Sunday, October 25, 2009


I would really like to be healthier, this coming year. It isn't all about weight (a tiny bit though), but more for my future. I feel like I am much older than 28. My joints ache, my energy levels are not very high...and on and on. I am going to start on some good vitamins soon, like whole health real vitamins. I am going to try to eat better, I don't feel I do a horrible job now, but always adding more fruits and veggies and grains is a good thing:) I have hit the I am sick of McDonalds stage, which is good, I don't stop there nor do I desire to, Burger Kings breakfasts tempt me but I am handling that. I am also thinking about doing a colon cleanse. You can find colon cleanse reviews here.

Have you ever done one? What advantages do they have?

I also heard if you are eating bad while doing it (sugar, caffeine etc) it will not work. That kinda scares me because, it is so hard to stay away from everything bad, and especially when you don't have total self control over food.

Starting with baby step would be better for me. Like staying away from pop and only drinking it while out to eat or at a party, not in the house. I am doing pretty well with that, but sweet tea is my substitute (decreasing the sugar each time I make it!)

Such a struggle.


Sarah said...

not sure if you were just advertising for a colon cleanse or not, but i've thought about doing one too. ask celena about them...keith's family is all into the natural ones.

i am trying to challenge myself to eating at least one, if not two salads for lunch during the week and seeing how i do with that for awhile. i tend to eat leftovers for lunch and it ends up being a heavy lunch and a heavy dinner....whch leads to a heavy me.

And with the sugary drink -- try Aldi's iced tea mix. I love it. it is sugar free, but it tastes sweet. I think it still tastes great. Or, have you tried the cold pitcher of water with random stuff thrown in? lime, lemon, melon, apples, and any other fruit or vegetable?

2 Toddlers and Me said...

I'm with you on being healthier. It is tough to have low energy with little ones running around isn't it? I hate the colder weather because it keeps me trapped inside more often, but it's a great season for soup which is so good for you.