Friday, August 31, 2007

Strikes me as a waste of time.

I was just on the local news website. There have been a number of bomb threats to stores around the US 3 being about a hour from where I live.

Below is an exert of the article: Tell me if you think the person making the bomb threat is going to answer any of these questions. I think it is silly. But I guess I don't work for the FBI. The smart arse comments are added by me!

The FBI says while it knows the threats may be alarming to the public, the agency suggests the following steps and questions when responding to a potential threat call.
1. Questions to ask the caller:
  • When is the bomb going to explode?
  • Would you mind letting me know my exact time of death please.
  • Where is the bomb located right now?
  • The cops would like to turn off the bomb, why don't you tell me where it is.
  • What does it look like?
  • I am an ameature, can you please describe what the bomb looks like, in detail please, I need to draw a picture B4 I run for my life.
  • What kind of bomb is it?
  • Because I would like to know how much of the building is going to blow up
  • What will cause it to explode?
  • Because I'd like to know how I can blow up the building I am currently in.
  • Did you place the bomb?
  • Because it really matters who put it there.
  • Why?
  • It wasn't because you wanted us to give you lots of money, just like you told me was it?
  • What is your address?
  • I am sending the cops right over, would you mind giving me your address.

  • What is your name?
  • Why would the person incriminate themselves??
  • What is your phone number?
  • Excuse me Mr Bomb Threat man or woman can I have your phone number, maybe we can go out sometime!

    I thought this might make someone else laugh, NOT because bomb threat s are funny, just the fact that the FBI would tell people to ask questions like those. If someone called me and it was a bomb threat I would start screaming and running not jot down the answers to silly questions.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Thursday, August 30, 2007

    Why am I expected

    Why am I (or women in general) expected to hold the fort down all day long and when the husband comes home be all smiles as if nothing stressful happened all day long?

    This doesn't stem from anything in particular, just a day that I feel I achieved nothing and got walked on by a bunch of kids and got nothing in return ( it isn't bedtime yet, so I haven't received the snuggle I really need right now).

    Why is it we have to deal with these horrible, hormone changes every few weeks. I feel as if I will burst out into sobbing if my husband looks at me the wrong way. I am just filled up to the tip of my head, I am at exploding point.

    Hormones+math work all day+whiny children demanding stuff of me+making dinner and kitchen is back to tornado aftermath=my weepy state.

    Lately the last few months I have been having a hard time realizing I am growing up and so are all my friends around me. I haven't talked to someone who means a lot to me in so long and I just wan to go back to being 16 with no obligations or worries.

    So here I am venting to all of you who read this. I am an emotional mess today, the chocolate donuts and ice cream did not help. I smell because I did not shower today, I just want to go crawl in a hole and hide. We all have days like this, huh?

    I should go watch a sad sappy movie so I can realize my life isn't all that bad.

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    Lots of...

    paid post and not many personal ones. Sorry.

    I started school this week so I have that taking up my time now. And since Merci started school last Tuesday Ethan has been much more needy of my time. Which is good. I love him and can't believe how much he is growing and I want to cherish every moment, while he is still somewhat "little".

    If you can keep Merci n your prayers, she is going to see a surgeon today. When Merci was 9 months old she had an umbilical hernia fixed. I the last few months I have notice a bulge on the side of her belly button. Merci's doctor said it was something we should get checked out. Merci is very fearful of getting surgery, and has proceeded tot ell me she won't be attending her appointment today. "I wont be there with you mom, no way!" LOL. I find it humorous.

    I would rather have a minor surgery again, rather than have a funky looking belly for the rest of her life. Although not being able to show her belly off as a teen does appeal to me! HAHA.

    Anyway... I will let you know the outcome of the visit today. i will try my hardest to stay on top of my blog even with lots of school work (an accelerated math class at that...ugggg)! I can do it though!


