Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All over

It is so sad that Christmas is all over. I just love the family time and celebrations, the food, the gifts, the beauty, everything about it. This year was extra special since one of my brothers proposed to his girlfriend!!! The next year will be filled with wedding planning, shopping for dresses and looking for the perfect tuxedo for all the guys and all kinds of fun stuff...and hopefully since I am the grooms family I will still get to help with all the fun!!
But now I am left with a pretty messy house and LOTS of toys to find places for

Congrats Nate and Mary we are all looking forward to April 2011!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free Disney on Ice tickets for Clevelanders


Just in time for Christmas!

With just a little over a week until Christmas, I thought you might like a chance to win a great stocking stuffer:

I want to give you a chance to win a 4 pack of tickets to see Disney on Ice in Cleveland on Saturday, January 9th at Gund Arena
(oops, I mean Quicken loans arena!)

Don't worry, if you are not the winner, I still have a deal for you!

A 4 pack of tickets for only $44 to any weekday show or $4 of any tic
ket purchased for a weekend showing.
Just use the coupon code: MOM at www.Qarena.com
Disney On Ice's Lets Celebrate will be here in Cleveland
Friday January 8 @7PM
January 9 @11AM, 3PM, 7PM
January 10 @1PM, 5PM
Tuesday January 12 @7PM
Wednesday January 13
Thursday January 14 @7PM
Friday January 15 @7PM
Saturday January 16 @11 AM, 3PM, 7PM
Sunday January 17 @1PM, 5PM
January 18 @1PM, 5PM

Disney on Ice's LETS CELEBRATE:
It’s one colossal party on ice, with all your favorite Disney friends! Enjoy a winter wonderland with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, a Halloween haunt with the Disney Villains, a Very Merry Unbirthday Party, a Royal Ball with the Disney Princesses and more in a magical medley of holidays, celebrations and festivals from around the globe. Come join the party when this spectacular ice show visits your hometown!

Must include name so I know who to contact
Giveaway ends at noon on Wedneday Dec 23

**I was given a 4 pack of tickets to see Disney on Ice's Lets celebrate in return for spreading the word about the show and coupon code MOM

Monday, December 21, 2009

So many options....

I love that nowadays we have so many options on backing up our information.
We currently have external hard drives that we use but I have recently heard (am I slow?? or is this a new thing) about online backup sites.

I would NEVER want to loose any of my pictures, videos, or document. So this is worth checking out just for a double dose of safety!

Does anyone use any online back up sites currently??
I'm going to have LOTS of videos to back up after the holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Giant Eagle sale/coupon match ups 12/17-12/23

Remember to enter to win a 4 pack of tickets to see Disney on Ice on the post above this!!

Here are some of my favorite deals at Giant Eagle this week...there are more deals...for a more in depth review you can go to Cherry Picker's site...she is my favorite Giant Eagle lady!!
***Remember Giant Eagle doubles coupons that is how I get my final price***

Progresso soup
Classic only $10/10 or $1
You may have some .50/2 any flavor Progresso= $1/2 or .50 ea
or $1/3 here or here=$2/3 or .67 ea

Progresso Broth (carton) 2/$4
You may have .50/1=$1
or print .50/1

Kraft Singles 4/$10 or $2.50
You may have .50/1 or $1/2=$1.50 or $2 ea

Daisy Sour Cream 2/$3
You may have .50/1= .50ea

Reddi Whip 2/$4
You may have .50/1=$1

Cool Whip 10/$10 or $1

New York Texas Toast/Breadsticked 2/$5 or $2.50
You may have .40/1= $1.70

Betty Crocker cake is .89

Vlasic pickles 4/$10 or $2.20
.50/1 here=$1.50
Dole canned pineapple 10/$10 or $1
you may have .35/2=$1.30/2 or .65 ea

Nestle Morsels 2/$4 or $2
you may have a $1.oo printable from previous weeks=$1

Sunday, December 13, 2009

If only...

If only I would have know at the age of 16 that being 30 (or close to it) isn't that old at all. I will be 29 in March and I don't feel old, well me knees do but that is a different story...I am not anticipating having to us wrinkle cream for a good long while yet!! I guess 16year olds don;t know as much as they think they do, huh?

Talking about old...the other day I was painting and listening to a radio station that is playing all Christmas music and "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" came on...the OLD version;) I was really annoyed at how dang slow the song was. But then the other day I heard it again and was thinking of way back when, that is how life was...slow. No rush, rush. Life back then was laid back.
The pressures of today were no where to be found. What it must have been like?

I think I'd like to go there for a bit.
Want to come with me?

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I am just amazed that the Christmas season is here. Like 2 weeks away here, and I don't have my tree up or any Christmas decorations...yikes. But anyway...the Christmas parties are starting ( we had out small little company party this past week already), which means the overeating and feeling not so good. I gotta figure out how to stop that...or is that the fun of it?? (I could just try some fat burners or something)

Anyways...there has been so much going on over here, mostly trying to get the living room painted before the Christmas decorations go up. Whose dumb idea was that anyway (oh, wait it was mine...lol). Right now I am waiting on Josh to sand the fireplace down, and I'll probably be waiting a long time, so I will probably just paint it and forget about sanding it.

I am so excited for the kids for Christmas. I remember the magical feeling. We really try to stay away from the hype of I want this and I want that, and focus more on giving, but in all honesty, it is SUPER exciting getting gifts! I still have some shopping to do but not too much. Gotta finish this week though, so I don't have to lug kids around with me the following week.

And dare I say I am bit excited to have the kids home for awhile?? Did I just say (type) that...yep, I did!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

What I have been learing latley

So much has been going on at my house lately. A week worth of nonstop work getting the basement ready for Thanksgiving, which we hosted for the first time. It went well and the basement looks great. I have also been going through the study Breaking Free by Beth Moore. It has been good to be in the word and study something that is very beneficial.

