Thursday, May 31, 2007

Copy Catting

So Crystal had this fun quiz on her blog, and my friend Autumn did it a long time ago, I had fun doing it for them, maybe youwill have fun doing it for me!

What do you know about Donna?

Take my quiz!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Had to

turn on the air. When the thermostat says 88, I think it is time!
I hate to turn it on if I don't have to, every time it kicks on I hear my money being sucked from my bank account! At least it isn't as expensive as heat.

Stay cool!


Sometimes I take part in surveys for a market research company. I love it! It is usuallya few hours of my time, but they pay really well. I wish they would call more! They usually call once a year. But it does bother me that companies go through so much time, effort and money to get us to buy stuff. I guess that is why they do so well in the end though.
I know when we were thinking of flier ideas and logo designs Josh was very worried about what "people" would think. I am not all about what people think!


I am not sure how you all feel about insurance (car, life, renters or homeowners, health insurance and even business insurance), but I think it was a good thing gone bad!
Everyday all of us are just trying to live life to its fullest and some of us are just trying to make ends meet or pull ahead a little bit. Right now we carry 4 different insurances, and as you can imaging, the cost of these is a lot of money. If we didn't have all these bills to pay, just think of the savings our kids could have for college or the nice vacation we could have or a down payment for our own home. It is bad enough other bills are so high, you know things like necessities. I don't know how anybody gets ahead in this world.
their rates will go up etc?? I am getting to my boiling point real quick here. And then On top of the high costs, what about when we do make a claim or rates go even higher. Isn't it the most ridiculous thing when you hear about people not claiming things on insurance because insurance companies give you the run around on getting your vehicle fixed or getting the money you rightfully deserve. It just makes me so angry. One day I will be one of those people who has a large savings account,just in case I get into that car accident, that way I don't have to pay high monthly premiums for motor insurance.
Josh and I have lived without health insurance for 3+ years now. Our kids are covered by the county, but we were right under the guidelines. We pay for the office visits we really need, and just pray God will keep an eye on us. The 2 major accidents Josh has had (one he was in the hospital for over a month) we never saw a bill for! god took care of us and the system was just in that case!

Here a re few articles you may find interesting!
Is inflation a necessary evil?
Speeding won't increase premiums

~This is a sponsored post~

Memorial Day weekend

We had a pretty nice long weekend! I was a little sad because we tried to get a camping trip together, but it didn't work out. And since the Brucks, are far far away, there are no kids to keep our kid entertained=( So I am not sure if we will get to do any big camping trips this summer or not, but we will try.
Friday night we had a girls poker night at Kelly's, lots of fun! Complete with spinach dip, peanut M&M's, Mitchells ice cream, Klondike bars and cheesy garlic biscuits...not to mention some yummy "girly drinks"!
Saturday I had to go grocery shopping with both kids=( and then after Josh did a small job he came home to fix my Jeep (front brakes..we just did the back ones a month ago, ujoints, new battery connections, my Jeep has been deciding not to start at random locations, so we hope this was the problem and rotors)! It sounds great and I feel much safer!
Sunday we went to church, took naps and took the kids to see Shrek 3 and then went out to eat.
Monday Josh finished building (actually fixing the broken one) Ethan's barn. He loves it!! and then we went to Josh's parents for a cookout and a swim in the big pool! Josh and I watched DEJAVU.

With lots of laughs and some color to my body, I would say it was a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dell Memory

Do you own a Dell computer?? Do you need more memory?
Dell Memory is easy to find at this website. They have some for every type of computer, desktop or laptop. With a live chat specialist, how much easier can it be?
Memory not only gives your more space to store pictures, videos, music and documents, but will also help your computer run faster. If you are looking for upgrades, this is just the place.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I am sure you are wondering

If you read my blog this morning, I am sure you are wondering what my rejoicing story is!

Without getting into too many details, my brother who is a senior in high school got suspended a few weeks back. He threatened another student (on that students voicemail). He was wrong he shouldn't have done it, especially since he is 18 and the other student was not.
The other day when I was taking my brother to the dentist I was asking him about prom and at that point I was informed he wasn't allowed to go to prom, or graduation and that he had been kicked off the baseball team. I was FURIOUS. I was so broken over this. The last few years m brother hasn't been a saint and has failed a few classes and rarely went to school. This year he has been being very responsible. He kept his grades up enough to play on the baseball team and has been going to school. So I was really mad that he wasn't getting the rewards he was working hard for. After I heard about this, I realized I needed to get involved.

