heart was broken. I was sobbing in the car, as God was speaking to me.

HOW can God have so much grace, merci (haha I can't even spell it right anymore!), love, etc etc, when he is so hurt with us an by us.
Just think, He IS hurting with us daily, even over our petty little problems, he hurts with this family, he hurts just as much as that little girl, he is hurt by us when we are not walking with him, he is hurt by us when we choose to not listen, he is hurt beyond imagine when others choose against him or decide to turn on Him. Just think of all the hurt he suffers daily, yet He is just and fair and loving and merciful and graceful and perfect and so many many more wonderful t hing to us.

How does He do it??
And why can't we just get it right if he is all these perfect things.
He is broken yet is so incredibly put together.

I love you Jesus, keep breaking me!
Daily I want to learn to be more like you, I will strive to be more like you all of my days.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Frozen awhile ago

From January 29-February 3rd the kids and I tagged along to Indiana with Josh. Josh ahs been working in Indiana a lot this year, there are a lot of slate roofs that need work due to a hail storm awhile back. We were sick of staying home alone, so we though going with him would be fun!?!@? It was a little bit fun, but being stuck in a little hotel room ALL week wasn't. The only place we could walk to was a BP gas station (good thing it was one of those big ones with lots of food choices!) We did have a pool, but liked to wait for daddy to get back so we could swim with him. It was an experience!!

As you recall when we were gone temperatures reached very low evn negative numbers. Well, we never have left our home in teh winter for any type of vacation and due to innocence...we turned our heat OFF for the whole week! Thank God, for Grace!! Here are some of our experiences!

**No frozen pipes, but Josh had to bang on them a little to get them flowing, no catastrophies though!

**Fishy was dead=( I though it might have been lack of food but, now I know he was probably frozen to death becasue....

**When we got home our house was only 30 degress...BRRRRRR!
After running th eheater at full blast for almost 2 hours it was only 40 degrees so we went to bed like this

** This is what we found in our bathtub!

We learned to never turn our heat OFF in the winter!

The really funny thing is when we got home Josh was reading his Popular Science magazine and ther was an article about what is a safe temperature to turn your heat to if you are leaving in the winter! Only a few days too late! It is 50 degress, in case you dind't know...are we the only ones who didn't think about this kinda thing???

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V Day

We don't usually do anything too special for Valentine's Day, but Josh decided to surprise US this year!
Thanks to Terry we got a ______!

We were playing it at the mall one day, and thought since it was interactive
the kids could enjoy it too!

I was playing tennis, bowling and baseball, and let me tell you my arm is killing me, I need to learn to be ambidextrous, so I can work out both arms!

The kids love it too...now we just need some more games and more controllers!

Friday, February 02, 2007

took me long enough

I was tagged last week by both Drea and Angela. I have definitely had the time, I just forgot!

So here are 6 weird things about me! Though I don't think they are weird! I am normal.

1.) I used to love McD's double cheesburgers, I prayed I would get sick on one, so I wouldn't eat them anymore...and I did, so I don't eat them anymore!

2.) I love my toes and don't really like anyone else's. Baby feet are always cute though.

3.) I crave pop. We don't keep it in the house, and try not to keep to many sweets in the house, but when I am craving something sweet it is usually pop. Pepsi! Fountain Pepsi is much better.

4.) I love to sprinkle nestle quick powder on my ice cream!@?!

5.) I have no patience when my daughter has to read for homework, I cannot stand to sit for 30 minutes(or more) and listen to her sound out everything...really I am not a bad mommy. She is getting much better, so it makes it easier for me.

6.)When I get myself something to drink, I usually take a few sips and leave it on the counter, I always leave cups all over the counter, I just can't put them in the sink, I just can't do it, I don't know why...LOL

Bonus #7.) I HATE STARBUCKS. I despise coffee, latte's mocha's, anything coffee. And starbucks has the worst hot chocolate ever. Don't hate me, I know, I am a horrible, horrible person. Lately though, I have been craving a caramel machiotto, even though I have never tasted one or know what is in it. I just hear about them and I have been craving one. Weirdo...I know!

Bonus #8.) I HATE CHIPOTLE TOO. My husband and I dislike cilantro and therefore we don't like Chipotle!

I know I am a very weird person...LOL!!

Do you still love me??

Thursday, February 01, 2007

new blog

Hey all you moms. I have decided to host a new blog.
Check it out and tell all your mommy friends!