Anyway...I had a very emotional day a few days ago. My little E is an emotional guy, and I don't deal well with that....because I guess I am a pretty emotional mommy:) I really wanted to take a picture of the kids outside on our porch for our Christmas cards because this is our first Christmas at this house, OUR house. It took me like an hour to convince E that this was a good idea-I finally retreated to bribing with candy. I then asked him to go get my camera from the table in the basement, which he did and proceeded to take a bunch of pictures and then headed back downstairs to take a picture of his beloved cats. I told him NOT to a few times yet he insisted on disobeying. On his way back up he tripped on the steps and dropped my camera, causing the lens to get jammed and not work anymore and also bashed his sheen up pretty good. Did I mention this is the camera that replaced the one that died 2 days after the extended warranty ended??? And that I have had this camera for, OH...just shy of 2 months...granted it is a cheap point and shoot (well $120 cheap, but better than a $500 one). I thought about returning it to the store since it has been less than 90 days...and I really wanted to. My gut told me NO, and after Josh assured me this was the wrong things to do I regressed. I tried to call Casio hoping they'd be understanding, but apparently cameras should never be dropped, because they aren't meant to be. Out of luck. But I did have a peace that I needed to suck it up and be done with it.

Through all this I was super calm with Ethan (I really surprised myself), I was able to hold him and love him through his pain, and explain to him that our disobedience doesn't just effect us but others around us and although I was VERY SAD not to have a camera anymore, I still loved him and valued him way more than my camera. He saw me cry, he saw that I was really sad, but also saw my love of him was much more than the love of THINGS.
It was a proud day in my parenting!

Later that day when I saw the cats scratched up our brand new (floor model) couch -the base and arms are leather the rest is not...needless to say I was not so calm with them;)
Baby steps, right?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Wouldn't it be lovely

...to remodel your house they way you want right away?? Like I mean everything the perfect color, the perfect material (like granite tile and not linoleum that looks like granite tile), EVERYTHING the way you want it (an not just painting the bathroom but still having ugly pink tiles in the shower and floor) Waiting and do a little here or there is kinda annoying. And seriously I am happy with all we have been able to do in our home so far, but I am one who would like to just get it all done and be done...ya know?? Oh well, now I have stuff to do for a few years=)

Which reminds me....the post with pictures of the finished basement is up next...I bet you are dying to see it...well I am dying to show it, so how about that!

Since I thought I had time

I am on jury duty today (I started this on Thursday-but while you are reading this on Friday I will be on the jury)
so I am (was) sitting here with nothing to do...so I guess I have no excuse not to finally post the "almost" finished basement (but there is a crappy internet access so I was not able to)...we have some molding to finish since we ran out...and some doors to build on the entertainment unit.

I am extremely satisfied with the end result!! We both worked so hard (plus the guys we employ). We are enjoying the room so much, cats included (they think we made it just for them or something).

Without further ado here are some before pictures:
This is back in April when Josh started framing for the walls.

The beautiful entertainment unit my wonderful hubby built for us!

Bookshelf...he built this too!

This is when the walls looked hot pink and I was freaking out...

Looking better only 4 coats later.

Need to find a bigger piece of carpet, but for $40 this will do for now...and decorations will be better this was thrown up 30 minutes before people were coming for Thanksgiving...there will be doors on all the bottom shelves of this unit.

The bookshelves make the room feel so comfy!
The walls look really bright here, not so much in person.

Another view!!

So What do you think?
Wanna come over and watch a movie??

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Christmas season has BEGUN

The Christmas season is really here. I kinda love that we had our first snow today, the day after Thanksgiving. How kinda FUN! Glad I had no plans to shop on this crazy and cold day. Me and my boy (hubby is at work, my girl is at her aunts house) are all cuddled up on the new comfy cozy couch in our new room in the basement. How lovely!

So back to this Christmas season thing...gifts...for hubby....so HARD to be thoughtful. My husband has his own business, and besides playing pool -which he has not done in forever and has all the equipment-his hobby is tools and building stuff and because that ties into his work, he has all the tools he needs and if he doesn't he waits until he has a project for work and then he can buy the tool and write it off on our taxes. So.....buying gifts for hubby=hard.

I like to be super thoughtful, I really don't like just getting gift cards, so......I guess the next best thing is some kind of electronic equipment...Slingbox, blue ray player??-not sure we want to go this route yet, new game system, new video game (which he just bought himself....I was a little annoyed...my only idea)....HELP...if you have any suggestions on a fool proof gift for a hubby!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yummy Yum Gift

I always try to think of gifts for Christmas that won't just lay around and collect dust. I want a gift to be used, and liked. In getting older you realize if you want something you can just go get it for yourself (usually). It is when you get older you actually start asking for stuff you will use rather than stuff you WANT.

Do you know what I mean?

A trusted name is always good too. I do like to save $ and get the best deal, but sometimes the best deal is something that may cost a bit more but you KNOW is gonna be good!

We all see them popping up around the holidays at malls and in stores, so why not grab some for a friend or family member...I'm talking about Hickory Farms products and gift packs!

You can check out all they offer at www.hickoryfarms.com

You know what really sells me?? They make it easy to ship to military serving all around the world by shipping to APO/FPO addresses! How great is that?! If you know someone serving why not spread a little cheer to them and send some tasty treats.

Hickory Farms is ALWAYS good, all the sausages and cheeses I got to sample were wonderful...not to mention my favorite little strawberry hard candies...what a treat!
And I didn't have to wonder if they would be, I knew with a name like Hickory Farms I'd be happy!