I called some people to get their advice and did some digging to find the handbook for my brothers school. I read everything to find a ground for my argument. I found a lot of helpful info that I passed on to my mom, and pretty much urged my mom to stand up for my brother and make a big deal about this. I found it really unjust that he got suspended and 3 other punishments on top of this. Now my brother goes to a not so great school, no suburb school,that is for sure,s o the things that go on at this school are much worse then threats done b/w 2 teenage boys. The other child involved admitted to the principal that he had been threatening my brother also, but got NO punishment, and my bro got 4. And if this other kid didn't want my brother in trouble, why did he go to the principal in the first place?? (He was telling the principal that he didn't want my brother in trouble, what the heck?)

I was most interested in fighting for my brothers right to graduate. Baseball and prom are privileges, but graduation is an academic reward. I felt that taking his graduation away was a big blow for something so stupid. So anyway, between my mom trying to talk to the principal, daily bugging her, I was trying to get the superintendent involved in this. I am not sure she ever did, but......

This morning my mom called to tell me my brother was allowed to go to prom (which is TONIGHT) and that he would be walking the stage at graduation!!! They even let my brother leave school today to get a tux and prepare for tonight!! I got the privilege of taking him to get all he needed done. I am so grateful for God's mercy in this situation. We told our home group the other night (the day we heard of this nonsense we had our small group) so they have been praying and I have been praying and weeping all week! OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL!!!

My littlest brother will be graduating next week! YEAH!


Sometimes I feel like I need some Energy Pills.
Some days I am just so tired Icannot get myself to do anything. I am not one to stay up late or get up early and most always get 10 hours of sleep. What is my deal? I need some energy. Maybe I should eat more veggies and protein. I guess watching what I eat should be first on my list.

Need somewhere to go?

Josh and I will be taking a mini vacation sometime this summer. We need time away! With kids and starting a business we are just exhausted. We looked into going to Ft Lauderdale, Virgina Beach, we heard that Branson Missouri was a fun place to visit, but I think we have decided goin to Put-In_Bay woudl be the best. We get the small island atmosphere, with a short drive (which makes it cheaper!) and we get to use most of our time having fun rather than traveling.
They are having a drawing to win a package worth over $2000 at the link above, why not enter?

Did you know??

That God is AWESOME, FAITHFUL, JUST, LOVING... & much more!
(just wanted to remind you in case you forgot...which I do too much)

I will tell you the story behind my rejoicing...


Thursday, May 24, 2007


I hate that we have to fear for our children's safety. I hate that when I watch the news and you see parents pleading for their children's safe return, you can't but help think that could be you. I trust God and I try not to live in fear daily, but you really just never know. Bad things do happen to Christians too. This sweet little girl Madeline that is missing...why did she deserve this?? Why did someone feel like they had the right to come in and snatch her away? It makes my heart hurt. I just watched an interview with her parents, as the father gave a speech the mother stood there looking lost, alone, unwhole. I wanted to cry for her. I am disgusted that this happens. I guess this just makes me ready for heaven a whole lot more, at least me and my kids will be safe there.

Pray for this family, for this precious, pure little girl. Lord you know where she is, be with her every second help her feel a peace that is from you, let her experience you and be able to share you with her family when she returns, Lord I pray she returns. Otherwise take care of her up there and watch over us daily so we don't have to experience this hurt. Jesus we are ready for revival, for MORE of YOU and less of the enemy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Don't leave shower favors consisting of Hershey Kisses, M&M's and Kissables in your purse on an 80 degree day. When you go to Target and take out your wallet, it will be covered in brown goo=)

Almost ready!

I wish I could say that I am all the way ready, but at least I am almost ready..for Heaven that is.

Why wouldn't I want to leave this awful place? I guess I am scared of the unknown, even though it is going to be wonderful. I don't want to leave me kids, I don't want to miss out on what God has for us, and I would really like to have my own house, ya know??