    I always knew my daughter was special..LOL. She is one of 1-5% of people who get recurring umbilical hernias. Nice huh. But the spot I was worried about wasn't the problem. So was God just bringing something to my attention to take her in?? I always feel weak when I decide to get my kids surgery or take them to t he doctor instead of standing firm in Faith that God will heal them. Such a fine line, huh? I am one to just do it now, especially since we have insurance right now and don't know what the future holds. I will talk to hubby tonight and we will decide. I will let you know what our decision is.

    Just so you know it is a out patient surgery, and she won't miss much school, the day of surgery and the next. She will have to refrain from strenuous physical activity for 6 week to protect the healing process. Merci isn't in any extra curricular activities so it doesn't really mean anything much for her.

    I wish I could post pictures of what her belly used to look like, but I don't know how to hook up our scanner, but I will need it for my math class, so I may post one soon.

    TA TA for now=)

    Believe it or not

    Can you believe school has started and September is already this weekend, which means Fall is right around the corner and with Fall comes Halloween and then Thanksgiving following right behind.

    Thanksgiving brings the holiday rush, and the dreaded or much looked forward to blackfriday.

    I personally have not been shopping on Black Friday nor was I ever interested, BUT because of the great deals my hubby caught last year, I think I might join in the madness this year. Especially since cheating is now available=)

    It is crazy that stores already have their sales listed to the public so far in advance, but this is great for customers. We can shop around for our black Friday deals. We will be looking for a camera to replace my broken one and possibly a video recorder. And then we will be looking for gift for others, can't forget others. It is the season for giving not only giving to yourself!

    This year you can receive update e-mail telling you which stores have what on sale for Black Friday. AND get this you can shop online and not have to wait in the long, terrible lines at the stores. Doesn't it sound easy? I can't wait. I will definatley be shopping on Black Friday this year. From my BED (glad I have my laptop up and running again).

    My favorite:

    Target Black Friday Ad

    Hubbys Favorite:

    Circuit City Deals

    Sunday, August 26, 2007


    I got my new FREE blinds!

    Thank You Blind Chalet for this Great opportunity.

    It was great to FINALLY pick out blinds for my dining room window. It has been 4 years since we moved in here and we just never got a blind for that window. We hate the glare it puts on the TV, but we usually just hang a blanket over the window.

    Blinds Chalet had MANY different blinds to choose from, seeing as that I have never got a custom blind I was almost a bit overwhelmed, in a good way!

    I got to pick what kind of mount (inside or outside), what side to put the wand, I got to give them the exact measurement of my window. It was great!

    I was so excited when it arrived and it was the perfect fit, and color, it matches the wood work almost perfectly. The color is very true to the picture they show you online!!

    The blinds make the room look complete.

    I was very impressed that it came with this really nice crown molding type thing to mount over the top of the blind. Like I said, I have only got the cheap white ones from Walmart!
    So to me this was a big unexpected surprise.

    They are a beautiful faux wood.
    They are heavy duty blinds and I am so grateful for them.
    I would definitely recommend Blinds Chalet.
    They have a great sale going on right now.

    Aren't they beautiful?

    OOOO, I like!

    Talking about furniture....I like the the sofa a coordinating elements on the home page of Century furniture. Neutral yet trendy, yet has a little edge! I would have to add some accent colors though! Gotta have color, lots of color.
    Right now I am trying to find accent stuff for my living room. I found a great price on some teal pillows (less than $3 a piece at Target!!) but I was originally going with orange (my slipcovers ar brown). Since teal and orange go well I am doing both. I am hoping it will help the dreariness of winter stay away!

    I always wanted leather furniture because I thought it would be easy to wipe off etc. with kids. But by the time I get to pick out new furniture my kids will be older, so I won't have to worry much about them!


    Who doesn't like to look at new furniture every once in awhile? I am always looking, even though I know I can't buy. I just like to know what is out there so I can plan out what my house will look like someday. I don't obsess over it or anything, but I just day dream.