It might not be an "exciting" gift but it will not lay around collecting dust, it will be eaten, I am sure of it!
And when they open the gift packs there eyes will be pleased too!

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Hickory Farms and received a Hickory Farms gift basket to facilitate my review."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giant Eagle Coupon Match up 11/19-11/25

It's late, I know...busy week here...but here it is!!

Giant Eagle 11/19-11/25

These are best of the best deal that I KNOW are a good price (cheaper than Marc's!), there are other deals and sale/coupon match ups.

Giant Eagle butter quarters $1.68

Holiday Hershey kisses, Jingles, M&Ms plain or peanut $1.99
printable from last week if you still have it or if it is still available=$.99

Super Pretzel (another sale I wait for) 4/$7=$1.75
you might have .50/1 coupons from previous inserts=$.75ea

Carnation evaporated milk 10/$10
you might have .50/2=$1/2

Reddi Whip 2/$4
you might have a .50/1(Sunday)=$1

Cool Whip 10/$10=$1
no coupon I know of, but a good price

Swiss Mix hot coco mix 10/$10
you might have .50/2 (Sunday)=$1/2

My FAVORITE Giant Eagle go to is Cherry Picker and she goes through the whole add, some she found that I think are good enough prices to get are:

Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage $2.50
you might have .55/1 from previous week=$1.40

Nabisco saltines/Triscuit/Wheat thins $2.00
$1/2 printable =2/$3

Libby's canned veggies .50
.50/2 printable=Free

Blistex lip balm $1.00
you might have $1/2 (Sunday)=$1/2...think STOCKING STUFFER...my kids love chapstick!

She has a ton of stuff listed! Check it out, I don't list stuff you can get at Marc's cheaper, but some of you don't shop there {GASP};)

Happy Shopping!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

:Fruit Loops::

I was never big on giving my kids sugary cereal. I tried to stay away from it, but then I decided it wasn't horrible to have "special" cereal every once in awhile. And now we get it a lot. I try to stay away from the "really bad" stuff and stick with the less offensive stuff like Honey Nut Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios, Frosted Mini Wheats etc. One day I read an article on the good and the bad cereals out there, and was very surprised that Froot Loops were a decent choice!! Of course the kids love them and I do too!! Cereal is our #1 pick in the mornings, so easy!

When I got the chance to review the NEW Froot Loops, I was excited...that they were trying even harder to make the cereal more nutritious and that Id get a few free boxes to try!

I was so excited to try the New Froot Loops with FIBER, that I ripped into both boxes one night before dinner;) We also go the opportunity to try the Apple Jacks with Fiber but didn't get to compare, but I am sure the story is the same!

The verdict in our house is that they are.....GOOD. The taste is VERY close. The crunch is a bit different and I actually like the Froot Loops with Fiber crunch BETTER. My son is too young to know any difference and my daughter (shes 9) said she tasted a difference, but I'm the mom and my mouth said they were very similar, so similar I wouldn't be able to tell the difference if the box wasn't in front of me.

Kudos to the cereal companies for striving to make the cereals we turn to on busy school mornings a bit better for our kids!

You can check out more about Froot Loops and Apple Jacks cereals with added Fiber here: http://www.kelloggsnutrition.com/

Thanks MOM CENTRAL for including me in this opportunity to taste and share about Kellogs Froot Loops & Apple Jacks!

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Kellogg’s and received boxes of Froot Loops and Apple Jacks and a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giant Eagle Coupon Match up 11/12-11/18

Giant Eagle sales/coupon match up Nov 12-18

Giant Eagle turkeys are just $.59/lb
You can get the Honeysuckle turkeys at Marcs for $.59/lb-Grandma says these are better;)

Delmonte canned veggies and College Inn broth 20/$15...but automatically get $5 off when you but 20...so that is 20/$10=.50ea
You may have these coupons (or multiples to use) from the red plum (insert that come in the mail-in NEO ohio)
$1/2 cans College Inn
$1/8 cans Delmonte canned veggies
example: I have 2 of each of these coupons, which I can use because the amount of cans doesn't exceed the amt of cans I am gonna buy...I will be paying $6 for 20 cans making each can $.30...great stock up price!!

Philadelphia Cream cheese 4/$5or $1.25
you may have $1/3 from Red Plum mailer
you should be able to find $1.25/3 on ziploc container stand at most Giant Eagles (on 117th the stand was found by the refrigerated juice just down from the cream cheese) if you buy 3 it will be .83 ea (good price)

Pillsbury Grands 4/$6 $1 off automatically when you buy 4 -4/$5 or $1.25
I know there are printable coupons out there as well as some from previous mailers...I won't buy these I don't need any...so I didn't check this out.

International Delight coffee creamer 2/$3 or $1.50
.55 printable
and also .55 from Sunday paper (a few week I think)=.40ea (GREAt price...cheapest Ive paid this year)

Campbell's Cream of Mushroom or Chicken 5/$4 or .80
you should have .25/4 coupons floating around from previous weeks=.68ea
you may be able to find a printable also...maybe better than than the .25/4

Land O Lakes soft margarine, spreadable butter tub 8/$10 or $1.25
you may have .40/1 from a long time ago=.45
I so wish I had more of these...I love to stock up on these=(

A $2 catalina (machine that spits out coupons next to the recepit machine) will print if you buy $10 worth of any mix of below items in a single transaction of these items-you can use the $2 coupon on your next visit to GE:

Wish Bone salad dressing 2/$4
.75 printable =.50 - I was only allowed to print once=(

Hellmann's Mayo 2/$6
you may have .50/1 in Red Plum=$2 (not an incredible deal...but I do need some so I will grab one)

Skippy PB 4/$10 or $2.50
you may have .40 in Red Plum=$1.70

Knorr side dishes 10/$10 or $1
you may have .50/2 in Red Plum =$1 for 2

Ragu 3/$5 or $1.67
you may have $1.25/3 in Red Plum=$1.25ea

Bertolli Meals $5.99

Imperial Quarters 5/$4

Deals I didn't see that Cherry Picker did that I thought were worth sharing:

State Fair corn dogs $2.75
(remember that coupon I told you to print last week??).55 printable=$1.67

Jimmy Dean breakfast $2.75
bowls, sandwiches or omelets
you may have : .75¢ Jimmy Dean bowl =$1.00
or .75¢ Jimmy Dean sandwich =$1.00

Those are some of the deals I will be picking up...I am sure there are other great deals there too...I can refer you to some other ladies who type out everything on sale at GE....let me know if you need a link!