The enemy has been on a prowl, in my life and in so many of yours as well. I am sick and tired of this war of a life I have to live. The unjustness, the heartache, the perverseness of everything.

Lately I have just felt like I want to stay in church forever. During worship Sunday, I just got this vision of all of us just being there worshipping all day, all night, and being so full we didn't have to even worry about food. Heaven is gonna be like that, a big, happy, awesome, fulfilling place. Very much UNLIKE this place we have to be until then.

Lord help me to keep persevering. Help this make me closer to you. Give me the strength to get through my days.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Random tidbits

I like that on the weekends I don't have much time to sit around and blog or read others blogs. I feel like I do too much of this during the week! I am usually doing work on the computer for school or for our business, and when I get bored(often!), I blog or read blogs. So the weekend is a nice break.

We had a busy weekend. I love having things to do. This weekend was super busy though. We had something Fri night, Saturday and Sunday. Busy, Busy!

On Wednesday Merci has a Spring concert t school and she has a solo!! It is only "The leaves are turning green" but it is a solo! I am proud of her. I will be sure to video tape it and post it on my blog!

Merci is also going to be done with 1st grade in less than 3 weeks. Where does time go?

And on a complaining not, my Jeep needs lot of repairs, I was informed today that if I drive on my tires anymore I would be risking our lives. YIKES, that is scary. Good thing money isn't tight right now, not plentiful but not tight! But when you have a stupid SUV tires cost a pretty penny! And we just replaced all the tires on Josh's F250 a few weeks ago (now those were EXPENSIVE!!) And the day after he got them one got a screw right into the part that cannot be fixed, so we had to buy another. The nice guy gave it to us at cost this time only $109, yeah right, only!! That is a lot of $$. Ok I will stop complaining. I am very blessed to even have a car, huh??

And if anyone knows how to do Quickbooks really well, e-mail me huh?? It is so hard to figure things out on my own!

Talk to you all soon!

Friday, May 18, 2007

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew I was close to an A in Human Biology, but I didn't think I would make it, my one test was lower than I thought it would be. But I did it!!!!!

493/540 points 91.3% A

I knew I would get an A in health, it was easy and all test were online (so I could consult my book if needed) Bio test were all on campus, no notes, no books!!

Way to go me.

I am really enjoying all the medical related courses I have taken. I just don't know what God wants for me.
Lord I pray for direction over the next few months, hints even, dreams, whatever you want...I just want a glimpse!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

If you know and Beth Moore

If you know of wher I can get a thing that tells me how many people visit my blog each day, let me know. I just want to make sure people read my blog and I am not waisting my time!

I finally got online and searched for a counter and found one and installed it correctly!! Yeah me. i was just too lazy to ever try=)


If you ever heard of Beth Moore, you know she is a great speaker. I love her personality and her stories! Check out this blog entry by her (I didn't knwo she had a blog..I am excited to read it daily!)


My parents will be visiting Las Vegas next month. My friend Lisa just got back. I have never been there, and not sure I would ever go. I am not a gambling type, I don't think I would enjoy all those weird shows and I don't like to get drunk and marry strange men.

So if my parents win the jackpot (unlikely) they can check out some
Las Vegas Luxury Condos while they are down there. They are beautiful!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My first born!!

Here you go mommies - a different kind of survey for a change - it's all about your first born! Let's see how much you remember!

3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? Oh my gosh, how am I going to tell everyone, will he stay with me?
6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? Actually quite comical, I was on the phone with Josh and I had said something about period, and then I said speaking of periods mine it late. I don't thin I thought much about it, just thought it would come, never thought about how stupid I had been. As soon as I hung up I realized I had to pee, so I called the health center at my college ( I was living on campus) and they were open so I went and took a test.
9. DUE DATE? July 5, 2000
10. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? Does all day sickness count?
11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? Reese cups and sandwiches and ice cream
12. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? Not sure I was irritated
14. DID YOU WISH YOU HAD THE OPPOSITE SEX OF WHAT YOU WERE GETTING? No, we were quite shocked it was a girl, we just thought there was no way we would have a girl, I have 3 brothers Josh's family has 6 boys and only 1 girl, we were very surprised
15. HOW MANY POUNDS DID YOU GAIN THROUGHOUT THE PREGNANCY? over 60=( I was 98 lbs before and over 150 when I was all came off though, unlike with #2
18. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY? I was hospitalized once because I was dehydrated after a bad sickness.
19. WHERE DID YOU GIVE BIRTH? Lakewood Hospital
20. HOW MANY HOURS WERE YOU IN LABOR? 17, from very first signs until the end maybe 8 or so hard labor
22. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? LOL, don't ask why there were so many...Josh, my mom, Josh's mom, my aunt, Tabitha, Angela, Amy I think I got everyone!
24. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN? yep, Nubain and then an epidural...still felt everything though....RRRR
25. HOW MUCH DID YOUR CHILD WEIGH? 7lbs 11 1/2 oz
28. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? 6 years old and 10 months...time flies!

