Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gods little blessings

I got a free new vacuum today! I have needed one since the day I got a hand me down from my parents. But who really wants to spend $ on a vacuum. The good ones are expensive, and if I bought a cheap one I knew it would break or something, so I just held off! Good thing.

We participated in a lead program this summer. The city inspects your house to make sure there is no lead dust, paint etc. We qualified for the program and were accepted. Our home passed the inspection but they still did so much stuff. They cleaned ALL of our window sills (a big job which I haven't done in the 3 years we have been here). They did a really nice job, they even oiled all of the wooden sills so they look really nice! They painted our kitchen ceiling and our outside door. They vacuumed with a special vacuum just in case ther was lead dust. So it was a nice program, especially those (most others who participated, I hear) who do have lead still in their homes. Anyway along the way I heard something about a free vacuum, I didn't think it pertained to us since we were lead free. Well I got a call last night asking if I'd be home at 10 so they could drop off my vacuum. Of course I would be.

Needless to say I vacuumed ALL day! I got a new (worth $150) Hoover WindTunnel vacuum. It is so cool. It has these green to tell you when a spot is clean or dirty. MY HOUSE WAS REALLY DIRTY. It took at least an hour to do my living room and dining room. It has a hepa filter and all these attachments. I am excited to vacuum. I have such a clean carpet now!!

So I just wanted to share my excitement of a new vacuum..I got my hair cut today too, and found a new dish drainer (nice one) for $3 and shirts for Ethan for $1.48. ILOVE GOOD DEALS!!! I guess today was a pretty OK day. Thank you GOd for blessing us in little ways.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A new truck

Yesturday we brought home our new truck! It isn't new, new. It is just new for us. Actually it is Kurt Staver's old truck. So that means Donna got a new automobile also. I will be driving the Jeep from now on! I really do love my old Honda Accord but he is just going down hill quickly. I would have to say with almost 15o K miles he runs nicley. air(and continuously blows hot air out), radio works only when it wants to, lots of rust, windows stop working occaisonlay, hmm what else, just a bunch of little things. The Jeep isn't my favorite thing but I will be thankful. It has air, cd player and tape player that work all of the time, and I will get to be a soccre mom in my suv!! So yeah!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

A few things

Today we FINALLY picked out Ethan's glasses. His appointment was over a month ago. I don't even know if he wil have his glasses by our next appointment. I wasn't sure what to do, so we did get a second opinion, and the Dr. confirmed his lazy eye. I did learn a little more from this doctor. Becasue Ethan doesn't have a crooked lazy eye, is good news. This means there is no loss of vision or anything else. So in time his eye should and WILL ( I have FAITH) correct itself! Well this 2nd Dr. would only prescribe big yucky plastic frames, they weren't that bad but I just couldn't do it. We FINALLy found a place that carried infant sized glasses ( this was really hard). They had the cutest little metal framed ones I have ever seen. Oh he looks so smart. I can't wait to show off my cute little 4 eyed baby!!

My mom decided to get a kitten. She fell in love with this little blue eyed baby. He is white with brown tiger stripes and brown ears. His dad is thought to be a siamese (not sure) and his momma a calico. I suggested the name "hugs" because he looks like a hershey hug! And it stuck! So meet little Hugs!! He is cuter than Pokey! I still love my little crazy kitten though. Oh quick story..Yesturday Josh and I were looking at pictures on the computer and saw a picture of our old cat, Carmen (he was the sweetes kitty ever and we miss him lots! He went missing around Halloween time, I forgot to lock him in the house) And so we were reminising and Merci came over and said " That looks like Carmie" and we said "it is". She was holding Pokey (our new little devil kitten) and just let go and DROPPED him as she said "OHHHHH"(OHHH ing ovr Carmen not that fact that she dropped Pokey) and put her hands over her mouth. It was quite comical! Anyway BYE!!

Merci played her last T ball game yesturday in the horrible heat! Our team was 4 out of 10, before we started the playoffs and we won the 1st playoff and lost the second one last night. So our team of ALL first time players did pretty good I would say. Thanks Davey and Steph for coaching the Dick's Sporting Goods team!! Being that our team was sponsored by Dick's we never knew what to yell, because yelling "GO DICK"S" to a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds wouldn't be too good!

Oh yeah and this excitement of my friends (Andy and Aut first, and now Bek and Andy) going on getaways. Well our 5th anniversary is in November and you know maybe we want to go away..for the 1st time EVER in 5 years, so maybe some of you would watch the kids for a day????? Wink Wink Where should we go that is not oo expensive?? Any ideas?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Welcome Josh!