Also leave some comment love if you use any of my listed deals...it will make all my work seem worth it;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 weeks

Only about 2 weeks and our basement needs to be done...yikes..stripes...fruit stripes gum...hahaha...not sure where that came from;)

So much to do.
But I am so excited to get it done, now hubby just needs to get at it...we pick up the couch this weekend...so we should have the painting done...but don't...

Grandma dropped the turkey off in my freezer tonight, that kinda freaked me out.
Is Thanksgiving gonna be here is 16 days?

Monday, November 09, 2009

the swirling thoughts

Don't you get sick of the millions of twirling thoughts in your head. The ones that invade the thought you want to be in your head...do you know what I am talking about??

I wish I could think straight about the things I need to do, the things I want to do, the mom I want to be, the wife I want to be, the things that matter.

But instead there are so many other thoughts that invade my mind continually...finances, weight loss, what I didn't do, what I didn't succeed at, what a person thinks about me and on and on....why is it so hard to quiet those voices, but hard to quiet the ones that matter?

I am working hard on making the ones that matter learn how to YELL.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Giant Eagle Coupon Match up 11/05-11/11

Some of the GOOD Giant Eagle deals I see...there are more I am sure but these are definitely worth it!

Progresso soup -$1.25
you might have this coupon-.50/2 Progresso soups=$1.50 or .75 ea

Land O lakes butter quarter-5/$10 or $2
decent price if you need some and if you buy 5 you get a catalina for $2 off your next shopping trip

College Inn Broth 32 oz-2/$4 or $2
you might have a $1 off 32 oz coupon=$1

Betty Crocker potatoes- 8/$10 or $1.25
you might have a few .40 off coupons=.45ea

Coffee Mate 2/$3
you might have 1.00 off printable=.50 ea
you might have $1.50 off 2 printable=.75 ea coupons.com
stock up...these don't go bad too fast...my husband goes through these so fast in the winter, since he takes a whole big thermos...I wait for these sales!!

No Yolk Noodles 3/$5 or $1.67
you can print .75 off coupon =.17...print 2 of these, and use both!!

The Betty Crocker free pan deal, when you buy 4 participating products is still a go...but most stores are out of pans=( want more info let me know!

Like I said there are other deals,I am sure, but these are the best ones I see!!
Let me know how your shopping goes=)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

So pretty

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I recently got the chance to review a pot from cookware.com.
I was so excited because I have been wanting a nice saucepan...with a lid...I have 2 with no lids=(

I was pleased to see saucepans in every price range. From about $20 right on up! I picked a really nice looking stainless steel saucepan with glass lid for about $30.

It looks so pretty hanging from my pot rack, all clean and shiny...now I just need ALL new pans so they can all be shiny and pretty=)

My pan came really quickly, and I hope that wasn't just because I was doing a review, but that they are just on top of things like that!

I have used it a few times and it has cleaned up great! I am sure it will be around for a long time.

They have many name brands and lots of specials going on as well. If you are looking to replace a pot or pan or get some new ones for all the big cooking holidays we have coming up, why not check out cookware.com! I am positive you could find a pan in the price range you want!

Thanks cookware.com for letting me choose a pan in return for letting people out there know where to go to find good deals on pots and pans and more!

Monday, November 02, 2009


Isn't is annoying when you are somewhere and your cell phone goes blank in the middle of a conversation? Or when you are somewhere and there is absolutely no cell reception (like at my church)??It is like 2010 shouldn't there cell towers everywhere by now??
I think we pay enough for our cell phones that they can make us all happy.
But anyway...I am thankful for cell phones, they come in so handy, like when you see dresser on the treelawn down the street and you also see the garbage truck right down the street and you call your hubby and ask him ever so nicely to go get the dresser.
Woo- hoo we got a free dresser, not bad at all either.
And then you get to contact an expecting friend and ask if she wants like 50 baby hangers for her little guy and she says YES!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Giant Eagle sale/coupon match up 10/29-11/4

All sale prices shown are good from Oct 29-Nov 4

REMEMBER All coupons up to .99 are doubled automatically at Giant Eagle!

**if listing is in blue, I have not checked the store to make sure this deal works or is a good price yet...but I will...and then I will update***

New to trying to save $$...go here for some tips!
Don't have these coupons I am talking about try looking here for some of the same ones or similar: coupons.com smartsource.com redplum.com...I will link to coupons when I can.

Yoplait yogurt cups -20/$10=.45ea
$1 off instantly WYB *(when you buy) 20
You might have 1 or more .40/6 coupons to make this a better deal If you had enough you could use up to 3 coupons making these yogurts only .33ea print a few .50/6 coupons to make this better
You will see more yogurt deals on the list, that I think are better...you don't have to buy 20...but some people love them their yoplait!

McCormick Vanilla or Vanilla extract 25% off print $1 off coupon...this might end up being a ok deal...not sure on reg price

Nature Valley Nut Clusters 4/$10=2.00 ea
I have 2 printables from awhile back (not currently available)1.60 off making these .40 a bag...woo-hoo...BUT
you may have $1.oo off coupons from the paper or here...making these $1, still a decent deal.

