Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The drama

The drama of registering for college!

Today I had to run all over the stinking city, just to get things finalized to go back to school, even though I attended in the Spring.
When I signed onto the college to check my financial aid stuff, I saw a red flag by "need transcripts for previous college" so I called to find out why all of a sudden I needed this when the last few semesters I didn't. The lady told me this is something they started in the Summer, a new requirement. Well, Hello, don't you think they should notify people about this??? Am I supposed to log on daily to see changes to my records??


Well I got it taken care of, after going to my old college and then to my new college, without having to lug the kids (WOOHOO). Josh was home due to the rain!
Oh well. It is taken care of and I now have $300 on my school card to get books starting the 20th. It is so nice to not have to pay up front for books!!

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Margo said...

What a hassle! I know all about it! I've been working toward the same stupid associates degree for 10 years!!!