Monday, April 25, 2011

Bachelorette Party Gift :: How to make Panty Roses::

Here is a great gift idea for a bachelorette party or girls night out or even a cute birthday gift. Ive used it for bachelorette parties and it has been a hit. You can get anything from naughty to nice panties and anything in between!

Here are some pictures and instructions!

You will need to buy some panties! Mix it up! Fun, sexy, lacy, thongs...whatever. Stick to a color scheme or don't. You make the rules. I usually do 6, but you can do a whole dozen if you wish.
You will also need to buy a bunch of fake roses. I got these for less than an $1 at Walmart.
You will also need: straight pins, a vase, foam for the arrangement of the flowers.

You need to roll the panties to make them look like a rose. Each pair of panties, is different roll em up till you get the right look. Pin a few pins into the side where the seam is. Then pin a pin up through the bottom of the plastic Sometimes you need to fold them in half before you roll them.
You will take the green base off the fake roses so you can use it for the base of the panty rose. And detach the stem as well. Push the stem up thru the bottom (push up into the panty in between the roll so you dont ruing the material of the panty)and then put on the green leaf base, and attach with a pin through each petal of the green base up thru the panty to hold into place and keep from unrolling.
(*Some panties just don't look really good rolled up, thinner ones work better, I tried to use a really ruffly pair, white ones in picture above, and they didn't work)
A view from the top

A side view all done

A view of the vase and the 6 panty roses.

A view from the top.

I hope I explained that well. If not, ask me questions!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I can smell the baseball fields

In just a few weeks I will be living at the fields again. 2 kids in 2 different leagues that play at 2 different fields...I have a feeling I will be much busier than last year! I don't mind too much, it is fun, but it does get a little old as the season hit it's peak.
It is time to start buying cleats, pants, softball socks, bats, gloves and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff!

I am looking forward to it for the kids sake, it will keep them occupied and help them run their energy off!

I wonder how Sasha will do at the fields this year?? She was at most games and practices last year, since she was a itty bitty puppy=) We actually got her the first day of Merci's practices last softball season!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

::Girls gone WILD::

Today I was busy making a gift for my future sister in law! (less than 2 weeks!!!) The bachelorette party is this Saturday-4 days!!, I'm a pretty excited. GIRLS GONE WILD is the theme, and I could definitely use a wild night out!! Going shopping tomorrow for some animal print clothes to go with the theme. We are renting a party bus and we are going to have some FUN! I will definitely be responsible, I don't like to be sick or foolish;)
I cannot wait to share what I made...ssshhh...don't tell, but I made a panty bouquet (haha, check out these camo panties I think my hubby would get a kick out of these! He loves camo). If you want to know more check back early next week! I took some photos and will give you step by step instructions!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Apple Bottoms

I find it super hard to find the perfect jeans. I actually never have found any. I actually don't really think I've bought jeans in years. I get hand me downs from my friend and my aunt, and since I'm not at a weight I want to be at, so why buy?? I'll just do with what I have. They are nice name brand jeans, so actually better than anything I would buy=) I have always thought
apple bottom jeans were cute, and come to find out they are pretty affordable! I love the little extra designs on jeans, that is why the little apples on the booty make me say AWE. But I don't think Id really wear them=) I don't think I would like that much attention to that area...haha. But I won't judge anyone that wears them either, because they are CUTE!

The bigger picture is comfort what are YOUR favorite, cheaper, comfortable jeans????

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Spring is right around the corner! Super excited, just VERY ready for the season to really change and stop teasing us. As we drive around we see signs all around. Green shoots popping up, the grass is definitely getting greener, especially from all this rain, people outside, feather flags announcing all the vacant apartments for rent, a few flowers, trees with buds everywhere, ahhhh lovely!

Easter is around the corner. School will be over in less than 3 months. I can go on and on, I am super excited!

Just in case you wanted to know:)

How come I keep forgetting???

Dear Blog,

I keep forgetting about you! I'm so sorry. Things aren't really too busy or anything. Just plain old forgetting=( No excuses.
-It isn't like I have some big time management jobs or anything. I'm sorry. But here am, not forgetting about you tonight.

I was a Martha Stewart today. Cooking and crafting all day. It was refreshing. But for some reason I am super tires today. I bets it is the overcast day....longing for the warmth that is around the corner.

But now I am resting on the couch with my dear laptop and the TV, and my sweet Sasha by my side.

So we will see you again soon!