Pillsbury Grands! Jr Golden Layers 1oct or Grands or Cinamon Rolls 5ct 6/$6
$4 off your next shopping trip-coupon prints at checkout-this is called a catalina coupon
You might have .40/2 coupons for grands or cinnamon rolls...they were in Sundays paper...you might have some from previous weeks as well and you can print some here...there is .30/2 grands and .40/2 cinnamon rolls...remember you can print 2 of each coupon from each computer...if they are still available!

***You can use up to 3 coupons since you are buying 6 items to make this deal...so lets do the math:
6.00-.80(.40 doubled)-.80(another .40 doubled doubled)-.60(a .30 doubled)=$3.80 plus you will get the $4 coupon off your next trip or another transaction that day to *GE (Giant Eagle), so you really making $ on this deal...AWESOME!! Oh and you get some really yummy rolls=)
[this deal could be better if you have better coupons...I have a .50/2, you might have 3 .40/2...and so on]

Totinos Pizza Rolls 10/$10 or $1 ea
you may have .40/2 coupons=2 for 1.20 or .60 ea
It is nice to have these in your freezer for the kids on Saturdays or a movie night snack!

Breyers Inspirations, Yo Crunch 100 cal packs or Disney yogurt 6-pks 3/$6 or 2.00 ea
you may have (I have lots, I stock up anticipating this sale!!) .50 off Breyers Insp, .75 off Disney or .75 off Yo Crunch= .50 ea for Yo Crunch packs and .50 ea Disney pack and $1 ea Breyers Insp packs...cheap yogurt!!

Angel Soft TP 10/$10 or $1 ea
you may have .50 of angel soft 4 pk...I stock up on these coupons too...after the coupon doubles you just got a FREE pack of TP

NOW for the tricky BUT GREAT deal!!
1 FREE Wilton medium cake pan or medim cookie sheet instantly (you have to go to the pan isle and pick up the pan, and scan it at the register, but the full amt will be deducted)
when you purchase any 4 baking products in a singel transaction (you must buy all 4 at the same time)
participating products:
Betty Crocker frosting 2/$3 or $1.50 Sundays paper had a .50 coupon = .50 ea
Betty Crocker Cake mix or Brownie Mix 4/$5 or $2.50
Betty Crocker cookie pouch mixes 4/$8 or $2 sundays paper had .40 coupon or print here or here= 1.20 ea
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix or Bisquick 4/$8 or $2 print .60 bisquick = .80 for bisquick

So mix any 4 of these deals...and get a free pan plus cheap treats to stock up for the holiday season!!

I would choose the 4 that will be the cheapest out of pocket price-I've done this deal a few times and it works fine!! And Ive got nice clean cookie sheets=)

I am here to answer!! I want to get you guys saving money so I hope this isn't too much info at once, I just tried to explain it all out for you! It takes a bot to write out your list and gather coupons, but it gets easier every time!

There are other deals to be had at Giant Eagle, these are some of the best!
A deal is a deal if it is a cheaper price than you normally pay for an item!


Are you overwhelmed by the number of social media platforms, coupon forums, giveaway site, blogs, place to go for everything....I AM. It seems like there are like 4396710 million sites for everything...I just cannot keep up.

what are your favorites? what are a waste of time? what blogger has the best coupon match ups?what blog has the best giveaways (and why are they all for baby stuff??)...I am so overwhelmed with the power of the internet.

I am pretty boring, I check my email, my Google reader, my Facebook and sometimes I remember about Twitter! And have long forgotten about MySpace.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting ready to shop Giant Eagle like never before!

My first ever Giant Eagle sale/coupon match up post....COMING WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

But for now here are a few things I wanted you to know before hand, since I am hoping you are all going to start doing this like me! **WINK

*All I do is look at the sales in the Giant Eagle add and match up those sales to coupons I have (I kinda know what coupons I have (from Sunday paper and the Red Plum inserts that come on Tuesdays-here in Cleveland-or with the grocery fliers mid week), so I go through my coupon wallet and pull em out and calculate the final cost)

*I do not do meats at Giant Eagle, unless it is SUPER cheap, I buy my meat at Marcs and just hope it is a good price;) -I use only Ground Turkey and chicken, sometimes pork, very rarely beef so the husband doesn't die)

*I do not price baby items, since I am past that stage and I just cannot fit any more prices in my little head, I also don't want to pretend I know the best price for these, I do from about 5 years ago, but that won't help you!-Sorry=( I can direct you to another fine couponer site that does do the baby items also...if need be.

*I am going by the coupons I have...I have been cutting coupons for awhile now and am very picky about where and when I use them...so obviously I may have coupons you don't, and you may have coupons I don't. Coupons vary by region, so you may get some I don't vice versa.
I also sometimes get coupons from my family, so I may have double or sometiem triple the amount you do...YEAH ME...ask your family to save coupons for you. **Most times you can find Sunday papers at stores on Mondays or Tuesdays for half off...if it was a good coupon week, go buy a second paper, it is WORTH IT, you will save lots more than you pay for the paper.

*The good thing about Giant Eagle is that the sales are kinda on a rotation...meaning the same things go on sale every few weeks, so you know what coupons to look for after a while.

*Even if you don't need an item right now....and it is on sale very very cheap...buy it and put it in the pantry. I would be happy to show you my stickpile....someday when the basement is done and I can actually get to it;)

**To encourage you to stick to this, it WILL become second nature to you sooner than you think. It seems intimidating at the beginning. Start small, and go from there.

*Don't buy everything I have listed, buy itmes you like and items you use! Or maybe try it if you neer have if it is cheap, and you don't like it, no biggie, just don't buy it again!