My wonderful husband has joined the blog world! Check him out

Other than that not much going on to blog about. Went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, went to the Bruckmans to play, and went swimming at my parents today.
Oh my goodness the times you don't have a video camera handy!! My parents have one of those quick set pools, you know those big blue ones everybody is getting. Well my dad filled it up today and filled it a bit too high. The one side was like leaning too far down and my dad had just told Merci not to lean on that side. So of course being the little stinker she is she leaned on it, the whole side got pushed down and there was an instant waterfall taking Merci out of the pool with with it. The water didn't stop because the side got stuck under the ladder, I was too busy cracking up to move the ladder so Merci was laying on the ground under the flowing water! HILARIOUS!!! Had to be there to get the whole jist of it! Other than that, nothing to talk about!! Bye!

Monday, July 18, 2005


Well I just got back from IHOP, yeah it's only 9:41 so I am home early. I thought maybe Merci would be able to handle herself. Why am I so stupid. I love my daughter with all of my heart, but I just don't understand how I raised such an incredibly uncontrolable person.

from my journal

July 18 2005 ihop

I brougth Merci with me tonight, not sure how this will go. Lord help her to be respectful. Lord reveal to me my wrongs. I want you to show me if I was way off in my words with Josh. ( He was , very nicley may I add, telling me I was angry, and that it seemd to be getting worse, I denied it and said I wasn't angry). Lord speak to my heart . Lord help me with my patience with Merci

So I am not sure what happened. She so diliberately did exactly the opposite of everything I asked her. I am so confused. Was she really being a kid. But I want to teach her respect and what better way than in real life situations. She was so disruptive, running back and forth, bugging Bek every chance she got, basically looking and me a laughing thinking she could get away with being disruptive. So was God showing me I am angry since I got mad and just let it keep rolling into a big heap on heap of explosiveness. I charge out of there like an angry bull. Or was he telling me I need to stop feeling bad when I want to do something for ME. I could have gone all alone to spend time with my Jesus to hear him to praise Him, to just sit in his glory. But NO I felt bad that Josh would have to hobble up the stairs and put her to bed.

WHAT???WHAT??? Oh I just wnat audible answers, I don't want to have to guess. Lord help me to hear YOU. What do I do with my daughter? I raised my voice at her all the way home, telling her that this was the end of her behavior, blah blah. DO YOU HEAR ME??? Yes Mom. But did she really hear me??? God is doing the samr to me I bet, Donna do you even hear what I am trying to tell you, why do I have to scream, why can't you just learn. Wow this is rollling into 3 lessons in one! Hang in there with me I need to vent!!

What do I do with her? what do I do with her? What would yo do?? I can't change her, she is MERCI God made her who she is...totally opposite of the inward people Josh and I are. I just want to understand her, to mold who she is into a better her. I need to help lead her down the right paths so she will make the right decisions. I need to teach her how to use the personality God gave her, to glorify Him. Oh! this parenting stuff in a LONG LONG journey. Lord help me lead her on this journey, as You lead me on this journey! PRAY FOR ME! thanks=)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

It's Saturday, I think I am the only one doing NOTHING

Hello everyone who will not be checking their blogs today, because they all have something to do! I do have something to do tonight, but until then it is a normal boring day of housework and poopy diapers! Oh well.
So anyway.....Last night Ethan was crabby, so I took him to the store with me. Ethan just doesn't like to sit around the house very much, he likes to be out and about with lots of things to look at. We went to Value World (thrift store). I had a coupon for 50% off if you spend $20! So I wen Ebay shopping. I got 12 things and paid $13. Chek them out I have a link on my blog for the stuff I am selling. Every single one was name brand, Tommy, CK, Gap, Mudd, Adidas, Carters. If I sell all of it, well 3 things were for me, so if I sell the 9 things at the lowest price I started them out at, I will make over $40. How about that! That makes me happy! I love EBAYING! You should try it. It is soooooo easy, addicting too. You guys alk about how much you check blogs..which I am guilty of but, I check ebay just as much. So I am doubly bad. You should buy stuff on ebay too, for those of you with kids you can find GREAT prices. Even for yourself..womens jeans are so easy to come by cheap in most cases too! I sell all my womens jeans for under$15 (inc shipping). try it!
Well I think I will go finish the movie we started last night, Million Dollar Baby, good so far! See most of you tonight. TTYL BYE!