    Coaster Furniture has some decent prices. I was pretty impressed by their toddle bed selection and prices. I bought our toddler be for $100 and it is not the best material. I has to reorder pieces because the wood was split when I bought it. It is also a very basic design. They has sleigh toddler beds for right around $100. Check them out!

    West Palm Beach

    Most of you have heard me talk about buying a home in the next year or so. I wish we didn't have to buy a home here in Ohio, we always talk about moving somewhere beautiful. We just think it is more important to be with family when the kids are growing up, rather than fulfill our desires of living in a beautiful place.

    Florida seems to be a popular place to run off to. If you ever think of relocating to Florida or know someone who is, let them know about West Palm Beach real estate!

    Josh and I thought about vacationing there this year, it never happened though=(

    save our homes


    Headaches are never fun. I used to gt them a lot wen I was in high school. Now a days they are few and far between. I had one today, but took some Motrin and felt better. So many people suffer from migraines and chronic headaches nowadays.

    It is hard to find a headache treatment that actually works. After you take over the counter drugs for so long they don't seem to work anymore.

    God actually healed my friend my friend Rebekah of chronic migraine headaches a few years ago. If you want to hear her story leave a comment on her blog she would love to share it with you!

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    What is your favorite?

    What is your favorite mixture of ice cream and goodies from Cold Stone Creamery?

    I love the peanut butter ice cream, either plain or with Reese's. I have never tried any of their specialties.

    My kids love the cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears!

    I took E today to get his free birthday ice cream. He got cotton candy with M&M's and ate only 5 bites! Silly guy.

    They have a new flavor called Sour Apple Gummy Bear, and it tastes just like a gummy weird!!


    What a great give a way Olive kids is having. Check out their stuff, it is SO cute! I found this give a way at a GREAT BLOG, Island Review

    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Memory Walk

    Chances are you know someone who has Alzheimer's disease, or have a friend who does. This disease cripples many older people. My Uncle who died this past December was suffering from Alzheimer's for awhile. It was so hard on his family, they never knew what to expect when they went to visit him, some days he would know who they were and some days he wouldn't. His family was broken over this experience. it is hard to spend the last days with someone who doesn't even realize who you are or why you are there.

    Memory Walk is one of the nations largest efforts to raise money for this disease. The Memory walk is nationwide and if you visit Alzheimer's Association you can put in your zip code to find a walk near you. You can be a team leader, team walker or independent walker, they just ask you to sign up EARLY!! There are many opportunities here in Ohio, 3 within 30 minutes of Cleveland.

    Why not become a team captain and recruit your own team, exercise+fun+friends+good cause=Feeling GOOD. Ask family, friends, co-workers or neighbors, not many people turn down a chance to help people in need, and chances are they probably know someone suffering from this illness.

    Alzheimer's Association has raised million and million of dollars for research on this disease, check them out for all the info.

    Some lucky participant might also WIN a trip to Las Vegas.

    Alzheimer Association

    Wouldn't it be nice to get your whole family involved in a charitable cause? You never know who in your family may suffer from this disease. It is sad to think, but really, you just never know.

    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    2nd Grade

    ***Finally Updated***

    I dropped my daughter off at school today. Her first day of 2nd grade! The scary thing is, I REMEMBER 2nd grade. I remember a lot of it. Crazy, how fast she is growing up.

    I was jumping for joy that school started, I NEEDED a break. But the house is so quiet with out my big mouth. No fighting, no asking me for a million things. Just quiet little Ethan playing with his toys.

    I do miss her. I will post a picture of her next to her K and 1st grade ones...later! (Josh has the camera with the pics I took on it!)

    Have a good day!

    First Day of Kindergarten
    (Ewe I hated our walls)

    First Day of 1st grade!
    (Beautiful walls!)

    First day of 2nd grade
    (still beautiful walls!)

    Diet Awareness

    Do you hear advertisements for weight loss pills? Have you ever wondered which ones work the best?

    I have found a website that lets you know the scoop. They tell you which pills have the best results, like Miracle burn as well as others. I always want to try the pills I hear about, but who wants to waste money on something that won't work.

