Thursday, December 03, 2009

Since I thought I had time

I am on jury duty today (I started this on Thursday-but while you are reading this on Friday I will be on the jury)
so I am (was) sitting here with nothing to I guess I have no excuse not to finally post the "almost" finished basement (but there is a crappy internet access so I was not able to)...we have some molding to finish since we ran out...and some doors to build on the entertainment unit.

I am extremely satisfied with the end result!! We both worked so hard (plus the guys we employ). We are enjoying the room so much, cats included (they think we made it just for them or something).

Without further ado here are some before pictures:
This is back in April when Josh started framing for the walls.

The beautiful entertainment unit my wonderful hubby built for us!

Bookshelf...he built this too!

This is when the walls looked hot pink and I was freaking out...

Looking better only 4 coats later.

Need to find a bigger piece of carpet, but for $40 this will do for now...and decorations will be better this was thrown up 30 minutes before people were coming for Thanksgiving...there will be doors on all the bottom shelves of this unit.

The bookshelves make the room feel so comfy!
The walls look really bright here, not so much in person.

Another view!!

So What do you think?
Wanna come over and watch a movie??


amy said...

WOW!!!! the room looks awesome - hope to see it in person sometime. :)

Miss Judy said...

I'll bring some Boy Scout Popcorn. Do you have anything good? I'm only 1,074 in the library list of patrons waiting for "UP".

Desiree Fawn said...

OH WOW!! -- that looks fantastic!

(Thanks for dropping by the momspark forums!)

Mom2Amara said...

Your basement looks phenomenal! I'm jealous! We just moved a year ago and still have not gotten to our basement. Waaaah!