Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I can't believe it, but we started!

This was around 7 Pm last night.

This was before 11 PM last night.
1st coat of primer DONE!

I am so excited Josh forced me into starting this long journey of painting our home.
I know I will be ecstatic when it is all done. I love it already!!
It is so clean and refreshing.
One room of hideous walls GONE!!


Monday, February 27, 2006

A few things to pray about!

On Wednesday Ethan goes for another follow-up for his eyes. If they aren't better than last time, he will be getting a patch on his good eye. I am kind of ok with this because all of the research I have done says it works so much faster than glasses in correcting his lazy eye. But I know I will start crying because as a mommy we all know how hard it is to see our babes "look funny". So pray with me that Ethan's sight has improved. He has been keeping his glasses on so much better than last time I updated you all, so that is a good thing! I will let you know the outcome.

On Thursday my mom will be having surgery. So keep her in your prayers that everything goes well!

Talk to you all soon!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

color scheme and inspiration

As many of you heard we will soon be painting our home. If you have ever been to our home you would understand the excitement behind this=) So here is a picture of our color scheme (missing 1 color swatch, but it is another brown) and the inspirational pieces behind it. Thanks to a very talented, wonderful friend for ALL the help! Big party at our house when it is finished=)

Thursday, February 16, 2006



As you can see Merci lost another tooth (#3). She looks so cute=) Can't wait for the other to fall out! I think it's funny, but she doesn't!


Yes! That is Ethan's blanket in the bath tub with him. Almost every day we have the same schedule. Eat lunch, take nap, wake up and hop in the shower with mommy, when mommy is done Ethan gets a bath so mommy can get ready. Well for some reason he was really opposed to this idea today. HE LOVES the bath, but today he was screaming and crying and asking for his "night night" (his blanket). Well after trying to explain to him that blankey can't take baths, I gave in. I set him out of the shower to go fetch his "night night". He ran to get it and the crying stopped. Needless to say he didn't have his favorite "night night" for bedtime! I was annoyed, but we made a memory! And that is all that matters!

Monday, February 13, 2006

I couldn't dodge the tag forever!

Thanks Ang for tagging me, I guess. Well it will give me something to do anyway.

4 Jobs I've had

*The Pretzel Oven/ Original Cookie Co. *579 *Sportmart *Tropic Sun (candy store in the mall)

4 Movies I can watch Over and Over

*Everafter *Rush Hour *Finding Nemo *Baby Einstein=)
4 Places I've lived

*Cleveland, Ohio *Berea, Ohio at BW *Parma, Ohio *North Royalton, Ohio

4 Shows I like to Watch

*House *prison Break...yeah it starts again this week!! *Beauty and the Geek The geeks are so cute=) *NCSI

4 Foods I Like

*homeade tacos *Olive Garden salads *ice cream *Krispy Kreme donuts...fresh only!
4 Websites I visit daily

*friends blogs *charterone *Merci's school...for homework *e-mail
4 Things I Want to do Before I Die

*go to Africa as a missionary, helping with the birth of children or handling infants *See my children walk the path opposite of most teenagers this day *See my husband make his new business successful, and not have to work hard all of his life *Have a beautiful home of our own!

4 bloggers I am tagging

*Nurse Mom *My hubby *Rebekah *??

Friday, February 10, 2006

18 months

Ethan Chase is 18 months old today! Kind of sad in a way, and very exciting in many others!
23 lbs. (15% down from 20%) 32 3/4 inches (64% up from 55%)
Head 46 cm (9% down from 17%)
for those moms who want to compare=) He is an itty bitty boy!
Today I got a free diaper in the mail from Pampers, it was a newborn one. It was so tiny,it made me want to cry. Baby days are gone for us here at our house. We don't feel like we are supposed to have anymore, so Ethan is our BABY! And at 1 1/2 can he really be called a baby??
18 months brings on a whole new world. Yeah, from the time he was born he has been learning so much, but now is when you realize how smart they really are. In the last week Ethan has begun to make a ton more sounds than he ever has. Ethan has been content with saying very little, until now. In the last week he has learned what a cow says, what a sheep says, he can point to any part of his face when asked where is...?, he can say ball, pretty and my. And so much more. He has been fascinated with all of his books, not for the story but for us to point out what things are. He is just absorbing EVERY word we say! He is amazing!

I love you my little man!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Silpada party

Hey friends

I am having a Silpada jewelry party on February 15th. You are all welcome. This is Open House style with no formal presentation from 6:30-8:30 PM Come..all of you! There will food and friends. Come for a girls night out! This will be my friend Joy's 1st party!!! Yeah, lets help her out!! Spread the word, if you know anyone who likes Silpada jewelry. Check them out on the web. ALL STERLING SILVER!
If you are reading this and you live far away and would like to order it can be done!! Just let me know and Joy will take good care of you!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Flu shot is a joke!

Well last Friday night Merci came down with a high fever and really soar throat. I had 2 Tastefully Sipmle parties the next day. My mom had to take her to the doctors for a strep test. It was positive. And of course that same weekend my cousins Riley (5) and Gavin (3) came into town for a spontaneous visit, they live in Philadelphia. We hardly get to see them and it would hae been fun for the kids to play together. They all ended up being sick too. So come Monday Merci was much better and not contagious since she was on antibiotics. Well yesturday she came home from school with a note saying how bad she was that day..which happened Friday too. Poor kid is sick and I didn't even know it. So last night she comes in our room at 1 AM telling us how she has to puke. I am so tired I have no clue what is going on. She starts puking all over our floor...I got up really quick!! Thank God that Josh lost his sense of smell (comes in handy sometimes!). So he cleaned it all up while I was in the bathromm almost vomitting myself. I have a very bad gag reflex,I mean BAD! So we gether all cleaned up and she is sleeping on our floor. She got sick again at 5:30 making it to the bathroom this time. I think she has the flu...but wait..she got a flu shot this year, and she has been on antibiotics since Saturday. She now has a fever and hasn't eaten all day. Keep her in your prayers and skip the flu shot, they don't work!!