    I think I will do a little more research and try one. I just need to loose 10 pounds and I will be happy!

    Muscle Milk

    It seems energy drinks and nutritional supplement drinks are the fad right now. You see people drinking them everywhere and you see new brands popping up in stores all over. And there is the debate that they aren't even good for you. Atomic Nutrition has some wonderful nutritions supplements like
    muscle milk.

    Check out their website for healthier alternatives. They even have on-line help to answer all of you questions!

    Friday, August 17, 2007

    Busy Busy Summer

    I guess you are all having a busy, busy Summer.

    Nobody seems to be commenting or visiting or posting much either=(

    School is back SOON. I can't wait, sibling rivalry has hit its peak here at our house.
    There are thing about back to school that I do NOT want, like waking up at a certain time, getting the kids to eat in a timely manner and NOT turn the TV on first thing. We started today! It wasn't pretty.

    Here is a picture of my kiddos, loving each other.
    We took E to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday 1 week ago.

    Me and my LOVE

    My big boy with his new
    "Skirt guns!!"

    Isn't he so handsome!!

    Golden Rule

    What an opportunity it is to let you know about Golden Rule Travel.

    Golden Rule Travel offers deep discounted
    mission flights.
    Having been on 2 mission trips already and dreaming of going on more, I know that good deals on travel are much needed.

    Our church has teams that frequent Africa, my dream is to go with them someday.

    Golden Rule staff is made of former missionaries and great HONEST Christian people.

    They have contracts with different airlines, especially for missionaries.

    They offer 24 hour cell phone service to customers for emergency customer service.

    Check out their website for testimonials.

    They have been around since 1985, when they began doing this as a hobby around their kitchen table. They now have 4 location and 18 full-time employees.

    They offer missionary flights as well as adoption flights.
    Let them find your next deal on a flight!

    I like small companies that offer personal service, you are better guaranteed to et answers and exactly what you want!

    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    I heart free and pregnant women!

    I had the opportunity to do a review through PayU2blog for a website that sells
    maternity clothes

    I am not pregnant but my friend Rebekah (From DarlingWarHorse) is.
    Rebekah got to pick out ANY top from Kiki's Fashions. I e-mailed her the link and told her to have fun! I also sent the site to a few other friends who are expecting. Let me tell you what both people said immediately, "They have great prices!!" That is one thing I noticed first also.

    Their shipping was super fast and the shirt we got was cuter in person than on-line.

    Rebekah picked out a cute "dressier" shirt that she could wear throughout her pregnancy (she is due in January).

    Sorry about the blur in the bottom corner, that was her son's head!
    I just felt this picture showed the best detail.

    You can see the sheer lace sleeves, the sequins on the chest, the stitching down the body of the shirt, and the sheer lace bottom hem.
    I love it and so does she!

    She loved the material, comfy and light.
    She loved the length, she felt some maternity shirts were short and don't fit through the whole pregnancy (this is her 3rd), she thinks this one will.
    She loves that is is stylish.

    And most of all Thanks you Kiki's fashion for the shirt!!

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Look what I grew!

    Grape tomatoes!

    Flowers, without flowers??

    More flowers without flowers!

    This is supposed to be lettuce!


    Lindie & Friends
    You have got to check out these cute dolls!

    Go here for a chance to win!


    Do you want a great place to find Flights to Canada?

    This site offers great flights and holidays to Canada.

    My friends and I plan on going to Canada in the beginning of October, just for a fun night on the town! We won't be flying since it is only about a 4 hour drive, but we will need some place to stay and some entertainment while we are there. I can't wait to get the details in order so I can start searching for a great hotel deal!

    You can find spa holidays, cheap flights, hotels deals, car hire, beach holidays and more.

    To book with dialaflight
    you need to call and talk to a UK representative, so they can make sure all your details are perfect and provide you with lots of useful information!

    They offer Vancouver flights, Quebec Flights and even Toronto flights!

