Saturday, December 12, 2009


I am just amazed that the Christmas season is here. Like 2 weeks away here, and I don't have my tree up or any Christmas decorations...yikes. But anyway...the Christmas parties are starting ( we had out small little company party this past week already), which means the overeating and feeling not so good. I gotta figure out how to stop that...or is that the fun of it?? (I could just try some fat burners or something)

Anyways...there has been so much going on over here, mostly trying to get the living room painted before the Christmas decorations go up. Whose dumb idea was that anyway (oh, wait it was Right now I am waiting on Josh to sand the fireplace down, and I'll probably be waiting a long time, so I will probably just paint it and forget about sanding it.

I am so excited for the kids for Christmas. I remember the magical feeling. We really try to stay away from the hype of I want this and I want that, and focus more on giving, but in all honesty, it is SUPER exciting getting gifts! I still have some shopping to do but not too much. Gotta finish this week though, so I don't have to lug kids around with me the following week.

And dare I say I am bit excited to have the kids home for awhile?? Did I just say (type) that...yep, I did!


Crystal said...

I'm with ya. We don't have our tree up yet either. We are attempting to do that Tuesday and there are only 3 gifts that I need to get. The holidays are SO fun, but stressful! And yes, the overeating is part of the fun! It's OK to indulge during the holidays. Just be careful during the other 363 days of the year!

amy said...

mike would shame you if you did dare to paint without sanding...
anyways - enjoy all the family time, and maybe we'll see you!