Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Today I had to take my Subaru in to get a few things replaced. I found a few things wrong with my car when we first got it and have been waiting for the parts (radio and trunk latch).

So anyway, I had my brother pick me up and bring me home until it be done about 3. So I was stuck here in the house all day with no way to go anywhere (I have a hard time staying home most of the time).

So anyway....getting to the point....I was stuck and HAD to find something to do...I was cooped up in the office for like 4 hours organizing, cleaning out my email inbox, doing business stuff, returning calls, etc etc. My husband had recently asked me to find a particula customers paperwork and I could NOT find it in the filing cabinets, but knew the name and remembered him doing work for them. Nothing in Quickbooks (invoices, payments etc). I was ticked at myself for not keeping better records. There was this box over in the corner (still unpacked from January), that had a bunch of my husbands junk, like cataloges for roofing products, samples of underlayments, caulk and roofing materials, and more catalogues for stuff like industrial supplies and warehouse stuff....so pretty much stuff he hasn't touched in the 10 months we have been here and probably a year before that (Is it bad to just toss this stuff without saying anything...considering the length of time untouched????) And guess what else was in there??? Some customers paperwork...and yep...the particular one I was looking for...yipee!!! And just in case you were wondering I did not pack the office at the old house, my husband and brother did...big mistake...a lot of other stuff I needed in there as well.

I feel good after having such a productive day (I also swapped Summer/Winter clothes in our closet...mostly)...YEAH ME;)

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