    I have been to Canada a few times and I just love Niagara. I love the beauty of the falls, I love walking around in the evening and hearing the sound of the falls. It is just beautiful. There are so many great attraction in the surrounding cities, you can 't get bored.

    Book your Canada vacation soon!

    ~This is a sponsored post~

    Monday, August 13, 2007


    I am in the season of life, where all of our friends are getting married. I was the first of all my friends to get married, and I was very young. There are so many things that I wish I could go back and redo about my wedding (much smarter now!) But it nonetheless it was a day I will remember for the rest of my life!

    We didn't do stuff like engagement announcements, professional photographer, expensive limo, nothing extravagant. I think my wedding cost less than $5,000 (and we paid for most of it!) Oh well. It was ours, i is a memory we will always have! Maybe I will post pictures someday!

    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    Gotta Read this!

    I have always loved Michael Jordan. I used to have a crush on him when I was a teen. I was kind of a tomboy and like sports. I always wanted to sport a Chicago Bull Starter jacket, but wasn't allowed (too many gangs wore the Bulls stuff). I had to settle for a Charlotte Hornet one! HAHA, those were the days!

    I also always wanted a pair of Air Jordans! I would have been so cool, if I just had the $200 to get some! At my school, Jordans were the THING! People wouldn't come to school on the release date of the new shoes. It was ridiculous, half the school would be gone...SERIOUSLY! I never got the Jordans, but I did have a Jordan shirt once! I loved it!! And I was such a tomboy, I wore the Jordan (men's) cologne. I also had a life-size cut-out of him in my room!!

    This is a paid post, but I though all my blogging friends would love to hear my silly Jordan obsession from when I was a youngin!

    landscape lighting

    Every time my husband and I go to Home Depot (which is frequently!) I see the cute solar outdoor lights that people put in the front flower bed. They are fairly inexpensive, but I just haven't spent the money on them yet.
    landscape lighting adds a nice glow to your front or back yard. I think it adds that little touch of class. And it is really nice when you are sitting out in the yard on those beautiful Summer evenings

    When we have our own home I am sure I will invest in some!

    Friday, August 10, 2007

    Happy Birthday E-Babe!

    My baby Ethan Chase is 3 years old today!

    Time flies!

    Enjoy some pictures.

    I am so blessed to have a girl and a BOY!

    4 years apart, but friends for life.

    E is our love bug, always loving on us.

    Ethan has opened my eyes to the adventure little boys bring to life.

    His eye does not cripple him, it helps him to see God is all his beauty.
    He will not have to focus on the world right in front of him, but what is beyond, the plans God has for him!
    (he has amblyopia and cannot see near in his left eye)

    For months now Ethan has been telling us
    "For my birfday I get a big dump truck, sword and sqirt gun"

    We gave him his big dump truck last night, and he pushed it around non-stop until bedtime, and woke up extra early to play with it!

    I love you Ethan Chase!
    You have brought so much Joy to our family and have completed us!

    I don't know what I would do without you.


    Professional pictures done by Sweet Dreams Photography

    Get yourself a train horn!

    Wouldn't it be funny if someone cut you off and you had a train horn to blast at them?? I can just see it now. LOL.

    You can get your train horn and install it in any car, truck, boat or train. It comes with a complete easy to follow installation kit. There are two different styles to choose from.

    With this obnoxiously loud horn you can let people know you are coming, it can be used to let someone know they are in danger or just plain scare someone.

    I think it would b fun to install one of these horns, my son would sure love it!

    ~This is a sponsored post~

    Thursday, August 09, 2007

    I'm doing it

    I am signing up for my first give-a-way! Drea is giving away a totally cute backpack from Four Peas.

    I love the backpack and think my little E will too. And his birthday( he will be 3) is tomorrow the last day of the give-a-way so maybe we will have a lucky blessed day!

    The backpacks on this site are so cute, I personally like the monkey one, but the green mini moo one is cute too. If I had a little girl (mine is 7, too big for these) I would get the rock star one!