Friday, July 15, 2005


Hey when I post my blogs, I try to use spell check but it doesn't do anything, it won't work?? I am sick of finding mistakes once I post a blog. Does it work for anyone else???

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Crazy day of doctor's visits

Yesturday was a day of doctor visits.

Merci had her 5 year check up, and Kindergarten shots..hahaha that was FUN. After a few minutes of talking her into it and trying to get her to allow the shots, I ended up holding her down while the nurse quickly tortured her with 4 shots! She was screaming her head off and I was laughing my head off. some moms cry along withtheir children I laugh, not sure why. She is growing really well 75th percentile in height 43", and 50th percentile in weight 37 1/2 pounds. Only 3 more pouns and no more carseat. I rewarded her bravery (even though she wasn't brave) with Dairy Queen. She refuses to remove the bandaids and makes up all these excuse, i can't clean my room my leg hurts etc. My drama Queen.
Ethan was supposed to get a shot at his last visit but they were all out so he had to get one also. He cried this pathetic litle cry for less than a minute and than he was OK!
Josh has his 1 week follow up with his leg. They removed the cast and x-rayed again in case of a displacement of the bones, thankfully they were still in alignment!! Thank You Lord. He got a new cast put on, black this time instead of bright orange. He is excited that nobody can write on it. I am going to buy a paint marker and write" OOPS I DID IT AGAIN" know Britney Spears song. I think I will do it when he is sleeping.
So after a few hours of being in docotors offices we went to Pizza Hut and got a free lunch from my aunt!
Today was a nice day home, we did go to the library and Walmart. Other than that nothing exciting here. Bye BYE.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


So I think I will copy of Autumn and do 30 things about me!!
1. Me was around when her mom and dad graduated high school
2.Me graduated from John Marshall High School
3.Me had a daughter at the age of 19
4. Me got married at the age of 19
5.Me go her thumb ran over by an ice skate in 4th grade
6.Me went ice skating EVERY friday night for at least 2 years (during ice skating season that is)
7.Me wants to be a midwife or doula (I think)
8.Me wants to tavel to Africa to help women give birth to and raise their children
9.Me is having a hard time coming up with these things
10.Me has been to Mexico 2 times
11.Me's middle name is Rochelle
12.Me loves frogs
13.Me went to Baldwin Wallace college for 1 semester
14. Me lived in the same dorm as Kurt Staver
15.Me broke her leg sled riding on Christmas day when she was 4
16.Me really wants to give this kitten away
17.Me really like EBAY
18. Me spends too uch time on computer
19.Me got in a accident in driving school...not my fault! ( A drunk guy rear ended me)
20.Me collects PEZ
21.Me loves Joshy Ray Schuster
22.Me car is a piece of poo, no AC, window stuck down, oil leak, radio works only when it wants.....Hey you guys can buy me Terry's dream car for Christmas=)
23.Me has never been on vacation with her husband(alone), in 5 years!!
24.Me wants to move away from Cleveland
25. Me loves ice cream
26.Me is going to be a cousin again!
27.Me loves Jesus
28.Me is bored right now
29.Me wants to go see Charlie and the Chocolate factory
30 Me is done!

Day 9: Cleveland Vacation

Sunday was the last day of our vacation. We went to my aunt Marsha's house to EAT!! We called it Na-Tah-ka Marsha's. The Na-Tah-Ka is the only "restauraunt" for miles around Big Bass Lake ( where we usually vacation). The Na-Tah-ka is a little hole in the wall bar/restauraunt. Everybody hangs out there to watch the sports games etc. Most everything comes in a basket...Shrimp basket, chicken strips basket etc. So we pretended to be at the Na-Tah-ka. We had deep fried shrimp, chicken strips, moz sticks. And some of our favorite things to get in Michigan, beef jerky and fudge. If you like fudge order from here you will be in love I don't like any other kind (maybe it is murdicks It is out of Traverse City MI. Anyway so we ate and ate and ate! The beef jerky is awesome too. The grocery store, the only one... 30 miles away, makes there own. They have probably 50 kinds. Turkey jerky, venicine(sp?), elk, ostrich, and some others. All different flavors. It is sooooooo good! Anyway that is the end of my vacation entires ( a few days late)! Hope you enjoyed our journey with us!! Hopefully next year we will really go to Michigan...our cruddy little cabin, and our mucky little lake, and our big bat infested cabin...sounds fun huh??? We enjoy ourselves and have been for the last 20 some years. Oh I need to tell of why we go there. My grandpa went there as a child and My grandma went close to there or maybe even there(Big Bass Lake) when she was a child, so they took their kids and their kid tokk their kids(me and bros), and I have taken one child. How cute!!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Day 8: Cleveland Vacation

A worn out Merci falls asleep holding her baloon!

