Friday, August 17, 2007

Golden Rule

What an opportunity it is to let you know about Golden Rule Travel.

Golden Rule Travel offers deep discounted
mission flights.
Having been on 2 mission trips already and dreaming of going on more, I know that good deals on travel are much needed.

Our church has teams that frequent Africa, my dream is to go with them someday.

Golden Rule staff is made of former missionaries and great HONEST Christian people.

They have contracts with different airlines, especially for missionaries.

They offer 24 hour cell phone service to customers for emergency customer service.

Check out their website for testimonials.

They have been around since 1985, when they began doing this as a hobby around their kitchen table. They now have 4 location and 18 full-time employees.

They offer missionary flights as well as adoption flights.
Let them find your next deal on a flight!

I like small companies that offer personal service, you are better guaranteed to et answers and exactly what you want!

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