    Check out Four Peas Cool stuff for Hip Kids to check out all their COLL stuff!

    Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    Faux Sleepover

    I know you have been waiting for pictures from Merci's birthday party!

    When I asked Merci what she wanted to do for her birthday, the first thing out of her mouth was "sleepover" I was kinda thinking NO. After we had one of her friends overnight to help her mom out, I really decided NO. They didn't go to sleep until like 11, and of course were up at the crack of dawn! I decided with more than 1 girl it would be a nightmare!

    But...I had an idea. A "faux" sleepover. It had her party from 5-8PM and asked the girls to bring their teddy bears and wear their PJ's! Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

    We had pizza, decorated cupcakes, played a few games, danced and painted pottery.
    How fun!

    My birthday girl

    The spanking tunnel!
    They all wanted to give the birthday girl her spankings!! LOL.

    They all had to put their stuffed animals in a pile and get blindfolded and feel for their own animal. They all guess correct. Can't fool them!

    My brothers girlfriend, Colleen, does pottery classes in her home. She pours her own molds and stuff, so we asked her to come show the girls how to do it for Merci's party. They all liked it but the moms had to finish them, because the they were loosing interest!

    The bumble bees we painted

    The girls thought it was so funny when Colleen told them to use their plates as fans to dry their pieces!

    I couldn't post too many pics, because I keep forgetting to ask parents if I can post them. So I picked ones of Merci or pictures that you couldn't see faces!


    Do you enjoy scary movies?
    I am not a huge fan, but I do like the original scary movies like, Friday the 13th, American Ware wolf in London, Jaws, Freddy...the ones that aren't all that scary!
    They definitely don't surpass the works of Rob Zombie.

    On August 31, Rob Zombie's new Halloween movie hits the theaters.
    Are you excited? I know you are!

    Halloween the movie was written and directed by Rob Zombie.

    This movies is going to be one of his best. If you are a Rob Zombie fan, I know you have been waiting for this for a while now.

    Halloween the movie
    is going to be nothing like what you have seen before Zombie has been working hard to bring to you a first rate, like never seen before footage. You won't want to miss it! And the best part is, you don't have to wait until October it will be in theaters near you on August 31.
    Only a few more weeks! Start counting down the days.

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    The drama

    The drama of registering for college!

    Today I had to run all over the stinking city, just to get things finalized to go back to school, even though I attended in the Spring.
    When I signed onto the college to check my financial aid stuff, I saw a red flag by "need transcripts for previous college" so I called to find out why all of a sudden I needed this when the last few semesters I didn't. The lady told me this is something they started in the Summer, a new requirement. Well, Hello, don't you think they should notify people about this??? Am I supposed to log on daily to see changes to my records??


    Well I got it taken care of, after going to my old college and then to my new college, without having to lug the kids (WOOHOO). Josh was home due to the rain!
    Oh well. It is taken care of and I now have $300 on my school card to get books starting the 20th. It is so nice to not have to pay up front for books!!

    Monday, August 06, 2007

    Got a new wrinkle in my brain today!

    Thanks to Wendy I learned to strike stuff out on my list. I am so thankful, because I didn't like how it looked with me putting the thing we have done in bold black. No it looks so nice!! (see 25 things to do this Summer on sidebar!!)

    Thanks so much!!

    Spoiled Girl

    Merci finally got her birthday present form us and Grandma and Grandpa!

    We traded her old little tykes plastic vanity for a new grown up one! It is so beautiful, I am afraid she will write on it or something (we have already talked about it, but you know that doesn't always work!)

    Do you see the itty bitty little kitchen set she has??
    That shows, just how big she is now=(
    She still pays with the kitchen set with her brother, so we will keep it for now.

    As the years go by he room will be upgraded to big girl, little by little!

    And yes, we will be getting the stool soon. Bidding on a few on ebay right now!

    Ta Ta for now....Birthday party pics coming soon
    (gotta talk to moms about posting pics of the kids online!)