Nap Time

Nap time is getting harder and harder.
My little guy is getting too smart.
Over the last few weeks I have tried different techniques.

I have allowed to him to watch 1 show before nap, I announce to him that when this show is over you will be going to nap. He responds "Yes, Momma." I get a big smile on my face, and think to myself what an awesome little guy I have, and then when the show is over the fight begins.

I have tried setting a timer and telling him that when the timer goes off it will be nap time.

I have tried to put him down at a certain time and will read him 2 books.

Today he slept in the car for 10 minutes and when we got in the driveway was magically up, so I let him watch the 1 show, as I was turning off the TV Ethan says(with the cutest little face, may I add) "When timer goes off, I go to nap, okay momma?" I just melted and said Okay honey!
But when the timer went off he was still eating his candy (he went #2 in the potty) so he thought he could buy more time. Then I realized that I really need to be firm with him. I made him set his candy on the table and go to bed, he got out a million times and I still am not sure if he is sleeping or playing.

We have to go get Merci in 45 minutes, so I hope he is sleeping.

He usually sleeps for 2 hours, and he definitely needs the nap, I can't wait until school is out, so we can be more flexible with our routine!!

Have a great day!


Do you get pulled over by the police a lot??
Not me, but my hubby used to. When I was pregnant with Merci he had a 12 pt suspension=( He had a great judge who did give him driving privileges to just about anywhere though. Since then he has been good. I think he only has 2 pts on his licence still, if that.
When I was a teenager, I drove FAST everywhere.
(Angela do you remember driving 90 all the way, when we went camping that one time???)
I was a speed demon.
I always wished I had one of those radar detectors
in my car.
I am good driver now!
Kids do that to you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I was tagged by Wendy for this meme! I have never seen this one before and it was pretty fun! Enjoy!

Here is what you do…

…remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump the others up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom spot.

1. A Lifetime
2. Kristin
3. Erin
4. Wendy
5. Donna

Next, select five people to tag.

1. Rebekah
2. Margo
3. Crystal
4. Vicky (NurseMom)
5. Autumn

What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago I was 16! Just got my drivers permit a month or so ago, I also got a brand new car!! A Toyota Corolla. My dad leased me a car, he didn't want his baby girl driving around a junker. Don't be jealous, I had to pay for it monthly and for insurance. I worked at Sportmart and The Pretzel Oven. I hung out with Angela and Shara all the time. We had a blast!!

What were you doing a year ago?

Last year I was chasing around a 19 month old. I would say it was a little easier than chasing around a 2 1/2 year old this year. He didn't argue last year, I didn't have to bribe him into everything and he did what he was told!

5 snacks that you enjoy

1. Honey Sesame sticks from Trader Joes
2. Yummy summer fruit
3. Sweets
4. Goldfish crackers;)
5. Chips

5 song that you know all the lyrics

1. Before He Cheats: Carrie Underwood~me too, Wendy!..we lost our cd though=(
2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star..LOL
3. Unwritten: Natasha ??
4. Lips of an Angel: Hinder~OOOO Love it too!
5. ALL the Christian songs on 99.5 The Fish=)

5 things that you would do if you were a millionaire

1. Pay off our debt as well as all our families debt, sounds good to me!
2. Buy a house!!!!
3. Replace my deteriorating Jeep ( pay it off first!)
4. College funds for my kiddos
5. Get some plastic surgery (Yeah, I am not afraid to admit it)~ I probably would too Wendy!