Moriah, Merci, Clarissa and Alayna in the "hot tub" (Since there is only 1 inch of water it gets warm really quick so they callit their hot tub)

My birthday girl!!

This PINK entry is dedicated to my Merci who turned 5 today. How time flies. I have a 5 year old. I just can't get over it! Today we had a birthday party for Merci and 5 of her little friends. It went really well. We decorated little frilly pillows with puff paint, we decorated cupcakes and made ice cream sundaes, both of which were a HUGE mess. We has a pinata, and went swimming. Lots of fun!!

In the evening my wonderful friends Kelly and Jason watched my little Ethan again ( 2 times in 1 week) so we could got to Swings N Things to celebrate Merci's birthday with our family! Merci brought along her friend Yesenia (who is just as wild and crazy as was a long night). We played games, went on the bumper boats, tried to put put (they were bored after the 3rd hole), and played in the Kiddie Korner. A LONG LONG DAY FOR EVERYONE!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Day 7: Cleveland Vacation

Israle rides Clifford...with a hitchhiker!

Ethan makes silly faces in the mirror

What cuties! Ethan loves his big sis!!

Arianna eats almost this whole cake!!

Only Davey!!

Today was a pretty good day!! My Grandma, my Aunt, Ethan and I went to the WestSide Market. It felt so weird to be shopping in a market instead of our Americanized grocery store! I like it. Go so nice fresh meat and some fruit and veggies..not too many though. My father works downtown at the food terminal where ALL of the produce is shipped to grocery store. He says the produce at the West Side Market is all of their bad stuff. You can find goos stuff, don't get me wrong. I like it anyway!
My Aunt from Virginia came in town this weekend and she took Merci for a day out for her birthday. They went to McD's, out for ice cream and to see Madagascar! And I got a break. I even got a nap in today=)
At 5:00 we went to my parents for sub sandwiches and root ber floats! Yummy! And then out the door we hurried to make it to Arianna Morales's 1st birthday party!!!! At Chuck E Cheese!!
What a blast we had with all the little kids. The Bruckmans, The Goles and The Adams were there. The little boys were so cute together! Israel, Ethan and Noah got to ride their first rides. Ariana ate almost a whole cake by herself and Davey had fun dancing with Chuck E!!! . A fun filled day! Tommorow is Merci's 5th birthday!!

Day 6: Cleveland Vacation

Thursday we went to Hartville Market Place and Hartville Kitchen. It is out near Akron. The Hartville Kitchen has really yummy homecooked food,a nd some little souvenier shops and a bakery..Oh the stuff they had..YUM YUM! Hartville Marketplace is an outdoor and indoor flea market thing. They were selling fruits, veggies(really cheap 5lbs of sweetpotatoes for $1, 6-7 zuchinis for $1 etc.). They also had little specialty shops and more food! We had fun and got some good deals.

Later on that night we headed to Dave and Busters, of course that was fun!! Just think me and my Grandma racing on the virtual reality jet skis!!THANKS KELLY AND JASON for watching my crazy children and kitten! I love you guys and owe you a night out at a restauraunt!!

Day 5: Cleveland Vacation

So on Wednesday we had a steak cookout here at our lovely, home. Bring your own steak and we had a potqatoe bar and build an ice cream sundae! I had A LOT of stuff to do inside and a ton of yardwork(Thanks Marsha for the hand). I haven't been able to keep up with house work because of this vacation, we are gone day and night and when we are home there is so much little daily stuf to keep up with. Usually I manage to nap and watch 1-2 shows and spend time with the kids and do my daily chores. Lately none of this has happened. I can't wait for next week, I need rest!!