OK enough....Im gonna go type up the shopping list for you...check back tonight!!

Any Questions?? Leave a comment!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I would really like to be healthier, this coming year. It isn't all about weight (a tiny bit though), but more for my future. I feel like I am much older than 28. My joints ache, my energy levels are not very high...and on and on. I am going to start on some good vitamins soon, like whole health real vitamins. I am going to try to eat better, I don't feel I do a horrible job now, but always adding more fruits and veggies and grains is a good thing:) I have hit the I am sick of McDonalds stage, which is good, I don't stop there nor do I desire to, Burger Kings breakfasts tempt me but I am handling that. I am also thinking about doing a colon cleanse. You can find colon cleanse reviews here.

Have you ever done one? What advantages do they have?

I also heard if you are eating bad while doing it (sugar, caffeine etc) it will not work. That kinda scares me because, it is so hard to stay away from everything bad, and especially when you don't have total self control over food.

Starting with baby step would be better for me. Like staying away from pop and only drinking it while out to eat or at a party, not in the house. I am doing pretty well with that, but sweet tea is my substitute (decreasing the sugar each time I make it!)

Such a struggle.

Friday, October 23, 2009

It was a HIT

Last night was our trip to the Ringling Brothers circus. It was so much fun. The kids loved it, it keep Josh and I entertained, an all around score!

We got escorted into a party room where all the activators were gathered, we were handed bags of fun stuff for the kids, we were served a nice spread of foods, which was way more than anticipated, light refreshments is what it was supposed to be, but it was way more than that! And then we got to meet some clowns and the Ringmaster, Alex, himself! How fun is that?

I got to meet one blogger that I follow, Marcy from Stretching a Buck!! I won't tell you how I got talking to her and her family;) but I am glad I did. It is nice to have a face with the blog. I also got to meet Lauren from Mom Central.

It was a LONG, but Great night!

Our seat were great, 1st row in the club section (the overhang). BUT get this...Sarah...who won my free ticket giveaway, was in ROW 6...right down front! AWESOME!! I hope to have Disney on Ice tickets to give away in January, so Keep an ear out!!

The circus is here in Cleveland until the 25, so there is still time to get you $11 tickets (weekdays when you buy 4 or more) or $4 off weekend tickets.. by using code: MOM at TicketMaster.

The code MOM will work for most cities the circus will be in, NOT just Cleveland!

Thanks to Mom Central and FELD entertainemnt for a lovely evening!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

LONG night

As you know me and my family went to the circus last night. What a late night. It started at 7:30, and we where there a bit after 5. We got home about 10:30, so it was a very late night for the kids.
I am hanging out inside today because I probably have dark circles under eyes.
But after I get some work done, I will take a little nap and feel all better, especially since it was a long, FUN night!
Pictures and more info to come soon...you know...after I take that nap and get rid of those dark circles under my eyes;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here I lay...

...in bed with my laptop, freshly showered with nowhere to go.

I really never, I mean never, even in my wildest dreams thought Id complain about being home with no kids all day long 5 days a week. I mean, I do enjoy it, I like the peace and quiet but it has been 2 months. The newness of it has worn off. I find myself lonely, wondering what I can do, forcing myself not to run to Target to see what has been marked down. I actually have a bag of a few things I have bought, and not quite sure why I bought them, except for how cheap they were (don't worry it is not a problem...I usually use the stuff I buy, and the bag hold 2 items less than $8 worth of stuff...I actually stopped myself from going into Target the other day, so see I have it all under control).

I am left to myself lately. My thoughts, my heart, the quietness...it has been pretty scary.
I'm not used to having time to think, to ponder, to search myself. And let me say I am having a very hard time with this. I have begun to question who I am. Wonder if it who I am supposed to be, am I in my destiny? Am I on the right path? What do I have to offer? Why do I do what I do?

I am a servant (too much), I am a giver (too much), I am loving (too much), I am tender hearted (too much), I am forgiving (too much), I am compassionate (probably not enough), I am a procrastinator (because there is so much for me to do, I just don't want to)...I am who I am. So why do I not belong, here, or there, or it seems like anywhere? Why is my character looked past? I am struggling deep inside with so many things, but with a smile on my face (most of the time), and a hop in my step.

Sometimes I feel so done. I don't want to be any of who I am. I am exhausted from being me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My aspirations

One of many aspirations is becoming a better known blogger! Not sure why, I just like blogs, I like the information I have learned, the stuff I have won, products I have sampled, or heard about and so much more.

Blogging has been an escape for me, it has been another world to go to when I needed to escape but couldn't (due to having young kids at home), I've met some great friends and have stayed in contact with some friends and family too. I am definitley not bloggin as much as I used to, which will hinder my aspiration of becoming a better known blogger, and it also is so much less personal, because a lot of posts become "paid" posts. I hope to do better in the future and also hope to improve my writing skills as well (any insight might help!)

This month I have already given away a 4 pack of tickets to the Ringling Brothers circus!! Congratulations to Sarah R! TOMORROW is out big night out at the circus. I received a 4 pack of free tickets for my family, and we get to go to a Pre-Pre show at 5, then the pre-show at 6:30 and then the circus at 7:30...A LONG night, for sure! I am thinking of bribing my kids with a choice of cotton candy or snow cone ONLY if they nap..but then I realized we will be home for a whole 30 minutes after school before we have to leave...oops, that won't work.

Moving forward...Later this month I will be reviewing for Cookware.com, they had so many namebrand pots and pans to choose from (like Rachel Ray Cookware, calphalon, kitchenaid, and more)...keep an eye out for that review.