5 bad habits

1. Not putting stuff away
2. Too much time on the computer
3. Yelling
4. Bad eating habits
5. Spending too much money

5 things that you like doing

1. Being on the computer(blogging!)
2. Going shopping to find good deals!
3. Eating
4. Spending time with my hubby
5. Being a friend to people

5 things you would never wear again

1. Turtlenecks...I don't even like those kind of sweaters
2. Tapered jeans
3. Saddle shoes (except for a dress up party for the 50's..wait is that the right decade??)
4. MC Hammer pants
5. Leg warmers

5 favorite toys

1. Computer
2. Camera...I am bored with mine and really want a new one!
3. Kitchen cooking stuff.. I like my chopper, My VitaMix, (ours was free-a hand me down) and I love the sifter it makes the powdered sugar look so pretty!
4. Scrapbook stuff...If I ever get a chance to look at it again=(
5. My husband!!!LOL=) I just love to cuddle with him and talk to him. No dirty minds, now. We are married, but I didn't mean this in any inappropriate way!

Monday, May 14, 2007

He is all man now!

Ethan has been potty training for a month or so. He is doing better than I thought! As long as we are home he does almost perfect. Maybe 1 accident a day. I do put Pull-Ups on him when we are in the car or out and I forget to take them off, so he takes advantage! But lately he has been asking to go potty at stores even with a Pull Up on ::bonus:: He will stay dry for a few hours most of the time. We have also been holding back lots of his normal juice cups. I am just so proud of him!
Playing outside has been a struggle, he doesn't want to come in to go potty=( But we will get there.
He has even been doing his #2's on the potty for the last few days, these usually happened when he had a pull up on!!

But the funny thing happened today! I was watching a few other kids and I was sitting in the dining room reading something when I heard a stream of water. I look up to see Ethan standing above his potty chair ( we only have one bathroom upstairs so we still allow him to use the potty in the living room/playroom) He was peeing standing up. I immediately was like "HEY, what are you doing?? Where did you learn that??" Ethan replied "Daddy stand up at the potty at the park." LOL Josh took Ethan to the bathroom yesterday at the park and so Ethan thought he should imitate daddy!!
Yeah! Well buddy I don't like pee splashed on my walls OK!! He wasn't even aiming it..LOL.

Too funny~Remember to write this in baby book!!!

Mother's Day

I had a great one. We went down to a park to have a picnic with my family. We took a long stroll down by the water with my aunt and Grandma. It was peaceful, no issues with the kids. A lovely day.

I hope you had a great Mother's Day too!

I usually just reflect on how wonderful it is to be a mom and wish I did it everyday.
Our job as mom's are so important and even if our kids are too little to show their gratitude, just wait!
I can't wait until the day my children go to the store with their hard earned money and pick something out they know I will like ( I am talking teens, you know their first job and they are so excited to bless their mom..don't you remember doing this??)
Right now they don't get it, but they will one day and I am striving daily to be the mom they will appreciate and think is the BEST!
Until then hugs and kises will work just fine!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Before and After

Merci got her hair chopped! I think it makes her face look so cute!!

You all get to see my chubby belly=(
I am working on that though!

I got my hair trimmed a few inches and highlighted
Can you tell??
This is the first time I have had any highlights!
I really like it=)
Thanks Lisa!


Wouldn't we all love to have a Disney vacation home??

I know I would. I would actually love to just visit Disney with my kiddo's before they are too old.
Josh thinks we should wait until they are older so they can actually enjoy and remember it. I think that if we don't go in the next few years that they won't enjoy it as much as if they would at a young age. I remember the magic of the character's wasn't too exciting for me when I was in 4th grade. I just want them to feel all of the magic they can. I do agree that if they are like 2, that it is just way too over stimulating for them. I hope someday we can afford to take them! Why is it so darn expensive??

Always Lookin

For something to post about, so I am taking Wendy's tag to whoever wanted to do this!

First, the rules: each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog the rules and answers. Then you choose seven people and make sure to leave a comment on their blog.

1.) I am 26 and mostly sure we are DONE having kids. We have a almost 7 year old and a almost 3 year old!

