Friday, December 30, 2005

13 Things Donna did this year!

1.) I turned 24
2.) I celebrated my daughters 5th birthday and my son's 1st birthday all in one summer!
3.) I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary.
4.) I went on my first vacation with my husband (alone) in 5 years!!!!!!!
5.) I achieved my heaviest weight, besides being pregnant.
6.) I started my own business as a Tastefully Simple consultant.
7.) I have eaten more Mac n Cheese than ever in my life!
8.) I sent my daughter off to Kindergarten.
9.) I started blogging.
10.) I didn't go see 4th of July fireworks...or even go to a picnic=( We spent the day in the ER!
11.) I love God more than I ever have.
12.) I finally drive a SUV..which I swore I would never do..I'm too small (4'11'').
13.) I accomplished this list!


Kimber said...

Fun List Donna!!

I am so glad I started blogging this year has been great hearing about you and your cute family!!!

Blessings to you...I hope next year is an even better one :)

Love ya!

Jason said...

Mmmm. Mac n Cheese. Mmmmmmmm

Angela said...

Lots of milestones this year, Donna. I hope this next year is just as great. Now I want Mac and Cheese!!!

Gina said...

Really enjoyed reading your 13 Donna. Happy New Year!

Jaime said...


Ang - try "Annie's" mac 'n cheese... it's all i wanted when I first got pregnant! :)

sammon said...

14. Admired Sammon for his witty and insightful blog comments

Bek said...

great 13, donna. you look good in an suv. :)

Drea said...

Wow if you celebrated your daughters 5th bday... and your only 24. You had her really young! I dont feel to bad now ;-) People always poke fun at me cause I was a mom at 21. Im not the only one, woo!