Now that you know ONE of my aspirations....you will have to keep reading to find out some others;) I'll be back, hopefully sooner than later.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm cold

We have an ancient furnace. We had someone give us a quote for a new one, and he said our furnace is less than 30% efficient, maybe even less than 20%, I blocked it from my head, because I was hoping we wouldn't be cold and paying hundreds of dollars a month.
I could really use anelectric fireplaces about now because I am REALLY cold. My digital thermometer says 62.7 degrees in my house and in the mornign yo son;t want to know what it says, trust me. We are looking to buy a new furnace and maybe even install it ourselves to save money...because we certainly don't have $3000 for a new furnace or $6000 for a new furnace and central air (which we need also).
I guess I better start looking for a job after all;)

Any suggestions on furnace purchasing or installing let me know!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Have to remember

*The radio was on, rare in this house (wanting to change that).
*Merci was dancing to fulfill her daily 15 minutes of Move it Time for this program the school is doing. Me saying yes to her throwing herself around the living room is rare too (I know, I am a bit uptight...working on that).
*Ethan came in the room and was going to dance with Merci, but it was here time for the shower...late, so she had to hurry. She told him to dance with me, at that moment I didn't have anything to attend to so I said sure.
*I got down on my knees and danced with my boy (felt good to actually have to stoop down to someone else's level for once!!).
*We danced, he kept trying to kiss me...lol...he is a passionate one...he loves to show affection...we talked...it was precious.
*I told him how much I loved him and couldn't believe he was the little baby that was one in my tummy.
*He told me he loved the cats more than me. I wasn't black and white and furry and have a tail
*I assured him I could grow one ;) Then I showed him all the fur on my arms:)
*We cuddled in my bed, he cuddled with daddy too...we all prayed in our bed together and the kids went to bed.
*I grabbed my laptop and got into my bed, where I am now waiting for hubby to be out of the shower.
*Next: We cuddle, and talk, and go to sleep early!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The great basement project

A little background info. We bought our first house in January, this year. Hubby started making a room down there (it was on big room), super fast he did so much and then...the weather got nice and he had to start working again. Good and bad. The basement has sat all Spring and Summer. Getting the itch to work on it again, hoping to have it done for the holidays. We have much to do, paint walls and floor, get carpet (cannot install because of wetness factor, there will be a perimeter around the room with just the painted concrete), decide and buy couches, stain or paint entertainment until and book shelves that hubby made. UGH.

The main purpose for this room is for the TV and video game systems. We want the TV out of sight out of mind...right???...hopefully more than it is now. After we stain the entertainment unit, and hubby mounts it in, the motivation will come...right???;) So much work but the aftermath will be great!!

Cheer us on.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Today I had to take my Subaru in to get a few things replaced. I found a few things wrong with my car when we first got it and have been waiting for the parts (radio and trunk latch).

So anyway, I had my brother pick me up and bring me home until it be done about 3. So I was stuck here in the house all day with no way to go anywhere (I have a hard time staying home most of the time).

So anyway....getting to the point....I was stuck and HAD to find something to do...I was cooped up in the office for like 4 hours organizing, cleaning out my email inbox, doing business stuff, returning calls, etc etc. My husband had recently asked me to find a particula customers paperwork and I could NOT find it in the filing cabinets, but knew the name and remembered him doing work for them. Nothing in Quickbooks (invoices, payments etc). I was ticked at myself for not keeping better records. There was this box over in the corner (still unpacked from January), that had a bunch of my husbands junk, like cataloges for roofing products, samples of underlayments, caulk and roofing materials, and more catalogues for stuff like industrial supplies and warehouse stuff....so pretty much stuff he hasn't touched in the 10 months we have been here and probably a year before that (Is it bad to just toss this stuff without saying anything...considering the length of time untouched????) And guess what else was in there??? Some customers paperwork...and yep...the particular one I was looking for...yipee!!! And just in case you were wondering I did not pack the office at the old house, my husband and brother did...big mistake...a lot of other stuff I needed in there as well.

I feel good after having such a productive day (I also swapped Summer/Winter clothes in our closet...mostly)...YEAH ME;)

WORTH the entry!

There are so MANY giveaways on blogs, and truthfully I have quit entering...$5 giftcards, free baby stuff, just aren't worth the time it takes to comment etc. And then more entries fro Twittering facebooking and blogging about their promotion just irritates me.

a $200 gift card to Best Buy OH YEAH!

Go here and enter to win a $200 gift card to Best Buy to put maybe towards a NEW appliance of your own.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Not Me Monday

My first attempt...I may not be as witty as MckMamma...but I thought I had some funny stuff to NOT ME! this week.

I did NOT scream at the top of my lungs and keep screaming for like 2 minutes when I lifted up the sandbox to dump it out and I saw a mole. The first thing that came to my head was NOT OMG that is the biggest thousand legger I ever did see. Oh and Ethan did not keep asking where the MOLD was...LOL

I did NOT eat the glass full of M&M's and then fill it back up so no one would notice. Nope.

I did NOT sell my chandelier on Craigslist (the ugly one) before we took it down or before we had a new one picked out.

I did NOT get yelled at by a 16 year old cahsier at Claire's for asking my husband to take a picture of me for my face book profile wearing THESE sunglasses in rainbow with rhinestones...lol...I would never get yelled at, and especially when my daughter was in the store with me.

Want to play or read others Not Me Mondays?? Click on MckMamma above!

Want to go to the circus?? for FREE??

***UPDATED: Congrats Sarah R!!!***

Fall is officially here TODAY!

I celebrated with a shower before the kids got up, and a nice bike ride in this perfect weather.

I have so many favorite things about fall, crunchy leaves, cider, crisp apples, pumpkins, the smell in the air, the crisp nights, finding acorns, buckeyes and monkey ball in the metroparks.....and another one of the things we look forward to is the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus which comes to Cleveland every Fall
Usually in October.