2.)When I was in 4th grade someone stepped on my thumb when we were ice skating (i had fallen and someone came to help me). I had to have reconstructive surgery on my thumb and had one of those pins in it, that they yanked out without telling me...ouch! My thumb is totally fine, it just has a funky scar.

3.) I broke my leg on Christmas day when I was 5. I was sledding with my uncle and we hit a tree.

4.) During my 6 1/2 year marriage, God saved me from being a widow 2 times...Josh has had 2 very life threatening accidents, but God wants him here for some reason, so he saved him!

5.) I want to travel to Africa someday...thinking I want to help women in childbirth and learning how to care for their children in correct ways.

6.) I wouldn't mind adopting a child from another country, I have a heart for adoption, I just don't know if it is God's plan for us to adopt or for me to work with adoption in some way...I carry a prophetic word that was spoken over me sometime ago...just waiting for more clarification and activation.

7.) I collect PEZ dispensers, I am not an avid collector, but I have lots!! My hubby collects Hot wheels. I guess we are kids at heart. When we have our own home, we want to make our office fun and display our collections, because I don't like the rest of my home cluttered with knickknacks, but think it would be fun for the office!!

Ok I tag whoever wishes to do this!! It is fun!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Triple Whamy

I have been sick since Sunday. I had one day where I felt great and then it started all over again.
I got a call from Merci's school yesterday telling me to pick her up, she had a fever and soar throat. I took her to the doctor and she tested positive for strep, I had them check Ethan too, he has been very crabby, not sleeping and not eating, I thought it was just him being 2 1/2, but he was positive for strep too.
Last night I got a high fever and it lasted all night, I was miserable this morning and the left side of my throat was very soar, only the left side though.
I haven't been to a doctor since I had Ethan. My doctor before that left the practice to do something else in the hospital, and we don't have insurance, so I was kinda at a dead end as what to do. I came across the number to the old doctor ( his name was Dr Seuss...seriously!) because I remembered there was a new doctor taking over the practice. I asked them if I could just come in for only the strep test because I was positive I had it. No, I had to have a new patient price, blah blah. Cheaper than I thought though, so I went. I don't have strep, but I have a double ear infection and tonsillitis. There are mucus pockets in my tonsils on the left side. That is why only the left side hurt.
3 of us sick and stuck at home today. Kids are feeling better, Ethan is still not eating, except for what HE wants, Merci doesn't have a fever and I haven't had one since 6:30 this morning. We are all on antibiotics (mine was on the house~samples~since it was a pricey prescription and he knew I didn't have insurance). Praise God, because I don't think I would have been too happy paying the $150 for it!
Pray that we get better soon!


Most of you know I have been taking some college courses online. This past semester I took Human Biology and Health. I really enjoyed the Human Biology. It is amazing how much you learn when you want to! 6 years ago when I was in school, I hated every minute of it and even my 1 semester in college I just was NOT interested. Anyway, I really like Biology and learning about all the functions of the body.
I was thinking about taking justt one class over the summer. Another Biology I can take is about DNA and Cells.
Sounds intriguing, but I don't know if I am even going into any medical field, so should I even waste my time taking classes that won't help me with my degree??

And byt he way I took my last test last night and am DONE for this semester. Probably a high B in Biology and an A in Health!! Yeah me!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Did I mention??

That Josh and I went rollerblading a few weeks ago for the first time since the "accident"??
It was refreshing(another step in my healing and grasp of the whole thing), but I was on edge the whole time. It is great to be able to look back on that day with nothing but gratefulness. I am not mad at God, I don't question it, I am only grateful!

I cannot find the pictures for "proof"=( I guess you will just have to believe me!!

If you don't know the story and you really want to know let me know and I will tell it, but most of you know it.


Does your computer need updates??

My husband thinks ours does all the time. We always have to get a new this and new that, but I won't complain, I use it more than him!!

One thing that can cause your computer to run slowly is your computer memory
The more you have the quicker your computer will go!
It is fairly cheap and easy to install.

You can go to this site and check to see how much your computer has
and see how much more you should get.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


This is our logo! It came to Josh in a dream!
The green, black and purple on the left represent slates
The outter circle is a roll of copper, the inner is a roll of aluminum
The wavy things on the left are spanish tiles, and the other are regular tiles!
All mediums he works with!
Thanks Jacob for designing Josh's idea!


