Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm cold

We have an ancient furnace. We had someone give us a quote for a new one, and he said our furnace is less than 30% efficient, maybe even less than 20%, I blocked it from my head, because I was hoping we wouldn't be cold and paying hundreds of dollars a month.
I could really use anelectric fireplaces about now because I am REALLY cold. My digital thermometer says 62.7 degrees in my house and in the mornign yo son;t want to know what it says, trust me. We are looking to buy a new furnace and maybe even install it ourselves to save money...because we certainly don't have $3000 for a new furnace or $6000 for a new furnace and central air (which we need also).
I guess I better start looking for a job after all;)

Any suggestions on furnace purchasing or installing let me know!

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