Friday, November 27, 2009

The Christmas season has BEGUN

The Christmas season is really here. I kinda love that we had our first snow today, the day after Thanksgiving. How kinda FUN! Glad I had no plans to shop on this crazy and cold day. Me and my boy (hubby is at work, my girl is at her aunts house) are all cuddled up on the new comfy cozy couch in our new room in the basement. How lovely!

So back to this Christmas season HARD to be thoughtful. My husband has his own business, and besides playing pool -which he has not done in forever and has all the equipment-his hobby is tools and building stuff and because that ties into his work, he has all the tools he needs and if he doesn't he waits until he has a project for work and then he can buy the tool and write it off on our taxes. So.....buying gifts for hubby=hard.

I like to be super thoughtful, I really don't like just getting gift cards, so......I guess the next best thing is some kind of electronic equipment...Slingbox, blue ray player??-not sure we want to go this route yet, new game system, new video game (which he just bought himself....I was a little only idea)....HELP...if you have any suggestions on a fool proof gift for a hubby!

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2 Toddlers and Me said...

Your cozy couch sounds wonderful! We haven't gotten any snow yet here in Cleveland, but it's coming soon, I can feel it. My hubby's tough to buy for too, sorry no advice for you - electronics are always a good bet for him though.