My children love worms. They go outside and just dig in the dirt and collect worms. Merci makes "habitats" for them and they have so much fun. BUT they get so dirty, it is gross. I don't know about you but I only bathe my kids every other day, I don't have time to do this nightly. Yesturday I knew we were going to hit a few stores after dinner, so I told the kids to please find something else to do, did they listen?? NOPE. They both had dirt caked under their nails, dirt and worm guts smeared on their faces...yuck, yuck, yuck. I really don't appreciate dirty kids. I am going to have to get used to it, it keeps them busy not to mention happy.

What is a mom to do, when her kids love worms??

Friday, May 04, 2007

having feelings

in mothering
in being a wife
in being a friend
in cooking
in money handling
in everything

Pray for me!


I have found the perfect business cards site!

Josh hired a friend who is a graphic designer and we finally have our logo!
(I will post it soon!)

We previously ordered some generic business cards from some really cheap place, they were ok but we decided we wanted something a little bit better. This site seems to have just what we were looking for. Many different options to choose from to make them noticeable!!
They seem to have great prices and they allow you to upload your own logo! Perfect.

Our goal was to order some this weekend so we could send more flier by the
end of next week. Perfect timing!! I will let you know how they turn

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Trying to Win

Thanks to lots of you bloggers I heard about a great site I never heard of and have a chance to win a iPod Nano and chocolates in a really cute box!!


Go check out the site to learn how you can enter some cool contests for FREE stuff!

I think I am going to like this site!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oh yeah!!

I didn't think I would get to it today but I just submitted my final for Health class. I am totally done with my Health class!!! Yeah me.

I also took all the online quizzes I need for Bio class, and actually did amazing. All I need to do is study a little bit more and go to campus to take the last test!

I haven't decided if I will be taking Summer classes or not, but I think I should take at least one. probably a remedial math class so I can get on to credit classes. Or maybe I could go take the placement test again to see if I can get into a credit math class...we will see!

As you can tell

As you can tell, I am home. I have been mostly posting sponsored posts to make up for the week I didn't do any! Sorry, but for the money I just can't help myself...ya know. Who doesn't like a few extra disposable bucks?? ( I n the next 2 week about $60 bucks will be in my paypal account..woohoo!)

Anyway...the post about the Grocery Game (scroll down a couple of posts) was NOT a paid post, it is real and something I did sign up for. I will let you know how I like it and maybe give you some tips=)

Things are going ok since we have been home. Merci is now sick (Ethan got sick the night we got to PA and Riley got it the day we were leaving...stomach bug) and the brakes on my car went bad right before we left and my wonderful hubby is trying to get them fixed (he ran into a few problems and rain last night), and on top of that I am trying to get the house back together and finish up my 2 college courses in the next 2 weeks, on top of the daily things. I know all you moms understand!! So I am busy, busy!

Well I better go get some studying done before nap time is over. Bye!

Fun saving $$

Daily I check WKYC website for news updates, since I don't get time to sit and watch the news.

The other day I saw this story about the Grocery Game. It is so cool. I love to clip and use coupons to save as much $ as I can!

This website tells you all the prices on products that are on sale. (You put in your zip code to bring up stores in your area!) She even colorizes them to tell you which are "rock bottom prices" "buy only if you NEED them etc. I joined to see how it works. I need to find more time to sit and read all th "rules" (really tips and how to read her charts etc) But for a short time first time joiners it is only $1 for 4 weeks. It is usually $10 for 8 weeks. So for $1 I though I would see how it works!

If you decide to sign up refer me!!

I will let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Furniture

I am not sure about you but we could defiantly use new furniture throughout our home. The only things we have bought ourselves are: entertainment unit..which is now in need of replacement after 5 years, and 2 end tables I just bought a year ago, and Ethan's toddler bed, other than that we have hand me downs. Which is fine, but at some point I want to replace everything with stuff that is MY style and not a mixture of random pieces.
Home furniture is something I love to look at in stores, magazine and online, just so I know exactly what I want. I also like to make sure my husband and I agree on styles so when the time comes it isn't a huge ordeal trying to compromise. It won't be a stressful time for us, it will be enjoyable!
I can't wait!!!