Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2nd Grade

***Finally Updated***

I dropped my daughter off at school today. Her first day of 2nd grade! The scary thing is, I REMEMBER 2nd grade. I remember a lot of it. Crazy, how fast she is growing up.

I was jumping for joy that school started, I NEEDED a break. But the house is so quiet with out my big mouth. No fighting, no asking me for a million things. Just quiet little Ethan playing with his toys.

I do miss her. I will post a picture of her next to her K and 1st grade ones...later! (Josh has the camera with the pics I took on it!)

Have a good day!

First Day of Kindergarten
(Ewe I hated our walls)

First Day of 1st grade!
(Beautiful walls!)

First day of 2nd grade
(still beautiful walls!)


Crystal said...

I remember 2nd grade too! I even remember my teacher's name! And before you know it, Ethan will be starting school!

Wendy said...

AWW!! I will be sending Wesley next Wednesday!! I thought that 2nd grade would be easier but I will still be sad to watch him get on the big school bus:(

Bek said...

i remember LOTS about 2nd grade as well - u are doing a great job letting her go donna! (not that u have a choice) :)

Christy said...

School has started there already? Not for another two weeks here.

The age progression of your daughter is amazing. She looks so young in the Kindergarden picture and way older in the 2nd grade pic. She is so cute!

Crystal said...

Oh man, Merci looks so much older in just those 2 years. She looks like you in the last picture!

Drea said...

awe... they grow so fast...

Chas said...

Oh wow, time really flies, doesn't it? I just know that my little Lila is going to be asking if she can borrow the car before I know it.

BTW, found your blog through Wendy!