Tuesday, November 22, 2005

binkies,a sick kid and Josh

Since my basement is freezing cold I have taken a break from my computer for awhile!

Ethan has been without a binky for 9 days now! YEAH. He really didn't need it and was becoming to dependent on it. He is doing great!!

Merci got sick Sunday at church. She had a sore throat and fever. So Monday we ventured to the doctors. It was strep=( At least she gets a whole week off school..She was out yesterday and today and there is no more school this week. It is nice having her home! She also got a flu shot so she won't have to deal with that this year. That was a real fun experience=) I was cracking up as she was screaming like we were cutting her arm off=) We enjoyed some yummy ice cream afterwards though!

Josh has finally posted so check it out.

Me. Well I am just keeping things together here.
Sunday I got prayed over in my class, by Mrs Moran (I love her, but have never experienced her prayer...man is she intense). Enough is enough was prayed over my family! I really felt like this was a promise from God. I have turned my head and am heading in a new direction and will continue my journey with my newly sprouted wings!

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL! Remember to give Thanks for everything..even your socks...even toilet paper. Do we realize how blessed we are??


Jason said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Donna, and to everyone else.

Bek said...

yeah! for ethan with no binkie. and i lol when u said merci was acting like her arm was cut off. she is an actress. :) happy thanksgiving!!!

TMoss said...

Poor Ethan! Hopefully he'll manage through the holiday season.

Crystal said...

Aww, little Merci poo is sick! Yeah strep really stinks. But hey go Ethan, no binkie you're growing up so fast! Gosh before you know it Merci and Ethan will be all grown up and on their own. God has good plans for them, I just know it! Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you all have fun! STUFF your faces!! I know I will!

Drea said...

Hi Donna, How old is Ethan? No binky huh? Hehe isnt that hard taking it away from them? Caleb was a year old when I took his "pie-pie" away. He did really well though. Just because he wasnt old enough to realize who took it away and that he could possibly get it back if he begged enough haha. :-) It took about 2-3 days of short short naps and very light sleeping til he was completely normal.

I replaced his "pie-pie" with a blankie... he loves his blankie now. I try not to let him take his blankie out of the house though... cause I dont think he should be that clingy to it... haha.
Plus it gets REALLY dirty fast.. Its white. Shows dirt very easily.

Okay gtg! :-)
How you liking this cold Ohio weather! Its suppose to snow some more this week.

Jaime said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too (although late). Sorry about Merci's strep... yuck!! 'Tis the season. :(