Sunday, August 26, 2007

West Palm Beach

Most of you have heard me talk about buying a home in the next year or so. I wish we didn't have to buy a home here in Ohio, we always talk about moving somewhere beautiful. We just think it is more important to be with family when the kids are growing up, rather than fulfill our desires of living in a beautiful place.

Florida seems to be a popular place to run off to. If you ever think of relocating to Florida or know someone who is, let them know about West Palm Beach real estate!

Josh and I thought about vacationing there this year, it never happened though=(

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Anonymous said...

West Palm Beach is an amazing place to not only visit but to live. One place I know about that is under construction is Amrit Resort & Residences on Singer Island. It's going to be the only private beach club on the gorgeous island and everyone in the Florida area is anticipating it. They are partnering with Aveda Spa and the Himilayan Institute, and it's going to be based around wellness, and a holistic lifestyle. It will be completed in a couple of years, and is the perfect opportunity to take a nice long (or permanent) stress free family vacation. If you and your family ever find the time to take a nice vacation in the next couple of years, I would recommend Amrit.