Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giant Eagle Coupon Match up 11/19-11/25

It's late, I know...busy week here...but here it is!!

Giant Eagle 11/19-11/25

These are best of the best deal that I KNOW are a good price (cheaper than Marc's!), there are other deals and sale/coupon match ups.

Giant Eagle butter quarters $1.68

Holiday Hershey kisses, Jingles, M&Ms plain or peanut $1.99
printable from last week if you still have it or if it is still available=$.99

Super Pretzel (another sale I wait for) 4/$7=$1.75
you might have .50/1 coupons from previous inserts=$.75ea

Carnation evaporated milk 10/$10
you might have .50/2=$1/2

Reddi Whip 2/$4
you might have a .50/1(Sunday)=$1

Cool Whip 10/$10=$1
no coupon I know of, but a good price

Swiss Mix hot coco mix 10/$10
you might have .50/2 (Sunday)=$1/2

My FAVORITE Giant Eagle go to is Cherry Picker and she goes through the whole add, some she found that I think are good enough prices to get are:

Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage $2.50
you might have .55/1 from previous week=$1.40

Nabisco saltines/Triscuit/Wheat thins $2.00
$1/2 printable =2/$3

Libby's canned veggies .50
.50/2 printable=Free

Blistex lip balm $1.00
you might have $1/2 (Sunday)=$1/2...think STOCKING kids love chapstick!

She has a ton of stuff listed! Check it out, I don't list stuff you can get at Marc's cheaper, but some of you don't shop there {GASP};)

Happy Shopping!!

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