    Do you know someone who loves to play games on the computer? I know many.

    StarCraft: Brood War is a popular one, and there is a new on out soon starcraft 2!

    I actually haven't seen this one, but have heard about it. It's one of those games you won't be able to stop playing once you've started. Watch for StarCraft 2!! Check out (a StarCraft fansite) for more info.

    ~This is a sponsored post~

    Sunday, August 05, 2007

    We (they) played in the rain....

    1 more thing crossed off our list of things to do this summer!

    They had to find the dirtiest puddle to jump in!!

    Riding through the dirty puddle with their bikes!


    Friday, August 03, 2007


    we celebrate Merci's 7th birthday with her friends. We are way behind, her birthday was July 9th, but we were on vacation. It took me awhile to get out of vacation mode. I really should be cleaning, but I wanted to post my payu2blog posts and then I didn't want to leave you with a boring post about plasma cutting. So I thought I would say HI!

    She is having "Faux" Sleepover! All the girls are wearing their pj's and bringing their teddy bears.
    We are going to paint some pottery, eat and play games! It should be fun!!

    We are also going to a LATE movie 9:45, yikes! I wonder if I will be able to stay up??

    I will be back to post lots of pictures of Merci's party tomorrow!

    Happy Friday!


    My husband was just talking to my uncle about
    plasma cutting.

    He was interested in knowing exactly how it works. They talked about it for about 30 minutes, and I kind of just zoned out. How come men can talk about some things forever but when you go to talk to them about something you want to talk about they reply, "uh-huh" and just stare at you? Oh well at least he found out what he needed to know about plasma cutting. And we know who to go to if we ever need a plasma cutter!

    Thursday, August 02, 2007


    Today Hubby called at 11:30 or say and said he was coming to pick me up. He dropped my brother off and whisked me away to Costco, Red Robin, the bank, and do so some work (to collect addresses of slate roof so we can send some more fliers to get some more jobs!)

    It was a nice afternoon away from the kids and the house.

    What did you do today?

    Wednesday, August 01, 2007

    Workin it Wednesday

    I know you are all checking my blog. No comments. No "hey I want to do this challenge" nothing.

    Oh well

    He re is my list. That I had to make smaller than originally hoped. A few things I have to do today, that will limit my time at home!

    1.) Fill up with Jesus B4 computer time! (If you notice the time (9 am..not 7 or 8 like usual!)
    2.) 30 minutes reading with kids
    3.) Organize pans and toss ones I don't use
    4.) Go through garage sale stuff and decide what to do with it.
    5.) Take Goodwill pile to Goodwill...ALL of it is in the car already! No a/c in the car so since it is in the 90's I may not be going anywhere=(
    6.) Make list of stuff needed for Merci's party (get her input)
    7.) Find movie for this weekend, e-mail Caleb and Crystal
    8.) Set out Simply Romantic Nights so we can start this again!
    9.) Work on Josh's (my bro) graduation invites
    10.) Grocery Game shopping by tonight...I went to the store an forgot all my coupons, so I am not doing it this week...unless I can get out tonight.
    11.) Check Queue in Blockbuster
    12.) Start pile for Ebay...If 1 pair of shoes counts!
    13.) Call BW and HSA to see if they received faxes (for the 3rd time)
    14.) Do all laundry
    15.) Clean out refridge and freezer
    16.)Reprint invoice for KH
    17.) Check out credit card processing options for business (pay pal has a new virtual terminal..really cheap for all you small business owners...$20/month and less than 3% of payment)
    18.) Email Marsha about carpet cleaner
    19.) 2 worksheets (1 down) and flashcards with Merci
    20.) Have Merci play VSmile
    21.) Make food plan for food we have left
    22.) Look through Taste of Home and pick 3 new recipes to make..well it was all desserts, so I got 1 new recepie, I try not to try the desserts, because I do want to loose weight.
    23.) Take camera in to be looked at
    24.) Post office..oops it is closed now=(
    25.) Take a nap!