Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting ready to shop Giant Eagle like never before!

My first ever Giant Eagle sale/coupon match up post....COMING WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

But for now here are a few things I wanted you to know before hand, since I am hoping you are all going to start doing this like me! **WINK

*All I do is look at the sales in the Giant Eagle add and match up those sales to coupons I have (I kinda know what coupons I have (from Sunday paper and the Red Plum inserts that come on Tuesdays-here in Cleveland-or with the grocery fliers mid week), so I go through my coupon wallet and pull em out and calculate the final cost)

*I do not do meats at Giant Eagle, unless it is SUPER cheap, I buy my meat at Marcs and just hope it is a good price;) -I use only Ground Turkey and chicken, sometimes pork, very rarely beef so the husband doesn't die)

*I do not price baby items, since I am past that stage and I just cannot fit any more prices in my little head, I also don't want to pretend I know the best price for these, I do from about 5 years ago, but that won't help you!-Sorry=( I can direct you to another fine couponer site that does do the baby items also...if need be.

*I am going by the coupons I have...I have been cutting coupons for awhile now and am very picky about where and when I use them...so obviously I may have coupons you don't, and you may have coupons I don't. Coupons vary by region, so you may get some I don't vice versa.
I also sometimes get coupons from my family, so I may have double or sometiem triple the amount you do...YEAH ME...ask your family to save coupons for you. **Most times you can find Sunday papers at stores on Mondays or Tuesdays for half off...if it was a good coupon week, go buy a second paper, it is WORTH IT, you will save lots more than you pay for the paper.

*The good thing about Giant Eagle is that the sales are kinda on a rotation...meaning the same things go on sale every few weeks, so you know what coupons to look for after a while.

*Even if you don't need an item right now....and it is on sale very very cheap...buy it and put it in the pantry. I would be happy to show you my stickpile....someday when the basement is done and I can actually get to it;)

**To encourage you to stick to this, it WILL become second nature to you sooner than you think. It seems intimidating at the beginning. Start small, and go from there.

*Don't buy everything I have listed, buy itmes you like and items you use! Or maybe try it if you neer have if it is cheap, and you don't like it, no biggie, just don't buy it again!

OK enough....Im gonna go type up the shopping list for you...check back tonight!!

Any Questions?? Leave a comment!


L said...

Hey! Hook me up, let me know what I need to do. You are clearly very good with the coupons, so take me shopping. At least we can get some walking in right? lol. Seriously, I need someone to tell me exactly what to do. pathetic, I know this.

Sarah said...

Can't wait to see your deals!!!! I only shop at GE for the sales and the occasional 'need' items for dinner. I've even started buying my meat at Aldi. I mentally can't handle Marc's -- especially the one by our house. It's full of gum-smacking ghetto girls, and I'm not strong enough in dealing with my anger to make it through a trip there :)

Rachel H. said...

I too can't stand Marcs...no matter how good the deal. I know that Giant eagle actually DOES have decent prices on meat--depending on the sale. I like to buy as much as I can there because of the fuel perks...but I won't go out of my way to spend more--that would obviously not make sense. :) So I am excited to see what deals you find!