Thursday, September 03, 2009

Vacation Day 2

The day after we went to the zoo we went whit water rafting as a family.
We were very much looking forward to this adventure, and boy was it.
Josh and I and Merci paddled our hearts out for 11.5 miles.
There were tears, there were many times we gave up and there was fun in between.
We needed a bit more man power and bigger rapids, I cannot wait to go with some adults to bigger rapids!

Our little look out.
E was not help paddling, since the paddle was twice as big as him, so he sat on the front of the raft to watch for rocks=)

After lots of screaming and crying we finally got E to get off the raft into the water-we went on the family float and the rapids were nothing to fear, so much of the trip was calm water, so we swam a lot.
(60 degrees...brrr, but it was mid 90's so it felt really good!)


My love.
My heart flutters just to look at him.
I am forever grateful for this man.

The scenery was beautiful all around.
It was so peaceful amidst all the hard work of paddling for 11 miles.
My arm sure did ache for days.

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