Josh update: He is feeling better. He has a lot of pain at night though. We are excited to get the xray on Tuesday. WE ARE BELIEVING IN A HUGE HEALING TO BE DONE, WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE AMAZEMENT ON THE DOCTORS FACE.PLEASE PRAY FOR FAITH AND HEALING!!Also Josh has been working full days since Tuesday(in the office) So God is already providing so much! Thanks for all of your prayers.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Day 4: Cleveland Vacation

Today we were supposed to go to the zoo. Josh, Ethan and I went to the Orthopedic doctor. Josh got a cast and we got a pretty $1225 bill. Can you believe $1200 for a visit with a doctor. The breakdown was $700...basically for the doc to agree with the ER doctors diagnosis and to look at the xrays..already supplied, $140 office visit...and get this only $40 for the cast supplies, which is all we really needed! There were all these other charges that I don't remember. But for the 1 visit with this doctor $1200. I am just exasperated at the ridiculousness of it. I was expecting maybe like $200, it was an office visit. No xrays no exam, the frickin doctor didn't even touch his leg, walked in the room and said hi blah blah blah. You will need a cast blah blah for 6-8 weeks, come back in 1 week for another xray. Ok sorry I had to complain it really ticked me off. Anyway..Merci got to go to the zoo though! We also went to my grandmas for chili dogs and root bear! See when we go to Michigan there is this bar that offers $.50 chili dogs on Tuesday nights, so we treid to recreate the memory! They have bottle root bear which my family raves over but I find no difference to the 2 liter. The only thing missind was the hilbilee with all his missing teeth playing the washboard and banjo! Oh yeah and we couldn't throw the peanuts on the ground! It is a fun time when we are in Michigan, not the same here but oh well! We got to be with our family=) It has been a rough few days I am beat! Pray for my strength and grace! Love you all!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Day 3: Cleveland Vacation

Hmmm..I said I wouldn't have time to blog to day but unfortunatley I do!Well we didn't do anything with my side of the family today. We went to the Schuster side! We were a little late though. See, the not so hurt ankle we thought it to be, turned into a spiral fracture! Yeah so after a very unpleasant night, my poor husband was screaming all night. His ankle was like 3 times the size with black and blue and his toes looked like little hot dogs. We wnt to ER. Josh will have to see an Orthopedic guy tommorow. ugggg! We need prayer friends and family, #1 we have NO insurance and little money, #2 Josh will be off work for at least well usually 6-8 weeks, #3 For quick healing and deliverance of pain, #4 for Faith, we have it but when things don't go the way went have faith for it is soooo hard! #5 for me! I was having a hard time keepin up with the house kids and all that now I have to be there for Josh in so many ways. I love to be there for him but I am so stressed out just from today, Lord gie me strength! Jesus I pray FREEDOM from the anxieties of life, Lord FREEDOM!! I declare over this household! We love you all for being there for us!! Bye!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Day 2: Cleveland Vacation

Today we started off by going to church! We then drove really fast to the best buffet in
town...The 100th Bomb Squad is now open again!! We have waited years! They have SOOOOO much food. So we stuffed our faces and it is now 7:35 and I am just starting to feel a little bit hungry...that is 8 hours later. We then went home for a few hours and had a nice nap. We then ventured to Mastick Woods to have a walk and play in the river! Did I mention my mother took Merci to the beach so we had a nice peaceful day with Ethan. I do miss my little princess though! Too much quiet and I don't know what to do!
Oh yeah...Josh got hurt, what a surprise! He climbed this tree, it wasn't a huge dangerous tree or anything, he wanted to look at the river. Well he figured if he jumped down he had better chance of not falling. Like I said it wasn't a big tree, so I didn't even yell at him. Well he jammed his ankle pretty bad, it is all swolled up and he can't really walk on it. I am praying God will heal it by tommorow. I am not too worried, it isn't black and blue or anything. My sweet Joshy Pooh!
I don't think I will have time to blog tommorow but there is no adventures tommorow on our Cleveland vacation, we will all be going off on our own!
Happy 4th of July!! Happy Birthday Ben Powers and Happy 5 years of engagement to US!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

1st Day of our CLEVELAND vacation

Mommy and Ethan exploring the water

Merci posing by a waterfall

Our family decide to stay in Cleveland to vacation this year. Things are getting a little harder for us to go to our usual cabins in Michigan. All the boys (my bros) are working, my aunt has too many dogs to find sitters for, and it is just a long 8 hour drive with 2 little kids. So This week we will be doing various things around our wonderful city! Today was day 1. We went to Olmsted falls park(or as our family calls it Slippery Rock), you know where we ALL got our wedding pictures taken...most of us anyway. We had a little picnic lunch and then played in the water and on the rocks. We then walked over to Grand Pacific Junction for some ice cream. YUM YUM. It was nice to spend sometime with my parents, brothers and my Grandma. Enjoy some picture of my children!