(Check the local newspaper to see if you can catch the parade downtown when the circus arrives, the kids get to see the elephants walk in the streets...we have always missed it, but it is FREE!!)

We have gone 2 times now, and Josh and I enjoy it as much as the kids.
We will be going again this year!!!
(Thanks to Mom Central and Feld entertainment)

I know sometimes it is hard to find extra money in the budget for extra's like this, so that is why I want to share this great coupon code with you.

You can get 4 tickets for $44 (weekdays) or $4 off tickets on the weekends.
The code is : MOM
(October 21st-October 25 at Gund arena)

You just type in that coupon code at Ticketmaster and you got yourself a deal!
**Must order a minimum of 4 to get the $11 price, after that each tickets ordered will be $11**

If you buy tickets you MUST go to the pre-show which is free to all ticket holders...you get up close and personal with clowns, elephants and more.
We loved the pre-show!!

Want to win a 4 pack of tickets (for Oct 21st show at 7:30)???
Leave a comment (one entry per family), and I will draw a winner on OCT 5
You will be able to pick up your tickets at will call with an ID.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hitting us fast

The cold, Fall weather is hitting us fast. it makes me so sad. I feel like I didn't even get a chance to enjoy the Summer. I guess I was too busy complaining about it (it was too rainy, and then it was so hot and then.....you know how it goes). Well, the onset of this cold weather makes me want to search for some Myrtle beach hotel deals.

We went to Myrtle Beach in November one year and it was still so nice. A bit cold for the beach but, I will take low 70's high 60's anyday over the coldness of Ohio. But instead of complaining more, I better go enjoy the Fall beauty before it is a mere memory. There is so much to enjoy about Fall. Winter, well, not so much;)

Friday, September 11, 2009

In the air

I am not sure why Fall is so many peoples favorite season...I mean, I do, because it is mine, but being the pre-season to the most dreaded season...how could it be liked so much?

Crunchy leaves, caramel apples, pumpkin roll, Trick or Treating...cool mornings and cool night and warm in between, AHHHH.

Here in my city it is also the time of year the circus (not just any circus but The Ringling Brothers circus!!) comes to town! I love walking to our car on those crisp nights.

We LOVE the pre show too (free to anyone that has tickets to the circus), elephants painting...what?? Go and see for yourself!

Our family loves the circus, and we try to go every year. And we like to take my Grandma along who also very much enjoys the circus!

With deal a deal this this, you can't go wrong:

  • *Offer #1: Get 4 tickets for just $44 by entering the code "MOM" at select ticketing channels. Offer good on all weekday performances, which includes all weekday evening and Friday matinee performances; minimum purchase of 4 tickets required; additional tickets above 4 can be purchased at $11 each.
  • *Offer #2: All weekend performance tickets will be $4 off the original price.
  • Offer #3: Get the best Circus Celebrity, Front Row and VIP seats available – We have reserved seats in these sections just for you! Enter the code MOM. No discounts available on these sections.

We are hoping this one comes to our city:

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Feld Entertainment. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Saturday, September 05, 2009

We will miss you Mr Jeep

Just for my own records I wanted to post pictures of our beloved Jeep.
Awe. It is so sad to know they will be killing our Jeep when the government pays the dealership we traded it to.

Don't get me wrong the new Subaru is wonderful, we were just attached to our old trusty Jeep.
But just for sentimental purposes here you (I) go:

We will hardly miss the messes you made on our nice driveway.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Awhile back I was talking on Facebook about the cupcakes I was making for my brothers girlfriend for her birthday (which is the same day as E's bday!).
She has a pet hedgehog Quilla who is so cute. I saw in a Martha Stewart Living magazine a hedgehog cupcake pattern, so I just had to try my hand at it....take a peak:

It took forever, but they were so cute!

Some are better than others.
The frosting was really melting because it was so hot that day.

This is what they looked like in the magazine, not bad for my first real
cupcake decorating=)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Vacation Day 2

The day after we went to the zoo we went whit water rafting as a family.
We were very much looking forward to this adventure, and boy was it.
Josh and I and Merci paddled our hearts out for 11.5 miles.
There were tears, there were many times we gave up and there was fun in between.
We needed a bit more man power and bigger rapids, I cannot wait to go with some adults to bigger rapids!

Our little look out.
E was not help paddling, since the paddle was twice as big as him, so he sat on the front of the raft to watch for rocks=)

After lots of screaming and crying we finally got E to get off the raft into the water-we went on the family float and the rapids were nothing to fear, so much of the trip was calm water, so we swam a lot.
(60 degrees...brrr, but it was mid 90's so it felt really good!)


My love.
My heart flutters just to look at him.
I am forever grateful for this man.

The scenery was beautiful all around.
It was so peaceful amidst all the hard work of paddling for 11 miles.
My arm sure did ache for days.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vacation Day 1

The weekend before school started (Aug 15-17) we were finally able to go on a mini vacation.
We left on Saturday and went to the Pittsburgh zoo.
It was nice to visit a different zoo (and for free with our zoo membership!!)

Look at his lip they are hilarious!
I caught him in mid chew...lol

They had a underwater tunnel where at the polar bear exhibit, and we were fortunate enough to see one swimming around!

Kind of a blurry yet cool picture of Mr Polar bear!

Piranhas at the really nice aquarium.

I miss having penguins at our zoo, they are so cute!

We paid big buck to have this picture taken and we also got to pet her, it was so neat though, and E loves elephants.

Look at the elephants trunk...Merci must have smelled good=)

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Well here are the obligatory first day of school photos.

Ethan on his first day of Kindergarten!

Merci on her first day of 4th grade.

Amazing how time flies!
This was last Thursday Aug 20th.
Today was their 3rd day.